Monday, March 21, 2016

When I hit the big time...

I don't really know why I titled tonight's post the way I did. I guess I am really wanting a back massage and thought, "Well...if I hit the big time, I could have my own personal masseuse." Here the deal with all that: I have never had a professional massage, so I may be wasting money on something I don't even like. Kind of like a television quote when someone thought they were giving a good massage and were told that it felt like, "Demons were ripping at her flesh..." What does this have to do with anything significant in the world today or during Holy Week or anything? Absolutely nothing at all. I have been doing somewhat better with my sleeping until last night. I ended up going downstairs and watching movies on the couch so as not to disrupt the slumber of the upstairs dwellers. The result is that I have been a groggy fogged up mess today. Oh well. I got to watch the boy and his fellow scout learn about hand tools, though it was a bit harrowing when one dad was supervising the hand saw station and was not paying attention as a little guy almost cut into his thumb. That couldn't have been interesting. Thankfully the crisis was averted when I cleared my throat loudly and then did a big, "Uh, UM, HEY?!?". The dad came out of his fog just in time. Jeepers.

I ask that you please say a prayer for my mother. Tomorrow she goes for an epidural steroid injection in her neck. She has been waiting for this for three months and I pray that it is worth the wait and she can go off pain meds. It is time she gets some relief.

Night all.

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