Saturday, March 12, 2016

Derby Day

Today was Pinewood Derby Day, friends, and it was, well, meh. The boy and his dad had worked quite hard on his car. The hub assisted with the tools that might result in loss of digits or limbs and let the scout do the rest. The "Green Lantern" did well until an unfortunate transport back to the starting line resulted in a damaged wonky wheel. Unfortunately once you have surrendered your car, you cannot tweak anything. He was a great sport about it, especially when someone showed up late and they reran all of the races he was involved with, knocking him down a place. Not cool, Cubmaster. Not cool. Thankfully, he had little time to lament his misfortune before he had to go play in back to back soccer games. They had a win and a loss...and we had an exhausted boy. The girls and I missed the second game for a wedding. It was a beautiful wedding of one of the young ladies who work on our Early Childhood Ministries staff. It was a sweet ceremony and they were so cute. One of my favorite things, besides the bride and groom, was watching the sweet boyfriend's face of one of the bridesmaids as she walked down the aisle. He beamed as he watched was precious. I can't wait until we watch them walk down that aisle together one day.

I am currently capping off a long and busy day by watching "Jaws". I started it watching "Poltergeist". Spielberg should be proud.

Night all.

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