Monday, February 29, 2016

It's the most thri-i-fty time of this half of the year

It is Picky Chick time in Tennessee and I have dropped my items off and have already worked two and a half shifts. There is a real sense of relief when I drop those items off and get them out of the house and out of danger of dogs and children and just regular house stuff. The place was abuzz this morning with people dropping off all kinds of treasures. I am not a golfer, but I saw the cutest golf clubs, his and hers. Cutest things. Lots of exciting toys and kitchens and books. Nice looking clothes with lots more to come. Very exciting. If you live in our area and are a little person in need of some great deals, come on over. They will be open to the public on Thursday.

The boy had scouts, the oldest had her first practice with her new coach(that was interesting) and the hub had several meetings. We are all tired. The kids will be able to sleep in tomorrow: they are out for Election Day. Exercise your rights, friends!

Night all.

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