Saturday, March 5, 2016

Nerfy-Chili Kinda Day

We have had a busy day, especially the boy. Tomorrow I imagine he is going to be the equivalent of a lump of goo. He had a soccer game and two Nerf birthday parties today. He has probably been in motion 90% of his waking hours...most of that running. He is currently at the sleepover portion of Nerf party number two, so I imagine that he may wipe out as soon as he gets still. In addition to all of that activity, we attended the Jazzy Chili Supper fundaraiser at the high school this evening. We ate, listened to some good live music by wonderful musicians and bid on silent auction items. My husband managed to win two auctions for haircuts with our favorite barber, Jerry. The boy will be set for cuts for a while. The girls got to interact with several of their friends and teachers. It was a great night and hopefully a very profitable one for the band program.

The hub and I are very tired, so I am going to take advantage of the wonderful soothing rain on our roof and go conk out. Have a great evening.

Night all.

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