Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Primary panic

I exercised my rights and did my civic duty and voted today. I hate the primary process, because I consider myself an independent and don't like to be pigeonholed into a party. I understand the primary process...I just dislike it. We vote at the local middle school where G attend and it never fails to turn into homecoming day, because we see half of church and the neighborhood there. They are either voting or stumping or both. School was out today since so many of of them are voting places and school kids changing classes and a calm voting environment are not things that play well with each other. The children accompanied me to the voting booth, because I feel it is important for them to see the process, how the ballot looks and how easy it is to do. Afterwards, we sat at lunch and had a long discussion about how the primary process works and why we have to vote so many different times and all that jazz. I had to reach way back to Verna Ruth Abbott's Adv. Government class in high school to remember some of the details. We watched a lot of movies in there, attending a lot of small claims and low level criminal court sessions...and she sprinkled political party history and some electoral college in there as well. But mostly we watched movies...LOTS of movies. Gideon's Trumpet....Twelve Angry Men...shorts on snake handling churches in Southwest Virginia(to talk about religious freedom)...Mr. Smith Goes to Washington...I know there are at least 4 more. They were all quite good. Just a lot of them. I'm glad the children want to go with me to vote. They watch and I show them, but they do not touch. I'm all about having them in on the process, but not accidentally switching my vote to Dark Lord Ravensbeak of the Vampire Rights party and then locking that vote in for all eternity because they put too hard of a spin on the wheel under the curtain. Now we wait to watch and see who is projected to win our state. Or I will listen as I fall asleep. This political process is exhausting.

Night all.

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