Monday, March 28, 2016

Dogs eating dogs

I admit, we are too cheap to buy a new baby gate to block the door from our kitchen into our breakfast room. We have had a nice gate for a long time, but episodes of children(and adults)trying to jump over it and the dog hopping on top of it have taken their toll. One piece is leaning up against the opening. The fear of it falling and making a big noise is enough to scare the dog straight. But if we catch a foot on it, at best the gate will fall down. Worst? We trip and fall and dump our plates or bowls. Tonight, one of the children was going over the gate and 3/4 of her hot dog fell off the plate. Copper, seeing a treat of her dreams, jumped on that Oscar Mayer wiener like white on rice. I honestly don't think she even chewed it. Seeing as how she has never had a hot dog before, I felt worried about her stomach's structural integrity in terms of keeping the hot dog down, so I gave her a good grumping and then sent her outside. Forty-five minutes later and 25 bouts of vomit, she is laying in her crate, mad at the world. I'd say she's learned a lesson, but I know better. It was gnarly, I'll say. I was right in the middle of finishing my baked beans...that kind of finished them for me. Let's pray for an uneventful night.

Night all.

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