Monday, March 7, 2016

Getting our scout on

I am currently sitting in a classroom at church with six cub scouts. The hub needed to accompany the oldest to soccer practice coach, questionable coaching. He needs to feel the guy out before he feels comfortable leaving her there. He can handle that better than I can. I will get mama bear on him. No one needs to see that. So here I sit with these six boys. Currently they are feasting on birthday doughnuts as one of them is celebrating his actual birthday today. They really didn't need an activation agent to make them get more active, but they got one. One boy has already fallen backwards in his chair at least four times. Another has been on the floor daring people to walk on top of him while he tries to not cry out in pain. My son has been given the "You do either of those things and we will have a problem" death look a couple of times. Uh oh, second helpings on boy already has a tummy full of chicken spaghetti. Pray we don't have an encore performance of the tummy contents. Raspberry/Chocolate filled doughnuts and rotini with chicken and rage and a garlic knot will be a gnarly mess. They are currently debriefing on their homemade carnival of last week. One child requested a life sized Plinko board(Bob Barker would be proud)and a concession stand when the Plinko wore you out. First world problems.

My son has his head buried in his napkin, another is dissecting his doughnut and a third has turned his napkin into lace. The boy has fallen backward in his chair again and is getting chewed out by his mother. The doughnuts are activating.

Watch out, friends. It's about to get wild up in this scout meeting.

Night all.

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