Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fun idea!

I went to a family baby shower today. I'm going to be an aunt again. The mom to be is originally from Romania and we got to sample some yummy Romanian pastries and hang around with some of her relatives. When the gift opening began, we saw the neatest thing. Her family gave her a baby carriage and baby made entirely from layette items. I have seen lots of different diaper cakes and that kind of thing, but never one of these:

The wheels and bed of the stroller were diapers rolled up and covered by blankets and ribbons. The baby was a blanket swaddled around onesies and pacifiers and washcloths with a hat on top. Pretty neato. There were also cake pop rattles:

Another life is coming into this world...another ray of hope for our future. That is always a reason to celebrate.
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Oh to have the days of old...

In my day, things were much simpler. Our music was played on a turntable or an 8 track tape or a cassette tape or, at our house, on a reel to reel player:

When we went on car trips, there were no ipods or MP3 players. We plugged our tape player into the cigarette lighter in the car and played our favorite tape:

Our teenage years blossomed with the freedom of taking your music with you...powered by the force of 4-6 AA batteries and a whole lot of awesome:

I looked like a boss mowing the lawn whilst jamming to the sweet sounds of the Talking Heads. Probably why I have hearing loss in my left ear now, but it was great then. Don't even get me started about the Discman. Off the charts in terms of excitement.

Yes, my brother got in trouble when my mom found his Led Zeppelin album collection and yes, my father made me read the lyrics to Men At Work songs at the dinner table just to hear my 14 year old self try to explain why they spoke to me. But never did any of us imagine that we would be having a discussion about YouTube videos and how, yes taste test videos are funny, but when someone uses profanity to express their dislike of the food...that is not okay. And yes, lots of the current music has a great beat and a catchy tune, but the lyrics would make Quentin Tarrantino blush...maybe. I am a proud parent and trust my children, but I was also a kid once and I know that curiosity is much easier satisfy in this day and age. We checked one child's ipad tonight and caused a great stir of worry. "If you haven't looked at anything inappropriate, you don't have anything to worry about." That was good enough for them. It is a hard thing to tell a child that there could be a horrible and disturbing link hidden in that funny puppy video, but they need to know. The hub is an IT wizard, so they'll be locked down until they leave for college, but he has no jurisdiction at school or in the public library. We just have to arm them with the right information.

Technology is amazing, but I will always pine for a simpler day, when I grooved to these dulcet tunes:

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Exciting evening

It was an exciting evening in our family. Our oldest played with the marching band in her first football game. She was so nervous, she kept saying she might throw up. Her mother felt the same way. The hub dropped her off at school and sent her on a school bus with a bunch of high schoolers. Blurg. B took the two youngers to soccer practice and I drove, along with my brother, sister in law and friend(and percussionist) to Jefferson County to watch them march. We found friends and basically followed them since it was our first time at a high school football game in cough cough, grumble...years. Even though we sat in enemy school territory, we were on the best side to see the band. Everybody has a first performance, I know I did, and they are never all the way perfect. I have been in singing groups and bands and various and sundry entertainment type groups...and we all sounded a bit different from our first gig to our last. It didn't matter. They could have accidently turned their music upside down and played the notes that way with their mallets and horns up their noses and I would have wanted to stand up, point my finger and say, "THAT"S MY BABY!!! RIGHT THERE!!!".  My seating companions would have probably scooted away from me in fear of what might come next. So I cheered inside for that blonde little sprite down there playing things like a champ.  I know it sounds overly dramatic, but it was a pretty emotionally moving thing to see your first born participating in something that brings her such joy and brings back such joyful memories for me. Band was the way I knew I would be okay. The place I found MY people. We all found ourselves walking in step with each other...we had our own inside jokes...we found refuge in the music and crowd and the cheers and the pride we felt from working as hard as the football players to keep the fans entertained. It was a sweet time that I treasure still today. Now my oldest gets it. She really gets it...and my heart swells with that knowledge.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

March and barf

G's keeper training got cancelled this afternoon, so after an anniversary cake delivery, we went to the high school to watch S's marching band practice. It was pretty miserable out there in the parking lot. When we got there, we saw one woodwind being walked off to the shade while dry heaving. Others were dropping like flies. I'm not complaining. I remember standing on the football field my freshman year and watching my friend throw up into his trombone. Such great memories. Tomorrow will be S's first football game experience. She is terribly am I, but she'll get over it. Or maybe she'll learn how to deal with it. I'm super proud of all those kids I saw out in the parking lot today. Marching and working like champs. So very proud.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The tiler is coming!

One of the last steps to our remodel is happening tomorrow. The tiler, one of our favorite guys, is coming to do the backsplash in the kitchen. Yay! I am so very thankful that we are almost to the end of this journey. It has been a roller coaster. Old homes are always a surprise waiting to happen and ours has been no exception. But no matter what, I am grateful to have a home. I worked with a lady this evening who has several children and is on the verge of losing her place to live. I worry for and about her. Our house may have had wads of newspaper from 1983 wadded up and stuffed in the walls for filler when the kitchen had its first remodel, but at least it has a kitchen and it is ours. We are blessed and I pray this sweet little family finds their own home sweet home and piece of mind very soon.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Update from the Back Patient

Hey there Neighbor! I thought I would give you an update since my back surgery on 7/21. I am doing very well.

- I walked 1.2 miles today in under 21 minutes tonight.
- I am off pain medicines.
- I can stand without the leg or back that plagued me before surgery.
- I am still building up stamina.
- I have a supportive wife and family through my back pain.

-Nothing really. I wish I was full speed, but this is a healing process that takes time.

Here is the XRay image of my back. There are four Pedicle Screws and 2 rods made from a Titatium alloy. The pedicle is part of the vertabrae. The metal provides a support scaffolding while the 2 vertabrae fuse together.

I am anxious to get back to a normal routine and go back to work full-time. I am very blessed with decent insurance and wonder medical leave plan.

Special thanks to my wife for supporting me through my walk through purgatory with back pain.

Please remember to "Be kind; each of us is fighting their own tough battle." That battle could be back pain, school difficulties, family issues, cancer, alcoholism, depression, work issues, etc. I have gained a lot of empathy for people who suffer. I am a firm believer that pain does make your stronger, and grows your perseverance.

I found this a few days ago and found it made several key points about perseverence, uncertainty, darkness, and fairness.

Hope you enjoyed the musings of the back patient!

Monday, August 25, 2014

My dog is a southpaw

The dog has had a rough day, pardon the pun, and was in a fair amount of trouble. She chewed her walking harness to the point of being useless. She tried to get up on our dinner table...again. She kept eating hickory nuts and baby tomatoes outside. She tried to get some bean soup off of the counter. She's been busy. The hub has been battling a horrible headache all day and had exactly ZERO patience with the chocolate canine bandit today. He put her in her crate and went upstairs to bed. S and I felt kind of sorry for her, so we got her out to wear her out. She immediately went to get her Kong, her favorite toy, and got crazy. It turns into the cycle of pull it out of her mouth, make her sit, lay down, leave it and then throw it and she catches it. Every now and then, S will shake it up a bit and make her shake or "paw". Every time we ask her for her paw, the left one comes up. S kept saying "other paw" and taking her other one. No moatter how it was said, the left one kept coming up. I wonder if a dog can in fact be paw dominant. These are the things I ponder when I am avoiding doing laundry...or anything else productive. Think on it, friends.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Grateful mom

My sinus crud is ebbing and flowing. Yesterday wasn't horrible, but Friday was. This afternoon has been pretty cruddy. I am starting to have that sound of a chain smoker and a cough that freaks my children out. Upon my return from picking up or dropping off children at various choirs and practices, I found my sweet boy putting laundry away. He had already picked his clothes out for tomorrow(a new joke shirt about pickles that he wanted to "try out" on his new teacher), turned his bed down and put away his church clothes. "I just wanted to make you feel better, mom." Then he asked if he could rub my feet. What a sweet guy!

I am blessed with three great children and a wonderful husband. I need to count my blessings more and my sniffles and snots less. I'm taking lessons from a cute little spectacled boy...

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fried mama

We spent the whole day in Morristown today at a soccer tournament. I am so thankful that the hub and I had a moment to think and bought a easy up canopy tent to use at these things. I still look like a beet, but it would have been so much worse. G did a really great job in one and a half of their three games...until she took a knee to the head. We have a joke that it isn't a true soccer game unless a Cook kid gets a head injury. Of course we were worried that she had a concussion, but after being checked by an athletic trainer and two EMT's, we determined she did not have a concussion. She did have a nice headache and was angry that she couldn't play in her next game. Soccer governing bodies say she had to discontinue play. But before they even said anything, the mom and dad governing body said, "She's done." I think the hurt head, dehydration and the 90+ temps all made things worse. She has since rallied once a Pal's burger and a large beverage were presented. Her temple hurts to the touch. My nerves and heart are frazzled.

She has now bathed, hydrated and cooled off that roasted body. She even helped me tag clothes for consignment:

I am about ready to drop, but we have to wait for S to come back from her rafting trip with the youth group. Yes, that was another thing to wreck mommy's nerves. I just want them all home and safe. Then I can rest...
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Friday, August 22, 2014

Getting it done early...

The lovely late summer allergies have taken over and have turned me into a stuffy, hacking mess. I was not the smartest of people, as usual, and sat within five feet of the soccer fields being mowed. I just snorted up every bit of the grass clippings like some sort of idiot. So now I have a scratchy throat and stuffy nose. Working preschool registration today, I think I made some new parents think I have the plague. Sinus med hazed glassy eyes and a voice not far off from a chain smoker, well, I was a hot mess. I did enjoy seeing the sweet little faces, excited to see their new classrooms and meet their teachers.

I hope to get some quality sleep tonight, but I will be getting up early to go to Morristown for a soccer tourney. I may sleep a bit during some of the games...don't tell G, okay? She'll be in the zone and won't even know I'm there most of the time.

Off to re-medicate. See you on the other side...

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sweet baby hugs

Today we had a MOPS meeting at our church. I had intended to just stay for a bit to try and help get people and children where they needed to be and sort out diaper bags and loveys and put name stickers on backs and a whole bunch of other fun stuff. Well, the best laid plans and all that stuff, you know? So instead, I had the terribly difficult(cough cough)job of holding babies for the morning. Even when they are sad and wanting their mamas, there is something about holding a 5-6month little bundle of cuteness that just lowers one's blood pressure and puts into perspective all the baloney we deal with every day. I was a bit tired and suffering a bit of hearing loss from one particular little friend who was fighting her nap, but it was a good morning. I felt privileged to be trusted with someone's most precious possession and was glad to help give some of these moms a break so they could fellowship and just breathe. Plenty of kind people did it for me. I'll gladly return the favor. And I learned one thing: I still have the rock and pat rythym down to put a little one to sleep. Comes back in a snap.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Consignment rut

Tis the season for yet another consignment sale. I cannot get motivated. I feel that the sale I choose to participate in is really the best and most reasonable one around. They have a good group of girls(and guys)working and they aren't so incredibly huge that clothes get lost on racks and smashed to bits. I have just one big problem. Motivation. I have everything on hangers ready and waiting to go. I just need to enter each item into the computer and assign it an amount. This is an assignment that I equate with a special type of torture. I want to make some money so I can take the kids to movies and special events without dipping into savings or already assigned monies. The hub is an excellent data entry man and can enter much faster than my brain can come up with ideas. Thanks to my sainted friend Margaret, I have a tagging gun that is the most wonderful invention for consignment people that has ever come down the pike. It has saved my fingertips, my sanity and my children's ears from profanity.

I'll get it done. I just may not sleep anytime soon. It's all good.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Long day, good news

The hub and I had a whirlwind trip to and from Nashville today. We went to see his surgeons and get updates on how they thought he had progressed. The happiest news for him was that he could get rid of his back brace. It was the best news he had gotten in a while. As much as he hates the thing, it has become a source of stability and security for him as he moves through life. Hopefully he will get a bit stronger every day and the nerves that come with walking will go away. I am so grateful for the care he received throughout this whole process. As we sat in our first waiting room(we sat there for two hours), I was struck by the amount of suffering was in the room. Suffering and desperation and worry and anticipation. We were there not too long ago. Two people, praying that these doctors had the solution to end my husband's suffering. I saw those looks on faces. Negative Nelly here. But on the other side, after the endless wait, I saw people emerging from the exam rooms changed. Faces full of hope. Not all of them, but the majority. What an awesome and weighty responsibility to have someone's life in your have the words that could give them a reason to go on living or...not. When a person is constant pain, the thought of seeing no forseeable end to that pain can be a death nail for their life, mentally or physically I am so glad that B's situation seems to be concluding on a positive note. I pray that all the faces I saw in the waiting room had the same relieve as ours did when we left.

It has been a long day and I am exhausted. Happy snoozing.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Getting ready to wait

Tomorrow the hub and I travel back west to see his two surgeons and find out how they think he is progressing. I am so very grateful for both of them and their expertise and work on my suffering husband. They gave him hope he hadn't felt in a long time. He is anxious to have a clearer timeline for his recovery and return to work.

I must admit that I dread the waiting part of the whole experience. WIth specialists you get long waits. Last time, we waited two and a half hours for one of them. While they had several magazines, the TV viewing was spotty at best. I am trying to figure out exactly what to take to occupy my time. I have downloaded the first season of The Goldbergs and a couple of my favorite movies. I am sure hoping that I can find a spare pair of earbuds...I sent mine with one of the kids who had them listed on their school supply list. The hub will play Sonic the Hedgehog or something like that on his phone. And all this will be for doctor number one. Let me say again, I am so very grateful for their expertise and confidence in not only their abilities, but also in my husband's prognosis. It makes a huge difference.

We'll give you an update and I will probably be bored tweeting the whole event. I'm a party animal that way. Night all.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Is it only week two?

I can't believe it is week two of school. After the first week, it already feels like we have been in school for a month. I must say that I am dreading the first project assignment to come home. Will it be a diorama? An essay? A book report? Whatever it is, it'll get done. I think most of my regular three readers know that I love a good diorama. My ultimate dream is to compete or at least be a judge in the Peeps diorama contest sponsored by the Washington Post. We can add it to my bucket list of "Oddities I would like to witness".

On a completely different note, today was an exciting day at church. I know that I have some readers who are not big on the wole church scene. I get it. A lot of pretty awful things have been done in the name of church or God. Fortunately for me in my life, things have been more positive than negative and I feel that church is my second family. Anyway, today was the time when all second graders got their new bibles. In our church, the four year olds receive their very first bible that contains many of the most well known stories of the Old and New Testaments in storybook form. Big print...colorful illustrations. I think the boy had the story of Samson memorized on day one. The bible he received today is the whole shebang complete with all the books. He stood up there in front of the congregation like a little man, took that book from one of the ladies of the UMW and held it so very tight. I pray that he will use his new gift as a guide on how to be a man, a son, a brother, a friend and a helper. I know he will use it well.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

A saint in a soccer jersey

When August comes every year, the time comes for new school shoes, pencils, paper...and cleats. I know everyone is sick of hearing about our family and its life on the soccer field, but it is what it is. The youngers have both expressed a need for new rompers and the boy has been all but stuffing his feet into too small cleats all summer. So we went to The Soccer Post. They are our go to place for all things to do with the beautiful game. G had recently been told by someone, I'm not sure who, that she needed to get better cleats that were designed for a keeper. Whilst this might be true for someone who gets a FIFA paycheck, I don't think a 10 year old has any business being in $150 cleats unless their last name in Messi and they are moved at the expense of and paid by another country. The boy was easy enough and got fitted with black cleats with a white swoosh and NIKE on them. He was off to kick the ball in the store goal and have some fun. When G got up there, we explained her position and the situation...praying that our guy would read us loud and clear and steer her towards a more reasonable pair. Let me get one thing straight: Even if he thought she needed $150 cleats, it was not going to happen. At least not until she paid for them herself. He pointed out three pairs he felt appropriate for her position and level of play. She picked a fourth pair that was $30 dollars more. I made a little croaking sound from choking on my gum. He said, "We don't have that in your size. Sorry!". Then he mouthed to me, "Thank G-d!". We smiled and bonded a little bit. I then asked him if he preferred to be paid for his genius in cash or baked goods. He was fine with either. In the end, she found a pair of bright green cleats that will blind most opponents who come close. They are pretty snazzy...and affordable.

Bedtime now. Tomorrow is a work day and a late afternoon game a couple cities away. Fun, fun, fun.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

The first cut is the deepest...

No cutting involved in this. No blood or goo. We all watched G and her friend E play their first game on their new team. I was rather hesitant to move over to the club venue, but we needed to wear G and the boy out this summer and these people had one of the best deals going. A summer deal that wears them out? Bonus. We did have to contend with a little of the scoffing attitude knowing we came from rec league. That's okay. G played the field the first half. It was a little awkward to watch. She and E often had to play the whole field on their old team(along with a couple others)to help the less experienced. G is relearning the game and how to properly strategize. The second half she was in the goal. I really felt like I was going to throw up at any time. I don't give that kid enough credit. Yes, two goals got in past her, but she was pretty busy the whole half. That fire came back in her eyes and I saw her excitement and adrenaline...and it was beautiful. I know she'll have plenty of games where she does horribly and gets her rear end chewed off. They were easy on her and gave her lots of praise. What a great way to start the weekend.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Finally not so tiny

My oldest came to the car huffing and puffing today like a middle school sherpa. Her school team has still not been allowed to have access to their lockers yet. In the sea of beginning of the year paperwork, someone has forgotten to turn in something so everyone can begin their teens with back problems. I told her, "Well. You've been wanting to build up your muscles. You'll be able to piggyback an elephant by the end of the year." I asked if any of her friends had spurted up in height over the summer. I noticed at G's Meet and Greet that some of her classmates had grown quite tall. She name a few people who had grown up a bit. Then all of a sudden, she got a big grin on her face. "I'm finally taller than someone. FINALLY!!! I never thought it would happen!". She was as surprised as anyone and tickled to death.

They are all growing up way too fast...and all their friends are too. If only we could freeze time for a bit longer....

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Well, I got the laundry done

I don't know about you, but there are a few things I just kind of hate to do. One? Wash windows and I mean really wash them like, um, Windex and paper towels and then shining them with wadded up newspaper like my mom and Granny did. Two? Brown ground beef. Why? I don't know. I just hate it...inevitably I get a skillet that is too small for the amount of beef I have and then I am too stubborn to dirty up a bigger skillet and then chunks of beef fall out of the pan and burn on the stovetop and smell and then you have to find a jar or old coke can or old can from something and dump the grease in that and I am not accurate with my pouring and then I have to scrub gelatinous grease out of the sink. It is just not my favorite, if you couldn't tell. Three? Do laundry. More specifically, the sorting pre and post. The art of removing one's pants and undergarments at the same time and not allowing them to separate is an art that has been perfected in this house. So one goes in the lights and one in the darks and the searching of pockets and the treating of stains the were forgotten by the you vinegar soak a load of sour towels that someone left in a dark corner of their closet? The soak will throw the schedule of quick washes off and make the process last longer. Then you miss a half of a red crayon in someone's pocket and have to treat a whole load of your husband's work clothes and realize that you ran out of your little yellow bottle of Carbona: Crayon and you go to the laundry section to pick up a bottle of that and one of the "Blood and Dairy" ones since that is just a combination you can't pass up. Today was a laundry day and I had a friend call with a parental conundrum and so we talked it out through the loads of laundry. I think I managed to complete the task without a single trip to the grocery store detergent aisle. Who's going to call when I do the mass browning of ground beef to put in the freezer for easy meals? Mama needs to stock up for the fall. :0)

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Soccer musings

I've been sitting here at soccer practice since 5:30. My brain is jell-o. These get up at six mornings are for the birds, but I guess we better get used to them. The sweat bees are feasting on my ankles and the sun is starting to blind me thanks to the fact that my idiot self forgot sunglasses today. G has made a good showing and F did during his time. That kid gives 150% even if he's doing it wong or not on the winning team. They are fun to watch.

The hub took his first turn behind the wheel since July 21st at 9am CST. He had gone 36 hours without pain meds and was ready to make a go of it. He did fine and I only white knuckled it a little bit. One way was enough and he requested a chaffeur on the way home. That was fine by me.

Practice is over and all the heartbeats are in bed. Yeah, I'm sleepy, but in the grand scheme of things, I can't complain. Pretty lucky girl.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Sad day

We found out this evening that Robin Williams has passed away. Such a gifted actor and comedian, one could only wonder how one individual could contain so much talent in one body. He had his struggles, obviously, and they were well documented. But oh his abilities to make us all virtually have no "off" switch once he got started on a riff. I first fell in love with him as Mork from Ork:

I had my own Mork action figure, complete with the egg ship he traveled in to Earth. We had their board game...his cards. He knew Fonzie. I mean, it can't get much better than that. My friends and I sobbed through Dead Poets Society. My college roommate and I knew every work the genie said in Aladdin. I had the movie poster for The Survivors. He broke my heart as a grieving father on Homicide: Life on the Street.

I didn't always like everything he did, but I appreciated the talent behind it. Whatever was going on in his life, I am so sad that it ended so soon. Reports are flying madly around about depression and suicide. Depression lies. It will whisper things in your ear and make you think it is the only way. But it is not. If you or anyone you know is dealing with depression, please talk to someone...anyone. There a billion and one reasons to live. I'm just so sad that Robin Williams couldn't see the reasons. I will always love him and stand in awe of his tremendous gifts. Godspeed, Robin.
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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Night before school...sigh

I am not going gently into that good school year. Our house is full of excitement and tension tonight. I have made all the kids go to bed. Yes, even the middle schooler. We have to have a good night's sleep. Tomorrow is a half day, thank goodness, but 6am is going to be brutal...for all involved. More than anyone else, I need to change my attitude. I am in such a state of dread about this year, I can't even begin to describe it. It will be a self-fulfilling prophecy and I will miss out on so much good if I don't change my attitude.

I am going to head to bed now. Yes, it is 8:57 here in my part of Tennessee. I am one heck of a party animal.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Change of plans

So today was supposed to be a day spent with my sweet G in Morristown at a soccer tournament. SInce it was postponed yesterday after a less than ideal weather forecast, we had an unexpected free day. I was slightly glad since we all know my children and their history with soccer related injuries. It is always nice to go to one's first day of school concussion or cold free. Just sayin'. She took it well, though disappointed that she could not show her new teammates her goalkeeping abilities. I am more than glad for her to have a few more practices under her belt. As we were waking up this morning, she did come in with her favorite soccer ball practicing her foot skills. You never know what you'll find going on over here. In general, the children had a whole lot of energy and not a whole lot of outlets in which to drain said energy. Outside the weather was pretty nice, overcast and cool...perfect soccer weather...but neighbors were emptying contents of their home into a construction dumpster and, because of a less than amicable relationship between the aforementioned neighbors and other neighbors, we felt it best to stay out of everyone's way. Give them their space and quiet. So when children are stuck inside with a mom who is trying to clean and take care of a recovering daddy and write thank yous and sew sock bunnies for a November sale, things happen. Wrestling matches that they promise are fun and friendly, turn ugly and into clinically long family counseling sessions starting when one of them rang the doorbell to tell me they were running away. Sigh. Sessions that start with, "She told me to put her in a headlock..." and two seconds later lead inexplicably into, "Susannah brought the pie for dad's back and (insert sibling here) had no right to sneak it for breakfast before I got a taste of it!". The pie in question, was in kind of an out of this world category, and I could see how a wrestling match could get serious because of it. After most of the grievances were aired and hugs and handshakes were over, the boy and I took a trip to the grocery store to restock essentials: milk, coffee creamer and lunch meat. Whilst there, we ran into one of the pie makers and mercifully were given an in-Kroger tutorial on how to make the delicacy and hopefully be the peace pie(pe) that would heal the wounded wrestlers damaged psyches. The pie is currently made but in the firming up process:

Let us pray that it will be close enough to the original. EIther way, they get the treat of pie on a non-dessert night...they better get over whatever the wrestling match made wrong. Either that or the hub and I'll have it for breakfast. Then they can work it out in therapy when they are adults. Mother of the year out.
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Friday, August 8, 2014

Meetin' and Greetin'

Tonight was a big night in our house. It was Meet and Greet night at the elementary school tonight. Tensions were high...they knew who their teachers were and were excited, but my picture of their class lists were fuzzy at best. They needed to know who of their friends were in class with them. "It's a big deal, Mom." We had meticulously labeled every last glue stick and crayon box and had bagged them up to deposit in classrooms. The hub was even getting to come...a big deal! After arriving at school, they kind of forgot that it takes him a bit longer to walk than normal and the anticipation was killing them. Thankfully we got inside fairly quickly and the reunions began. Because I am about as social as landscaping timber, it is always hard for me to know what to say and feel comfortable in a sea of people. It all went well and I even survived.

We have now had dinner and are snuggled up watching something on a children's network. I'll take it. Life is good.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Loose ends tied up

We are having to get our loose ends tied up before school starts. Little things, you know, like labeling supplies, getting a new conbination lack and haircuts. I took the boy to the barbershop, one of our favorite places. As always, the company and conversation was entertaining and lively. The boy is properly shorn and ready to see his school friends. Tomorrow S will get her hair cut and have a new start for the school year. G is trying to grow hers out, so she will just be lounging in the shop.

Pray for all of the students and teachers and staff as school starts here on Monday. We hope this will be the best school year yet. I just am going to make that my mantra. Fake it 'til I make it. Just call me Debbie Downer. Our children will succeed in spite of all of us. Night all.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Shoe shopping and dog slopping

I couldn't do it. I just couldn't do it. Tax free weekend sounds really good on paper...or if you are going to buy a computer. Really though, I think it is kind of like the Truman Show and we are all in some sort of huge bubble with scientists observing us shoved in malls and big box stores trying to save $1.00 in tax on school supplies. Because I am an antisocial mom, the children and I went today to buy their back to school shoes. They have been requesting Vans since June and I refused to buy any until right before the start of school. G's foot, as an almost fifth grader, is about a siz and a half from catching up with me. She is officially the same shoe size as my mother. Wow. The boy got superhero shoes again and the girls got fancy colored ones. I took a tiny bit of time to drool over products at Williams-Sonoma:

A home canning system. It is so pretty...and $300. Keep dreaming.

After shoe shopping, we came home to change clothes and put our new goodies away. The dog has been a bit rowdy the past few days since we have not gone to the dog park, so we decided to get a little visit in there before dinner time. A sweet lab puppy came in to visit the water park area and so, after much begging from the family, we took her in there. She got in the water, but only deep enough to try and take the ball away from the poor puppy who had retrieved it. Needless to say, she got put in doggie time out for that and we made her leave the park. The other owners were fine, but we weren't having poor etiquette. No sir.

The kids are currently watching a magic show and soaking up the last tv they get during the week once school starts. I'll let them. It is all about magic tricks. Whatever keeps them entertained and not having a smackdown. Night all.
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Okay, the kids need school soon

The tolerance factor between siblings has reached an all-time low this evening. I honestly am shocked that we haven't gotten calls from the neighbors. Stick a fork in them...they are done. Time and the close of summer have a way of making the dread of school turn to somewhat pleasant anticipation just in the nick of time. They miss their friends...they had a less than great summer...I'm making them clean more than usual. Oh the humanity. But, the two family surgeries were successful...the kids got to have special times away at camp and with family...they got a new kitchen/breakfast room and bathroom. It wasn't all bad. We'll make this transition and move into a new school year(with me kicking and screaming).

In other news, I just pulled a member of my family out of a hole where a drawer had been removed in a dresser. Why this even occurred I cannot say, but it made for interesting conversation after it was all over and the Neosporin was applied.

With that being said, I need to go to bed and try to make sense of the past three hours. I live in a nut house. And I love it.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Strange things to say

It has been an okay day, nothing much going on that is of any interest. We had another thoughtful meal brought to us tonight. So very grateful for the generosity and culinary gifts of others. Before we ate, the children and I went to the funeral home for a receiving of friends. This is not their first time there and they know how people are supposed to dress when going there. So color me surprised when I found my self yelling to one of the girls, "I don't think it is appropriate to wear a miniskirt to the funeral home." SO the wardrobe got changed to a more appropriate length and we went to pay our respects. Please don't take these comments as disrespectful. It was what it was. After we got out and got into the car, the boy whispered to me, "I looked in the box. Okay, I confess...I looked in the box twice. She looked nice." This opened up a conversation that was awkward and dotted with tears. Why it isn't called a box...can you touch them...why do they look different...why do some choose a box and some a jar...why did our Granny not look like herself...and many, many more questions. They were all good and I answered as best I could. Ultimately we decided that it was a personal choice and our job was to go and tell the family that we loved them and were sorry for their loss and that we would help them in any way we could. The hugs were a little tighter and the kisses a little sweeter this evening. Our prayers are with our friends and our hopes are that the memories of their loved one will soothe their sad hearts.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

One week left

School starts a week from tomorrow and, frankly, I would be fine to throw up thinking about it. But why waste time doing that when I can instead pack every bit of summer fun into that last week that I can for my kidlets. Tonight, call me horrible mother of the year, I took the kids to see Guardians of the Galaxy. Yes it is PG-13 and yes it had a lot of off color humor and words and violence. Yes I scoured every parent site on the internet to find at what minute someone fired off a joke using a bad word or rude term. It was surpisingly touching and I cried more than once...maybe even more than twice. I must admit, it was excellent and the kids had a great time with the exception of the running foul mouthed commentary from the dipwads behind us. G learned more profanity from the lone girl in the group than she did from the film. My dirty looks and whispering, "Come on!" only seeemed to fuel her fire, so I stopped. Either way, we made a memory and watched a raccoon and a tree man make us cry. What else does one need in life on a Sunday evening?

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

All the heartbeats are back

Our family is complete again tonight. The fun vacation hass come to an end and the return to reality is complete...with the exception of the cruel reality of the start of school. That'll be soon enough. The children had a good time and learned some fun things. They did a lot of cooking and scooter riding. They did a lot of paleontology studying and dinosaur fact learning. They got a lot of training in cake decorating. G showed off her skills to me today with my decorating tools and some icing from Sugarbakers:

Good golly...better than I can do for sure. I think she is pretty darn proud of herself and she should be. The boy was extremely happy to be reunited with his family, but most of all...his dog:

Nothing like a shared cup full of crushed ice to help one bond with their insane dog.

We got a special treat this evening. Our favorite college bound drummer girl, and her mom and dad, were kind and merciful and brought us our dinner for tomorrow. The family rejoiced because it will be a meal that has been prepared by a fully rested person, not a frazzled caretaker with questionable judgement and reasoning skills at this point. We are so very humbled by the kindness of friends and family during both S and the hub's surgeries. I wish we could adequately thank them all. We are so very grateful.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

A new boyfriend...we'll see

So day, um, 4 or 5 at the dog park and it never fails to be interesting. Because the youngers are gone for a little trip, S has requested to take Copper to the park every time the opportunity presents itself. Poor dog will go into depression and dog park detox once school starts I'm afraid. Anyway, the noon hour was proving to be less than exciting. One little beagle-esque dog in the little guys park who really wanted no part of visiting at the fence and a family and their black lab having a little picnic in the water park area...nobody fun. When we tried to play fetch or chase her, she looked at us with complete frustration and a look of, "Really". Then, all of a sudden, her brindled boxer in a Chaco collar came running into the park. When she started running towards him, he laid down in the grass to wait for her which shocked his owner. They did the customary sniffing of certain areas, he decided to do the boxery thing and came at her with his front paws and the chase was on. They ran like fools, stopped, licked each other in the face and then tok off again. Every time he would try his boxery move, she gave a little bark-growl and then they were off again. They'd slow down and start walking until they reached shade. Then they lick each other in the face again. His owner was shocked that Copper stuck with him as long as she did. "He has a tendency to come on to strong and most dogs don't like hime." A match made in heaven. They were both worn out and we had yet another quiet afternoon thanks to the park. "Love is in the air...."

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