Friday, November 30, 2012

Backseat rider...

I am currently riding in the backseat of my Sequoia while my brother drives and my sister in law is telling a story. We made a little trip to Johnson City for the funeral of our sweet friend's father. I do not enjoy night driving as night blindness runs in our family. My nerves are a bit shot. This is the first time I have left the hub with the kids this long by himself. We'll be home in a bit, but I'll be uneasy until that point.

We went to Lowe's this morning for some supplies for our drywall guy. I found lots of weird things that made me laugh. The first one was a project I'm sorry the kids missed:

Look at the top choice....Autobus Del Terror...nice! I want one! The next one made we want sweet rolls...not sure why:

For all of you with pitiful poultry, take a look at this:

Lastly, there is no amount of boiling that would ever make this right for my child:

Prestone and a Nuk. Parenting at its best.

The conversation has now turned to our favorite clips from Sesame Street. I must participate. Night all.
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

These milestones keep piling up

Every milestone is one to chronicle. The first of school...lost tooth...all are big deals in the lives of parents and children. Recently we have hit some milestones that I wish never had happened. First concussion. First major surgery. First sling due to a shoulder injury. And now this:

The nice man let her pick a color. Here he was putting a sock on her arm. Then this:

Then she was waiting for the color part and trying to process what was happening.

This was as excited as she got, well until she had some people sign it. This is not a milestone I had hoped for. A buckle fracture in the growth plate...FA la la la laaa la la la laaaaaaa. At least I talked her out of the florescent yellow cast. While it would be a good color to direct planes at the airport, it would really clash with the Christmas church dress. We settled on a lovely blue. The boy was both fascinated and concerned about his big sis, so he stuck to her like glue all evening:

She is giving a cast report to a relative while practicing her 12 tables. He, if you notice his fist, is knocking on the cast to see how strong it actually is.

I've had enough milestones for a while. I just want to keep them in bubble wrap and hold them.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Some days just require ice cream

Our day started with terrible news for our dear friend whose father passed away today. Our hearts are broken for her. Please keep her and your family in your prayers.

Not to be insensitive at all, but on a much lighter note, the hub had his first physical therapy session today. Luckily we knew who was doing his PT, so that made a big difference. It was sobering to see how easily he was worn out from the session.

This is all a process and one that will take a good while. But it is all going to be worth it when he's finished. I am so proud of how dedicated he is to getting better and strong. The kids are proud of their daddy. I'm a lucky girl.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Beads but no brains

I feel rather brain dead today. I am just so tired and can't seem to catch up. This is nothing unusual. Being almost too tired to sleep coupled with the fact that I ate a half a piece of wonderful chicken pot pie too much, I will be chewing the Tums all night. With the pleasure comes the pain...I understand that. Glurg. Before I turned pot pie glutton, I went to a Bead for Life party at church. If you don't know about this organization, I urge you to visit their website to read all about them. Jenny the elf(that's me) found some treasures for Christmas gifts. G bought her sister's Christmas gift. It was a successful evening, I suppose. Knocked some items off my list and helped some African women. Nice.

Funny of the week so far. We were all talking food the other day. It was mentioned that my parents' neighbor hates tomatoes. This was a criminal offense according to the boy who loves tomatoes of any kind. He knows the rule in our house is you can't hate a person, you can strongly dislike them. He said, "I think I would have to hate her in a food kind of way because of how she talks about tomatoes....but I won't hate her in a human kind of way. I need to be nice." HAHAHAHAHA!!! That kid is too much.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Sweet blessings in the midst of the storms

There is such sadness and worry in this world and, during the holidays, it all seems to magnify...or maybe we just all pay a little bit more attention during this time. Either way, we need to count our blessings and I am the biggest "forgetter" of that concept.

One of the boy's friends has been on his mind a lot recently. I have told you all about our friend, L, and the challenges her sweet baby has faced and is facing. He has warriored through and defied all the statistics thrown at him so far, but he is constantly on our minds and in our hearts. The boy misses his buddy and worries his mom and for his brother's health. Kids are so very black and white in their understanding, which can be both a blessing and a curse. But their beliefs are so pure, we could all take a lesson. Side story that will relate in a minute, we have a close family friend who has made several journeys to Sudan for mission trips. Every time he goes, he brings the kids souvenirs. Newly minted money from the new Sudan, handmade necklaces for the girls and this for the boy:

A hand carved angel, so sweet. Every night since he learned of the baby's troubles, he has very specifically prayed for his problems to be healed. When he learned of his daddy's surgery, of our friend's cancer, of Mr. B's brain tumor, of Mr. T's friend passing away, he grabs his angel and holds it tight. That angel has heard some pretty heavy prayers as his companion. I am so humbled by his faith. I learn something from him every day.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

A month until Christmas...oh my

Someone kindly freaked my freak out this morning when they announced that it was one month until Christmas. One month?!?! Truth be told, I am much farther along on my Christmas preparations than usual. Because the hub is unable to lift or reach or bend for fear of hurting himself, I have taken up the offers any person kind enough to help. We got the tree up and fashioned our one tiny moment of Griswold up in the form of white lights in a Dogwood. Hoop-de-doo. I made excellent progress on Black Friday and made no unnecessary purchases. The excitement builds, as does the stress, but am I building the right kind of excitement? Is my excitement in the form of gifts and giving and holiday treats and parties? Or is the excitement building for the arrival of the King? The realization that the Christ child is coming. There are elements of both, for sure. But I hope as the days come and go, the promise of the baby will far outweigh that of a gift card or a pair of rag wool socks. We are so blessed and do not need a thing. I just pray my excitement will not be misplaced. But I will admit that a two day long Twilight Zone marathon pajama,party would be an excellent gift. Just sayin'.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012


I think the closeness that comes with illness and surgical patients has finally started to wear on all of us in Plagued Abbey over here. When the hub happily stands outside in 32 degree weather to chat with the cable guy and the kids eagerly volunteer to go soap and Christmas light shopping, you have to be suspicious that the end is near. These poor children have coughed quite a bit today, the boy being the worst with his cough induced vomiting. Sigh. Yes again. They have been peppier with periods of pure spunk, followed by periods of great lethargy. They even were released long enough to help pick out a Christmas tree. We normally don't tree up this early, but I had built in help and took advantage. I forgot to take pictures today, but I will tomorrow. It is awfully beautiful. Fat and full and fir-filled deliciousness. Just have to be diligent about watering or we'll have a tall indoor torch for the holidays.

I joke, somewhat, about the strife and tension in the house. It has been a difficult time, a big adjustment period. But we have grown stronger in the appreciation for each others' roles within the family structure. We have worked together and grown in kindness and caring. The kids have been troopers, even during sickness and frustration. I am truly blessed. Truly.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Sad farewell...

My kids' favorite show aired its final episode tonight. Okay, I'll admit, I loved iCarly as much as they did.

I have loved just about everything that Dan Schneider has put out there. Smart and witty with just enough grown up inside joke humor to keep the parents involved.

I didn't want to watch because I knew I would cry, but I did anyway. Mostly because I would miss my favorite character, Gibby. Yes he's getting his own show, but his chemistry with the others was wonderful. And he's grown up rather well.

Thanks, Schneider's Bakery, for the laughs and we look forward to more.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

So very thankful...

We woke up this Thanksgiving Day to peppier children without that feverish flush. The fever came back later, but it was gone for most of the day. Tom Turkey made his appearance:

And my sausage-cornbread dressing turned fine, though it doesn't photograph well:

We had a small but entertaining meal. My parents braved the plague and ate with us. I don't blame the's been ugly around here. Thanksgiving in hazmat suits seems to scream "Buzzkill!". We then cleaned up and I took a tiny nap. The hub beautifully carved the turkey, helped a lot and over did things. He took a long nap. He needed it.

I am so thankful for my family and friends. I am beyond blessed even though I've complained of our circumstances a lot recently. Thank you, my three readers, for visiting this silly endeavor. I wish you the best of holiday seasons. I am now going to pass out.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"The Day After" is not just a 1983 nuclear holocaust movie...

"There's got to be a morning after...". And there was today. Let me make myself clear once again, people have things so much worse than we do. We are truly blessed, but yesterday was one of those days that I had to take a little time to think a little harder about my blessings. Our biggest blessing yesterday? Health Insurance. Health insurance. Health insurance. The last two weeks have brought with them back surgery,bronchitis, super duper cough medicine, two cases of the flu, an injured and sugar splinted arm and $200 worth of Tamiflu...well that's what we paid out of our pocket. Yesterday I took G to get her arm fixed and the boy to get his body fixed. Honestly, I have not seen him that sick, ever. It is something I hope I never have to see again. G woke up this morning coughing and sniffly. I must give a lukewarm shout out to our pediatrician's office for calling in Tamiflu for the girls, only after getting rather ugly and making it clear that it was not up for negotiation. A super huge shout out to my friend Angel who called in Tamiflu for me. Until the hub is healed and more mobile, I am, unfortunately for the family, the cook, cabbie, nurse, handy woman, dry cleaner, etc..

On a lighter note, S danced in the Phantasm of Trees tonight- a night before Thanksgiving tradition. My mom curled her hair, since they wanted it curly and she had her make up done at Merle Norman, since her group needed makeup. She looked awfully pretty, I'm not ashamed to say. Here is the back of her hair:

Here she is in her dance costume. Please forgive the holding room floor. The convention center felt no need to vacuum for their guests.

It was crazy and fun as always. She has grown so much in her abilities.

Well, to bed Imust go. I need to get up early and get the turkey lurkey(as my Bumbie used to call it)in the oven. It shall be an interesting turkey day in the sick ward.
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


One of my favorite quote from Holy Grail: Argh... Maybe he was dictating. Jenny isn't here tonight, she isn't dictating, but has asked me (the dear Hub or B) for a guest post.

The day started triaging who has less of the plague and isn't on the injured reserve list. We were attempting to figure out who went where for the day.

Here is the rundown this morning:
S was functional and over the plague. She was barking big sister by 8PM last night so she went to school.
G hurt her wrist on the playground yesterday, B wrote a note to basically excuse her from anything that involved her left arm including basketball in gym.
F appeared on mend, but drew the straw to be daddy's sidekick
B(your guest blog poster), if you have followed anything in the last week or so, he wasn't going anywhere.
J- excused herself from staff meeting for having plague embedded in her clothing. Went in and did a few things at work and ran errands.

F and B hung out and F was pretty peppy and he served as delivery truck lookout. B swapped out her iPhone which for some blasted reason, didn't transfer everything back to the functioning device. (He will save his Apple rants for another blog post)

B did go for a ride along to drop off old phone at FedEx. Imagine B as a dog with his head hanging out the window full of slobber. He was excited to break free of the house for a few minutes.

F starts to get sleepy and tired in the afternoon. Gracie arrives home from school. She is still complaining of wrist issues. Jenny springs into action and takes her to KOC after hours and returns with a splint on the G girl. She return and F is a puddle on the couch. We rouse him for medicine doses and he proceeds to empty his innards into a trash can. After talking to our personal PA on call, she takes him to the ER.

Since I am on the injured reserved, Super woman has handled everything in stride. Here's hoping & praying she doesn't succumb to any of the germs she has been around. And that she can sleep!

I think I will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving when the plague leaves our house!

As I write this, F has the flu...

Sweet dreams...

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Monday, November 19, 2012

It had a promising start...

This morning started the day off with such promise. I wrangled the two youngers out of bed, got them dressed, fed the and got them to school. I then helped the boy make a presentation on the Cherokee Indians in the TB ward, aka, his classroom. The kids liked his show and tell. One boy even told me that the hand made ankle bracelet, made especially for my mother by one of her Cherokee friends, could be found in multiple colors at Big Lots. Good to know. I went home to find S with color back in her cheeks and a smile on her face. We had bowls of my aunt's yummy baked peach oatmeal. I got the front yard blown 95% free of leaves, fed the hub and S lunch and watched almost a whole episode of Chuck. And then.....

I was having a phone call with my aunt when the school called. That's never good. The boy had a 103 temp, taken in both ears. When I picked him up, he looked nothing like the boy who I left at school. Sick eyes, achy and so terribly hot. I got him home, pj'ed up, gave him some Motrin and a Be Kool strip for his head and laid him down. Just as the house was calming down, my aunt arrived with G, who was sporting a swollen arm from a playground incident. Thus began the evening's tour of packed ER's, only to decide to go home and wait out her injured arm and hope it would improve after a good night's sleep. Let me just say that the ER at Children's hospital was a fire marshall's nightmare. There was not a seat to spare and no amount of masks, rubber gloves and bleach to make me feel comfortable. We returned home, threw our clothes down the basement steps and took the home version of a chemical shower. At bedtime, the poor boy was so sick and tired that he fell asleep standing up brushing his teeth and slammed his head on the counter. One huge knot on his head later....

The kids are all in bed and hopefully out for the night. I am watching Dr. Zhivago and remembering what a creep Rod Steiger was in it. I may indulge in a bowl of ice cream. And I will not feel guilty about it.

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'm getting sloppy....

I am not complaining. In the grand scheme of things, I have it pretty darn good. My friend's sweet baby is in the hospital for the foreseeable future, my friend's dad had a heart attack and bypass surgery a week ago today, a friend's mother has some very serious cancer and another friend has a brain tumor. I get it. My problems are nothing compared to those. But with a husband who is recovering from back surgery and an 11 year old who has bronchitis and starts throwing up when coughs too hard, I am making it about me. If I don't get some significant sleep soon, I will crack and cry after they pull me off the ledge. These 2:30am wake up calls and 5:00 fall back to sleep after you've calmed down times are wearing on me.

A funny story for the close of the evening. The boy came home from church today talking about how hot he was. "You know when a baby comes out of his mommy's tummy, they are kind of hot and slimy? I'm hotter and slimier than a baby fresh out of his mommy's tummy!". Where does he come up with this stuff?

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Party in a box, I am.

It is exactly 8:43 by my iPad and I am sitting in bed, with my Spider-Man tshirt pj's on, listening to "Ghostbusters". Please don't be jealous. Not all of us can handle a lifestyle of this kind of excitement. I mean, "The light is green...the trap is clean," is riveting evening entertainment. All jokes aside, readers of this jumbled bunch of writings know I have mad love for the Ghostbusters and had a horrible crush on Peter Venkman in middle school.

Today brought with it new experiences, visitors who came at just the right time and Benadryl. G and the boy had their first experiences playing indoor soccer games today. The boy's group had fun, but seemed to be on the ground more than upright. Even after "Number 11", as I will call him, kept body slamming and tripping people, the boy patted him and told him "Good game" as we were leaving. His parents were impressed and I puffed a little, I must say. G learned during her experience, that with privilege does not always come the feeling of responsible and considerate behavior. I can only hope that the skills she learns will balance out the snobbery she has encountered. Disappointing really.

The hub had several visitors checking on his well being, and wanting to see his incision. We also had a wonderful meal, as we have every day day since he's been home. Blessed is inadequate to describe how we feel with all the people who have brought us wonderful meals, offered their time and trasportation skills and their advice. It is hard to accept help from others sometimes, but these are the times that humble us and let us know it is okay.

Well the clock, and the promise of a very busy work day tomorrow, are beckoning me to put head to pillow. S has been Benadryl-ed(per doc's orders) and given a breathing treatment. Hopefully she will conk out for the duration of the night. Wait a minute...maybe I should take some. That might add a second digit to my sleep hours column since Monday night. Nah...that stuff gives me the "Jimmy legs". I'll just pray the Sandman visits tonight. Sleep tight!

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Friday, November 16, 2012

I need a mantra to keep me sane

The hub is doing a little better every day. Digestive system seems to have decided to join the party. TMI, yes, but this has been our life....and is a reality of anesthesia. But this morning brought with it a twist: a sick S. I knew she was ill when she didn't want to go to school. The girl loves school, a concept I find foreign myself, but she loves it. So a trip to one of the Petri dishes of the earth to see what was wrong. Rapid strep and flu came back negative. Whew! But then the "little fairy on meth", as she's been called, came home and conked out. A child who has not voluntarily taken a nap since age 4 conked out. Awesome. We'll all be interested to see if her Petri dish grew anything overnight at the doc's office.

Tomorrow brings with it our first indoor soccer games for G and the boy. It's never dull around here. Just pray for us. Pray that the hub won't go stir crazy. Pray that I won't turn into pity party girl. Pray that the kids will thrive in spite of us. And, most of all at the exact moment, pray that the neighbor's dog shuts up soon. I don't care if her kid is having an Air Soft battle in the backyard, some people are trying to sleep. We can share our Petri dish with them....

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Madonna, Saran Wrap and showers

So this whole process of being a nursing assistant has been very eye opening. Am I doing a good job? I'd say I'm doing a strongly adequate attempt, which is about the height of my abilities. Today was a banner day for the hub in this whole journey. He got to have his first post-op shower. That sounds great, except that I had to adequately wrap him up so as not to get his incision wet at all. This was a daunting task. I had assistance, thank goodness. Using the huge roll of industrial Saran Wrap that has been most recently used to wrap my brother's wedding get away vehicle(and many, MANY wedding get away vehicles), we wrapped him up and then taped him up with electrical tape. He looked rather strange. In fact, he looked strange enough that I commented he looked like he belonged in a Madonna video. My assistant then started singing, "Like a Virgin " which made me nearly wet myself and the poor hub wince in pain from laughing too hard. This is why we as a family can get through these times....because we are crazy.

On a completely different and serious note, the sweet baby I spoke of made it through surgery today. What a miracle and testimony to the fighting spirit of this little baby! I pray for him and his family in the days, weeks and months to come. He has a long road, but a road that is lined with help and love. I can't wai to see where it leads him.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A precious life....

My heart is heavy and anxious tonight. My friend delivered her sweet boy at a very wonderful and specialized hospital today. Tomorrow he has a very dangerous and risky surgery to repair a hernia and rebuild his diaphragm. This boy is a miracle in so many ways. He has taught us all to have faith and praise God in all situations, even when we don't understand. I don't mean to preach tonight, but I have to believe this sweet boy is in all our lives for a reason. Whatever path is chosen for him, I am humbled by the example of the family.

At one day old, this little guy needs all the strength he can get to endure such a detailed surgery. It is my fervent prayer that his little body warriors through so he can be a living testimony to the power of prayer. That being said, this is not my call to make. God knows what is best, which is so hard for me as a regular person to understand. If you pray or have ever prayed or sometimes pray or think about praying, say a few hundred for this little guy. Tomorrow is a gravely serious day in his new and precious life. Pray for him, the doctors and medical staff, his parents, his sibling, his extended family. They all need as much as we can give. And then some. Rest up, little guy. Tomorrow's a big day.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Heeeeee's home!!!!

Well the hub is back at the ranch and all is right with the world. The pain meds and the Benadryl for the itching from the pain meds have kicked in. He is "peacefully" sawing logs next to me, hopefully until 12:10 when he has to dose again. The man has turned into a pacing maniac. The weather is a bit too cold to go out in one's pajamas, but I looked out to find him walking the driveway in pj's and a down vest hand,in hand with the boy. Couldn't get my phone out fast enough to take a picture, but it was on the verge of being sweet on an illegal sort of level. The kids have started to perfect their own young person type of European kiss and hug that is incision friendly. I feel with the skills they are honing right now, they will be prodigies in the caregiving and card making for your parent's surgery industries. A mom can dream at least.

It is now time to sleep off my day and a half long "experiment" with caffeine deprivation. My head feels as though the hammers of Thor and Mr. Clean came together on my forehead. Good times...and goodnight.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

It is done...finally

We are sitting in a hospital room. He is eating the hospital's version of pork loin. Just took some pain meds and is trying to pad his tummy a little before it makes him sick. Hopefully the food won't do that to him.

This was a stressful day, but one that made us feel very loved. My in laws, who are not texters for the most part, got more than their fill of iPhones and texting going on all around them. My phone blew up with well wishes and inquiries about B. Tired thumbs but a warm heart. We appreciate all the love and prayer and will continue to need them as he rehabs.

I currently feel completely funky after sitting in a hospital all day. The made for an ortho patient shower is calling my name. Sorry for the TMI. I will leave you with this:

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's almost here

Tomorrow's the day. He's going to have the surgery and hopefully some relief. I am worried, scared, nervous, nauseous, hopeful, anxious, etc. And I'm not even having the surgery! It broke my heart to watch him pick all of his children up for one last time tonight. Kind of heavy stuff when you think about it. There were tears and questions and worries and more questions. Slumber will not come quickly for me. Hopefully for him. Prayers for his surgeon, his pain management and his recovery/pt.

In other news, please remember our friend C's dad in your prayers tonight. He had a major heart attack tonight and is currently having open heart surgery. My heart is heavy for the family, but hopeful for a successful surgery. A night full of heavy stuff. We are truly blessed. Truly.

Hug your loved ones, kiss your babies. You never know what the next hour holds.

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Politi-cology of car buying

Day, um, I don't even remember of car buying..aka..."The Quest for a Comfy Seat". All vans are starting to look the same to me. Why does a blood red exterior warrant a pearl-esque interior? Very vampire like if you ask me. The process, or dance, between customer and salesman is a delicate and twisted one. The hub plays the matter of fact, aloof guy. He gives no detailed personal information. When our salesman asked what he did for a living, he said, "I herd cats"....meaning, as we all know, "I deal with a lot of chaos". Our salesman, God bless him, said, "Oh! You must be a vet!". Screeeech(the conversation brakes are slammed on)...take a different tack there, hub. He had to be a little more specific with this guy. We weren't ready to entertain pet medical questions just yet. We had a book, long ago, in our bathroom library that gave the detailed psychology used in the art of car buying. Some of the info stayed with us, I guess. More him than me. I just can't take the awkwardness of the negotiating process. How long can the give and take continue before one or both back out? It is too much for me, so I make lots of trips to the bathroom and strolls around the showroom. They must think I am a wandering UTI case squatter. I, however, am not. Just like Chevy Chase in "Spies Like Us", I can't take the pressure. I find it such a colossal waste of time to be there for three hours and then walk away over a counteroffer. We're not out any money, but we can't get that time back.

When we made the choice to go with one brand of van while sitting in their competitor's vehicle, we made the determination that it was time to break up with our salesman. Sorry there buddy. It's not you, it's us. He makes little desperate attempts to keep the business, but it is all for naught. We're moving on. Awkward. He walks, hangdog, back to his golf cart in his orange UT shirt. Adding insult to injury, Mizzou wins. Sorry, man.

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Friday, November 9, 2012

The countdown is on...

Three days until Operation Nix the Leg Pain. B has started processes indicated by the doc to ready himself for surgery. I worked all day to ready the house for family and friends to visit. I got the easy job. The real torture continues tomorrow - car shopping. Like I've said before, a hammer to the foot sounds better. We have to find something....time is of the essence. But after a dinner of Dead End BBQ and a sweet gift of Hokie stone from a friend, we'll wait until tomorrow to think about the car vultures.

He is peacefully conked out next to me. I wish I could process information and situations with as much grace and calm. He carried the boy in from the car tonight. "Should you do that? Won't that hurt your back?". "I won't get to do this much longer. I need to carry him.". That broke my heart. What a man. He is my hero.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

So sleeeepy...zzzzzz

I have been in a flurry today, along with the human cleaning tornado, trying to get everything ready for the hub when he returns from the hospital. This evening I cleaned and straightened while watching the Hokies lose a heartbreaker to Fla St. It was so close. Arrrgghhh. My eyes are about to close and I have little to share. I just wish tomorrow was trash day...we have made a definite contribution pile for the landfill.

Hopefully I will have something of substance tomorrow. I'm just too tired tonight. Sorry.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A thing of beauty, laughter

Tonight was a stressful one. But then, Wednesday nights are always stressful because it is work time for me. We are in the process of getting used to a new childcare location or, rather, going back to the old one after many years. People get used to what they get used to and change is always hard. They're handling it okay.

When most of the people are gone and we are winding down from the night and finishing paperwork, sometimes we get a little punchy. I had shared a funny family story with my friend. She laughed harder than I even thought she would. So when our friend, R, came by after hearing our laughter, I was asked to share it with him. It was moderately involved and required some grammatical word play. Normally I write part of it down as a visual aid, but I didn't for him. To see him go from puzzled trying to figure it out in his head, to the lightbulb moment on his face when he figured it out and was doubled over in laughter...perfection. We laughed even harder because he did. It was excellent. Just excellent. A perfect salve for a day of hardened hearts and stressful situations.

Laugh out loud. You never know whose day you might make.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election night...pass out the barf bags and nerve meds

As on every Tuesday, I find myself sitting at dance practice for S. It is always entertaining and interesting to watch their progress from week to week. However, my heart is at home half watching the election and half reading the Twitter comments. And, for those of you who may get snarky and ask, yes I voted...for Pedro. I feel there are so few secrets kept in life anymore, my political views are mine and known only to my spouse. It is no secret that of all the things to find interesting, I do not have but about a half ounce of interest in politics. Many may say that is unpatriotic or irresponsible. Let's be clear there is a difference between lack of interest and lack of information. I know what I know...but debates at coffee shops and on social networking sites do nothing for me.

On other fronts, I began the strange and stressful task of accident proofing the house and readying it for the hub's return after his surgery on Monday. Things that he can negotiate normally will not be allowed. Slip on shoes will need to be purchased since he won't be tying his shoes for a while. Grabber handles have been purchased in case he drops a remote or a phone or a napkin and no one is immediately available to fetch it for him. This period of time is going to be a challenge for us all. For me, I will have to remember that he may look like my sweet husband, but he has had a major surgery and will take a long time to heal. It will be even more difficult for him. Not only will he have pain, but he will have to allow others to do things for him that he normally has always done for himself. That's hard for anybody. I just pray for level heads for the both of us.

Well. 153-123 right now. I will do my best, but I feel I will conk out before a winner is decided. This may be an all-nighter. I am sorry to say that I will probably be drooling and slack jawed by the time an announcement is made. Oh well. God Bless America!

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Ah, I am taken back to days of Southfork

Tonight was S's first band concert. It was the most excellent thing, thus far, about middle school in my opinion. I am a BIG band girl from long ago. A big nerd, I know. A saxophone player, I was, inspired by my brother's "An Introduction to Melody" record that we played on a loop for days on end. Did anyone else have it?

When "Old MacDonald Had a Band" came on and it turned out he had a sax in his band? I just, I can't. That little tiny dirty sax part was enough to turn me against playing any other instrument in the band....ever. I did not play a tenor as shown on the album cover. I instead started on the alto and moved to the baritone. I loved every moment of it. Even when I wanted to drop from marching band exhaustion or cry because the pit band music for "The Wiz" was tremendously difficult, I loved it. So it was a misty evening for me seeing her back there with her buddy, D, and all the other eager kids. They haven't had their instruments that long, so they have learned just basic basics. But it was so stinkin' cute. I remember in my first band concert, we played the theme to "Dallas". JR Ewing himself might have been driven to turn his life around after hearing some of the cacophony brought forth in the gym that evening, but it was a precious sound to my parents' ears just as tonight's sounds were precious to mine.

I so look forward to the days and weeks ahead as she learns new things and finds even more enjoyment as her skills grow. Maybe, if she's lucky, she can play Toto's "Africa" in 8th grade like her Uncle Mike did. It was fantastic! A mom can dream....
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

No snappy title comes to mind

This is going to be a relatively short and sweet synopsis of my day. Got grumped at for inadequate electronics, got grumped at for allowing supervised independence, had my phone battery drained by procrastination texts, got grumped at for not carrying cash or being able to pull barbecue out of my rear end and grumped at for refusing McDonald's as a valid lunch option, was awakened from a 10 minute therapeutic power nap by sparring siblings, was informed that punctuality was merely a suggestion, was blessed by a healing service, was saddened by a friend's job loss, was humbled by my husband's selflessness and his ability to make one spectacular hamburger, was saddened by the boy's hurt ear and blessed that he felt my hugs would make it better, got annoyed by the selfishness of others, learned to keep my mouth shut and my head low and learned that I dislike 99% of what is on the Disney Channel.

Have a great evening. Going to try to go to bed and wake up with a better attitude.

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Car shopping is beyond torture

The hub needs a new car. That is the cold, hard truth we are facing. Just kidding with the dramatics, but it is a necessary evil for a man with a bad back who is driving an 11year old car with over 200K miles. My brother and his wife were kinds ugh to watch the kids today and we went to throw ourselves into the shark tank also known as the car dealership. Holy shnikeys, what were we thinking? We got a trainee. That was enough. His sidekick trainer resembled Al Capone in a very outrageous pin striped suit. This was a bad combination and, three hours later, I asked the sales manager for a trash can. "If you insist on making us wait, I'll need a trash can for my husband. His pain level is so high, he's going to throw up. Your choice." We got a figure,but so sad for them. They stuck in lots of shifty fees and wouldn't come down to a reasonable price. Oh well. At least we aren't out any $.

I'm going to dream in new car smell. Hopefully we'll find something soon.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Exhaustion makes shows run together

After a busy week(aren't they all?), the hub and I are indulging in a tiny bit or sloth. We spent a few hours this evening looking at vehicles with the kids, which was a delight. The hub must have a vehicle that will be more comforting to his back, especially once they "surgurize" him.

After dropping S off at a sleepover, G, the boy, the hub and I got PJ'ed up and snuggled up to watch Billy the Exterminator. Well, we flipped back and forth between that and Shark Tank. My brain and body are so tired that, when answering one of G's questions I said, "Mark Cuban is the one with bad hair and spiky bracelets. He made that donkey an offer with a dart gun. If he's smart, he'll take it." She proceeded to give me the side eye, moved away and asked what in the world I was talking about. Um, time for bed kids. Mommy's getting exhaustion related dementia.

Time to put the back patient to bed and take a melatonin to secure that sleep actually happens tonight. Going to get a glass of milk and head up. Night.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Welcome to the jungle're gonna diiiieeee!!!

Navigating a new job is always interesting and I hope it never gets boring. I don't think it ever will. I have learned that, big duh statement here, I enjoy the interactive part over the official authority kind of part. People are passionate about what they are passionate about and I have to learn how to harness that passion and constructively use it. If I don't, I'm going to get eaten alive. I'm a bug girl...they'd dine for a while. Oh well, it's a process.

My sweet hub was informed of his surgery date today. In a little less than two weeks, he will have a cut in his back, bad stuff taken out, good stuff left in, stitches and then hopefully blessed relief upon waking up in recovery. Then the long road to a new world begins. We are anxious, but I know he is ready and I am so ready to see him feel good again. He has suffered for too long. I covet your prayers as we prepare him for the process and to heal and not overdo, prepare the children for the process and learn to live gingerly around Daddy for the next several months.

Funny of the evening. Hub was describing to the children the process of surgery day and how it will all go down. "They'll prep me for surgery, then take me to surgery and then afterwards I will go to..."...and a child shouted, "The maternity room!!!". If only. Then he could quit his job, write his life story, make the talk show circuit and buy that farm we've always wanted. I'll post pictures if he delivers.

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