Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring break Wednesday

We are really party animals over here on our Spring Break. We all had homemade sourdough toast for breakfast, took the dog for a bath at the dog wash and cleaned the toilets. Then the oldest left, the middle was already gone and the youngest got the Royal Spring Break screw and had to stay with me. He was beyond thrilled...I think we all know that's a load of crud. In order to placate him, I made an offer for a Freezo run for lunch. He perked up a little, but got a little better when we stopped by and picked up Uncle M to go with us. We feasted on Freezo food and the boys had peanut butter shakes. If the afternoon hadn't turned around enough, we took a trip to several different store including his first pawn shop. That's how we roll, friends: Atomic Pawn to look at all the treasures contained within. The boy really wanted some pawn shop video games, but I talked him down with some Mentos we had purchased at our previous stop, Home Depot. After we dropped Uncle M off, we went home to fly strange helicopter rubber band contraptions that we found at the discount tool store. They were almost too difficult to maneuver, so we gave up and filled the bird feeders...every almost 9 year led boy's dream. Afterwards, we threw the frisbee and let him go to Kroger to pick out his dessert for the evening. Then, a wonderful thing happened to save my fail after we left his uncle. His best friend's mom texted me back and said we needed to get the two together. He is currently enjoying a Nerf war and sleepover. Happy boy, I'm sure.

I'm going to bed.

Night all.

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