Sunday, March 20, 2016

Long day of Hosannas

It has been a lively Palm Sunday here in East Tennessee. The children were very excited about waving their Palm branches around and shouting their "Hosanna" shouts to everyone. We are now entering Holy Week and journeying on the path to the cross. While it is a heavy week in content, I find it very emotional and enjoy, of you can enjoy it, the ritual. The numbness on Maundy Thursday with what is about to happen and the stark reality of Good Friday and the stripping of the sanctuary of the paraments. Never ceases to strike me to the core.

After morning church, the children had some soccer games and then we went to church for the "emptying of the tomb" where we have collected cans for the Ftn City Ministry Center. A lot of hungry tummies will be filled thanks to the items collected during Lent. It is a wonderful thing.

I am totally frozen and exhausted and want to cuddle with my children before they go to bed. Night all.

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