Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What a good bath can do

So after the horrible hot dog vomit extravaganza of Monday evening, the house has smelled like a big old pile of vomit. I Lysoled everything, diffused every kind of essential oil we could stand and still, once I turned it all off, the smell came right back. Finally, when Copper was feeling a little bit better, she came over to have me pet her and love on her. Holy mother of everything that is holy...she was vile. Yesterday was so full, there was no time for a bath. I certainly didn't want to over bathe her since she has a lab's coat and they don't need tons of baths. So this morning once I got all my packages mailed and work done at church, I changed my clothes and readied the car to take her to the dog wash. Thankfully I thought enough to cover the seat. Whew. As soon as I got her to the wash and started it up, she started to protest. Once the water warmed up, she kind of surrendered to her fate. Under her chin and her brisket(as my dad calls her neck/chest area) was soaked in dried vomit since she had thrown up so many times. I soaked and scrubbed that area for a long time, scratching it good and hard. Suddenly, having a bath wasn't so horrible. She actually relaxed. Of course when the drying part started, she still tried to attack the blower. I don't blame her. After it was all done, she was like a new dog. I forget sometimes that, even though she is a dog, she wants to be clean and feel good too. When I get the stomach crud, I can't get clean soon enough. A shower feels so good and makes me feel like I am back from the brink of vomit death. It is a physical fitness test to give that dog a bath, but oh was I glad I did. She's a new woman.

And we can all stop gagging when we pet her.

Night all.

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