Thursday, March 10, 2016

My Discus Girl

So G had her first track meet today and it was quite interesting. For never having competed in something like that, I was impressed. She is the only 6th grader on her team who throws shot put and discus. She ranked about in the middle of the shot putters, with which I was very impressed. She was not pleased with her performance. She's is too hard on herself. After that, she went on to throw the discus. First let me say that the girls from a particular county school were BEASTS on that discus. Respect all around, friends. Good grief. They announce the top six throwers of the event and my G was sixth...out of like 12. And she was the only 6th grader in the top six. This mom is awful proud of her discus girl. I am so proud!

After the meet, we went as a family to the Agape Outreach Homes vs WBIR basketball game. Agape Outreach Homes serve mental with mental illness and teach them life skills so they can hopefully live on their own at some point. This basketball game is a huge fundraiser for them as well as a huge self esteem booster for the residents. It was a wonderful evening, cheering for the guys and jeering at the TV station team. Those guys were so proud of themselves.

A great day overall. I'm a blessed mom.

Night all.

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