Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cave dweller

With the business of track and soccer season, I have let the laundry pile up more than I really should admit. I'm quite embarrassed about it really. So, today has been a day of catch up on the laundry front. As I have mentioned before, our basement has great qualities when it comes to napping and I have fought hard to resist its tempting environment. The dark, coolness has been a stumbling block, but I have prevailed and am almost done with the laundry. Being a cave dweller has suited me today...and I have clean skivvies. Sorry, TMI.

On a serious note, say a prayer for a friend of mine. She is dealing with a lot right now with her children. I saw her today and she was one broken lady. I'm worried about her and her children. Not safety wise, just morale wise. She was so sad.

The dryer just sang its little song, so I need to go get to folding.

Night all.

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