Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Exhaustion

We have hit the evening of Easter and I am exhausted. Not a bad exhausted, just exhausted. We were up early to eat breakfast together and look at the baskets that the bunny left. I don't often get to wake them up and be with them in the mornings on Sunday since I have to be at church so early, so even with groggy children, it was a treat. Easter is always full of activity on my hallway at work and today was no exception. We had lost of little guests dressed in their Easter finery: girls with fancy dresses and hats and boys with assorted super slick ties both neck and bow. We felt honored that some of our little ones were making their first ever stay, out of the arms of relatives, and they chose us. We had very few tears and we're glad that their grown ups were able to attend worship and be relaxed. After releasing butterflies and placing flowers in the flower cross after late service, I went home to be with the family. We were going to lunch with my brother and his family, but he succumbed to the stomach crud that has been wreaking havoc throughout the city. We missed them, but hope he feels better and no one else gets it. We need him to be healthy when he comes over to be challenged to a four square smackdown with the new glow in the dark ball the kids got today. It's getting serious over here, friends.

Although we didn't have much sun, our hearts were bright today. The miracle of Easter morning and what it means warms us all year long. "I serve a risen savior, He's in the world today....."

Night all.

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