Monday, August 31, 2015

Piles and no smiles

I went on a clutter rampage today. Hit my limit with the lack of "putting away" going on in the house. SO, I reverted back to my childhood when my mother would do her daily sweep of our rooms after we had gone to school. We would always have our beds made, because you never left home until the bed was made. You'd take a tardy before you left an unmade bed. I carry that feeling even now. I can't stand to leave my bed unmade. It doesn't bother me if other families don't do it, but our house's beds are to be made. So after we left, my mom would go through our rooms and place the clutter and mess in a pile either in the floor of our room or the middle of our bed. It used to burn me UP to see that stuff in there. Served me right, though. I knew that my stuff had a specific place to go and I didn't do it. I continued the tradition today and went through each room and piled up the crap in the middle of the floor. I had some not so nice things to say when I found stashed wrappers and crap stuffed in between the mattress and box springs. I did not react well. Nor did they when they arrived home to the mess...but what could they say? Needless to say, I did not win the mother of the year award in their eyes.

Not my first loss. Night all.

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Sunday, August 30, 2015


This was a full day. You'd think that would give me more than ample material with which to write a post tonight. Apparently not. I worked. I saw some very cute little people today and watched them dance and sing and be crazy and learn about Jonah. I worked on a project to celebrate a wonderful couple's 50th wedding anniversary. I ate a tasty meal and got a few laughs. I helped G study for her social studies test. The hub was a saint and did laundry. We gathered up items to give a friend for a yard sale.

I'm currently watching "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town" with Gary Cooper. Jeepers he was a dreamy devil. And a good actor too.

That's about all I've got for this evening. Night all.

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lessons before bedtime

As the evening starts setting in allowing the day to retire, I tend to reflect on the events of the day and sometimes the past few days. It has been a wild week and, honestly, I don't really know where it went. I feel like I have existed, but not really interacted with my family and they would probably all feel the same. This transistion back into the school year has been tough on all of us, every family in our season of life feeling the same way I'm sure. The children are all great kids and I am blessed beyond measure to have them, but with growth comes some struggle and, again, this is nothing new to scads of families all over the world. Heads butt on a daily basis; feelings get hurt and tempers flare. It happened just an hour and a half ago over dinner. I have retreated upstairs to shower and avoid future conflict. So why am I sharing all of this now? Friends we have known for a while had a shocking loss of a parent overnight. Yesterday? Interacting with the grandchildren and spending time with family. Today? Gone. It has given me a lot to think about today. I mourn for our friends and their loss...their grief and shock. I wonder, as I go gently into that good night, if my loved ones know that they truly are my loved ones. I think about the conflict at dinner. Nothing really got resolved and I removed myself from the situation to avoid further mess. I don't want unresolved feelings as I lay down on my pillow tonight. I want each and every person in this house to know exactly how much I love them. We don't know what tomorrow holds. I will hug my babies and my husband tonight and put the dinner table demons to rest.

Night all.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Early post...long evening

I am getting this post done earlier than usual since it is a football Friday. I want to watch S play in the band for a little bit. All of us but the oldest have been afflicted with sinus infections here at the ranch. We either sound like Sneezy the dwarf or one of Marge Simpson's chain smoking sisters. If I could crawl into bed right now, I would. Our church is also hosting a fifth quarter event for all the youth to come and play games and eat and have fun during and after the game. Safe fun for them and good outreach opportunity for church. That goes until midnight. If anyone sees me, it will be like the Tennessee version of the Walking Dead. I don't stay up late very gracefully.

Here's hoping for a fun and uneventful evening. Night all...I have to go re-Mucinex myself.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mom goggles

I don't know if anyone else is a fan but I have said it before and I will say it again, I LOVE The Goldbergs. I can identify with that time period and I just love everything about it. One epsiode has been especially in my mind today. They talked a lot about "mom goggles". Mom goggles are used by moms who think their children are the best at everything and number one at everything and could never possibly ever be less than perfect at anything. We all use these goggles at one time or another, but sometimes there are people who have extra high powered ones:

I am guilty of having mine on from time to time. I sat at a sporting event with a mom today who had on high powered mom goggle readers. It was painful.

Here's the thing. I'm not perfect in any way, or form. Sometimes I need to put my mom goggles on more that I do. My children deserve a mom who stands up and says, "THAT'S MY BABY!!!". We can all do with a little goggle adjustment now and then...some stronger and some weaker.

Night all.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sad day

We have been glued to the television today watching the sad developments of the slayings of the WDBJ7 employees. What a cruel world we live in that things like this happen. The hub and I lived in the New River Valley of Virginia for many years and are both native VIrginians. That station was our go to for all of our information, so when it pooped up on the newsfeed, I was curious. Such a senseless and sad end to two aspiring young talents. My heart is broken for their families and friends. Just such a terrible tragedy,

On sad days like this, I am so blessed to have children who provide moments of levity when I need them most. This gidl and her new companion are going to be the source of much levity and entertainment for the forseeable future:

We just need the boy and his father on board and we could have a nice little family band. I'm ready. Are you?

Night all.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Brassy girl

Now is the time of the year that our new 6th grader is trying out instruments for band. As a former baritone saxophone player for many years, I was excited for her to have chosen band at all. I must admit that I kind of hope she plays something different. I would love a saxophone player in the house, but she is testing well on brass instruments. I am very excited about that. G has the personality to carry off a brass instrument. I see her marching around with a trombone with a spring in her step. The high school band director told her today that the brass instrument she needs to play is probably a trumpet. I'd be okay with that as well. I have been playing her "Casino Royale" by Herb Alpert and the Tiajuana Brass so she could have something to aim for in the future. We'll see. I am hoping for trombone. Either way, I'm going on Ebay and finding a cheap version for myself so I can learn with her. The hub may lose his mind. Please offer him refuge if he flees to your home.

I'll keep you updated. Night all.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Cub Scout mom night

Tonight I went with the boy to his den meeting witih scouts. This is usually the hub's area of expertise, but he was in another part of the church building planning for youth activities. One child was home and one was at middle school soccer practice, so I was the chosen guest at scouts. It was rather comical. There were six boys there...six boys who were unable to keep still the whole time they were there. They weren't being ugly or misbehaving. They just could NOT keep their arms and legs still. I kept shooting dagger looks at mine and mouthing "BE STILL" while he shot pained looks right back. The leader of the meeting asked the boy to show everyone the handshake and oath and motto and salute. He demonstrated all of them and then kept wiggling. "Son. Be still." He shot me a look, "Are you ever going to let me go to the bathroom? You said I could go after we introduced ourselves and that was almmost an hour ago. I'm dying." Hang my head in shame. He shot out of that room like a bat out of hell. He could probably have cut through concrete with the amount of force shooting out of his little bladder.

If there is a "Maintaining Control of Your Bladder" badge, my son earned it tonight.

Night all.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Put my editor's hat on today

The first essay of the high school career was assigned to the girl this week. While she loves to read like a book monster, she is not a fan of writing structured essays with a lot of rules. I don't blame her. I never did either. I was trained to write essays in the shape method...well that is what I call it:

Start with a general statement or two and then state your thesis. Give three supporting ideas for that thesis. Then restate said thesis and end with a general all encompassing last sentence. My English major/currently a managing editor friend and former roommate hated this learning device, but it served as a very helpful guide for me. My brother, a wonderful and very gifted writer and published guy, suggested the same model to our oldest as well. After she got all her writing done, I sat down to help her edit. It felt strange as my father did the same thing for me. Maybe I should include a Lion King clip at this point and start singing "The Circle of Life". I won't, but it has been running through my mind today. I feel for her. That first essay you turn in is always the most intimidating. Heck, her teacher may red pen that thing like a massacre took place, but at least she did her own work...with .000001% of editing help from her mother. I'm proud of her and she has learned a valuable lesson. Start early and don't rely on teachers to do what they say they are going to do, like help you with your paper in class. They may get sick and miss a good chunk of the week. Lesson learned.

Helllllooooo, bedtime!
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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Tagging machine!

I am about done with my Picky Chick entering and taggin for this year. I would love to have some high ticket items, but I am just glad to have things to put in there. Hopefully I will have a fair amount of success this coming week at the sale. As my mom always says, "Everything you get is gravy." It is true. We have been blessed with relatives who friends who have given us many things and have been quite generous with their hand me downs. I am grateful for the items and even more grateful that the money generated from their sales can be used to provide special treats for the kids that we might not splurge on otherwise.

I must go, friends. I worked Community Meal tonight and feel the need to wash barbeque sauce and beans off my arms. I feel overly sticky. Yuck.

Night all.

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Friday, August 21, 2015

I am cooked

I have had quite a busy day and have very little left in the tank. Who doesn't at this point? This is going to be very short and sweet. I worked my first concession stand as a band parent. I have worked concession stands before, but there is surely something special about a bunch of high school football fans on a Friday night. It was certainly baptism by fire. I have determined that I am a great person to make things such as chili cheese nachos or chili dogs or pretzels, but ask me to do math on the spot and calculate the total...yeah, failure. I didn't do anything bad tonight and the one time I tried to give a guy his $20 payment back as his change, he was honest and corrected me. Thank goodness.

I'm going to bed and will probably dream of nachos and the smell of chili.

Night all.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Late and short post

It has been a long day that started with the discovery of a partially flooded basement. I loaded up on lots of coffee and mopped until my back hurt. Living the dream, friends. The afternoon turned into a whirlwind that ended up with us watching G play in two middle school soccer games. I must say that she did a pretty darn good job. It was strange because she was playing against her teammates and one who she has always been on a team with in the past. There was a lot of pregame smack talk, but they hugged it out in the end. We then returned home with tired kids to lots of homework. I sure am thankful for a husband who knows how to do math and can help them. All I can do is snap pictures of the moment and feel useless:

I did kiss them both goodnight...I'm good at that.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Nice surprise

It is late, for me, and I am currently attempting to help my oldest discern between past and present participles, gerunds and a whole bunch of other things. Never mind the fast that there is English somewhere on my college diploma. I hang my head in shame at my almost savant-like ability to forget more than I remembered and then some. Thank you, interwebs, for helping me show on a device what I could not verbalize. "S, frustrated by her mom, decided not to ask for homework help anymore." Heck, I still don't even know if that is a participle or if I left something hanging. Embarrassing.

My friend, S, who my S is named after, came in town for a visit today. It was so nice to see her. We talked, broke bread and laughed all over a two hour period at Litton's. I am very blessed to have her in my life. Knowing someone for 31 years is quite nice. There are no secrets and lots of old stories to dredge up for many moments of comedy gold.

I must dash and try to take a quick dip in the form of a bath or shower. My window of opportunity is pretty sketchy right now as we are in the middle of a weird thunderstorm pattern and I was always told to stay out of the tub when there was thunder.

Have a good one. Night all.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lord forgive me when I whine...

I had a horrible day today. When I say horrible, I mean worst day in probably good two years. Everything that could go wrong at work, school and home happened. There's no reason to go into detail since all of you would quickly drop into a peaceful slumber over your devices. My bad day probably would seem stupid to most, but I have a more than splitting headache to show for it. The headache could be from the weather that is currently around us, which would explain my sore teeth as well, or it could be caused I cried a fair amount today or it could be because my blood pressure probably got to dangerous levels at some points due to my lackluster anger management skills when things got weird, broke, got ruined in the dryer or got feelings broken at school. It was bad.

Fast forward to this afternoon after school. My sweet G needed to have a very important conversation with me and, as always, she decided it needed to happen when I entered that little room we all must visit after we have too much coffee or a long night's sleep or a bad pot of chili. I quickly exited so we could have a converstaion. I'll admit, I was a little annoyed. Oftentimes, that little room is the only break from people I get all day. Anyhoo, we sat down to talk and she explained that the guidance counselor talked to her class today. hey have a friend in class(G is in 4 classes with him)who has cancer. They talked about how he might have a hat on and might not, depending on if he was losing his hair during treatments. They talked that he had a stuffed animal he keeps with him to help with anxiety and thatif he has to go for a stay in the hospital, the stuffed animal will stay at school and go to his classes to remind the kids that he is still their classmate...he's just getting help for a bit. I wanted to be sick. Not just because of this child's situation and that of his parents, but thinking about if that happened to one of my own. I also felt great shame at being so angry about my bad day when, in the grand scheme of things, it really is not that important. We are allowed to have a bad day, sure, but perspective is a beautiful thing. My mom used to quote a poem to me when I needed a little perspective. It is a little bit dated, but I always manage to have it come to mind when I need to quote it the most. Here it is. Night all.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Case of the Mondays?

Monday has come and almost gone and we have survived it. My oldest is reading a short story that was one of my favorites in early high school, "The Most Dangerous Game". It is killing me not to be able to talk to her about the story, sick and twisted as it is. Oh well. We'll get to talk about it soon enough. I am thankful, today, for the rain that came in time to prevent my 11 year old from having to practice soccer in the rain while she has a major sinus infection. I am thankful that I got to sit at my son's desk tonight and hear a compliment about him and about me from his teacher. Made me feel nice...not gonna lie.

I am going to tuck some people in bed, including myself, and prepare for another wild ride of a day. Night all.

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Shopping after work...bad idea

My oldest needed clothes. She made the smart move, I truly believe, of spending a week in high school and assessing the fashion trends before making lots of purchases. I appreciated her thinking on that. Today after working a very busy day with Promotion Sunday for Sunday School, I told S I would take her to the mall to get some clothes. Recent growth spurts have left her ready for flash floods, but poorly equipped to feel great about what she's wearing. G has been battling a sore throat and snuffly nose for several days and the hub got her an appointment at after hours to get diagnosed with what I predicted...a sinus infection. The boy. The poor boy had a choice to either sit in a sick waiting room or go to the mall. Sophie's choice for sure. He chose the mall. He took it like a champ and got some Doc Popcorn as a reward. We visited several stores, had a modicum of success, managed to avoid an attack from a Mediterranean kiosk employee seeling wrinkle putty and had an entertaining visit to Build-A-Bear for the boy to spend his money on a rabbit dressed as Thor that he officially named "King of Asgard". I still cannot understand the rationale around the marketing campaigns of some of these stores. After reading one too many articles about the employee mistreatment and just horrible practices of Abercrombie, I cannot stomach to give them money. Unfortunately, I didn't know Hollister was under their umbrella and let S get some very attractively priced jeans. I won't make her take them back, but I cannot spend my money there again. She can do what she wants with her cash.

I'm going to go wash this day right out of my hair and get ready for bed. Let's get ready for Monday, friends.

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Crispy critters

We were at an all day soccer tournament today and we are kind of crispy. We coated with Banana Boat, but it didn't quite do the trick. Success was meh for our two, but it was the first of the Fall season. Hopefully a groove will be found soon. I'm just glad we got to go to Pal's for dinner afterwards. We don't have one in our town and I grew up going to one with my friends all the time. If you don't know about them, you should look them up. They are quite the impressive business.

My sauceburger was quite tasty, I must say.

Now on to try and take a few layers of sunscreen off of my neck. Yuck.

Night all.
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Friday, August 14, 2015

Here we go again...

Tomorrow is the first tournament of the Fall season. The first games start an hour away and at the bright shinig time of 8:30. Arrgghh. The two youngest have three games, all at the same time, which will be a logistical nightmare. Oh well. Cannot complain when we pay money for these circumstances. I have currently filled Rubbermaid containers full of baby tomatoes, sliced cukes, already sectioned cuties and grapes(one in the fridge and one in the freezer). I have learned the hard way that one cannot exist nutritionally or financially on concession stand food at these tournaments. They consist of Gatorade/Powerade and candy. So you know what that gets you? Cavities, electrolytes and constipation. Not the trio of happiness I'm looking for when I sit in the sun all day. We also have some teammates who don't usually have much to eat, if anything, and all the parents want to make sure their tummies and constitutions are strong for a long day. So I am here in the kitchen, armed with lots of music on the ipad, prepping with nutrition in mind.

On another note, my iphone took its final breaths and has decided to fluke out and die or simply show the white Apple symbol on an all black screen for two days now. The Apple Store is happy to replace it at no cost after seeing its last gasp. Only one problem: they have no equal replacement phones in stock and may not have one until Monday. So my personal and work phone, camera, calendar, watch and flashlight are kaput. Maybe I'll finally see what life is all about not attached to the blasted thing. Shame on me for being so attached to it.

Night all.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Time to get going

It is that time again: Picky Chick Consignment Sale time. People who don't do these sales often ask me why I do. The simplest answer is that it is a great way to make some money and declutter your house all in one swoop. Sure, the prep time is not short, but when I can take my children to the movies and pay for them to go to special activities out of my earnings, the time is totally worth it. I have a boy who is pretty careful with his good clothes, so I can usually get rid of all of his things because they are in good condition. Now if I can just get motivated to go down in the dungeon and start ironing and hanging and entering and tagging, we will be set. Whew.

On a completely unrelated note, my niece got some new glasses the other day and we were thrilled to see the pictures of her looking all grown up in her very stylish frames. I can remember when I got my first frames. I was in elementary school and couldn't see my piano music. My nose touched the music book too many times and my mom took me to Dr.B who dilated my eyes and then watched me try to read old issues of Highlights magazine. Epic fail. I picked out what I thought were stylish frames. Good golly did I look funny. Shame on whoever created those frames. Shame! The frames they have now, though, wow! I am so jealous! She looks so stinkin' cute with them on! I hope they make reading and just seeing in general a more pleasant experience for her. I know they certainly helped me and my children.

Time to go help the hub write an essay about G for her Language Arts teacher. I hope we get a good grade! Night all.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sock hopped out

Tonight we had a sock hop to kick off our Wednesday Night programming for the year. I must confess that I was not really in a totally sock hoppy kind of mood, but I was determined to try and be jolly and hip and dance and all that stuff. The gym was decorated up right and we had all the makings for a fun evening: floats and sodas and burgers and fries and dogs. Nutrition was not a high point, but oh well. People started rolling in wearing poodle skirts and Converse tennis shoes and their dungarees rolled up looking quite sharp. I was assigned the job of being the sock hop "Flo" who wrote out receipts for people as they came through the food line, chewing my gum like a cow and getting in everybody's business. It was fun, but my jaw hurts from chewing so much gum. Not usually my thing, so, ouch! We had a strong contingent from the senior center dance circuit. They danced us all under the table and lasted much longer than any of the rest of us. S was determined to learn how some of their dances worked. Seeing her interest, one lady grabbed her hands and showed her the proper footwork. Afterwards an older gentleman, Clarence, took her and showed her the proper hold and danced to Sinatra singing "The Way You Look Tonight". So very sweet:

It was a special time, generations interacting and sharing in a fun evening. Rugs were being cut by 3 year olds and 80 year olds. It was lovely.

Now this "Flo" needs to go to bed and rest her dogs. The "Land of 1000 Dances" demonstration I gave my child wore me out.

Night all.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Let's talk about punctuality

I may touch a nerve with some people and I am sorry for that, but I have to touch on this subject. Is it wrong to get annoyed when someone is perpetually late? I don't expect everyone to be twenty minutes early like I am. In our house growing up, we were considered late if we were ten minutes early. No joke. Admittedly, I have an issue with earliness. I remember Dr. Phil on Oprah, before he got all commercial and went bonkers, said that lateness was a sign of arrogance...that people can wait on you to begin whatever is happening. I don't know if that is true, but it is certainly food for thought. There are always times when it cannot be prevented: traffic snarls, someone forgot an important piece of paper for school, the dog had explosive diarrhea as you were walking out the door and others. But to be constantly late after making plans and not calling or texting and expecting the other parties to wait on you? Not cool. Not cool at all.

Sorry to get on my soapbox today. I hit my limit today. in a major way.

Night all.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Is it bedtime?

The kids had a positive first half day of school which was great. The girls went in with their brother and had a little family reunion with some of their former tachers. It was nice and then they bravely walked into their new schools, both a little scared, but brave. I wanted to throw up most of the morning, but they all came out with smile on their faces. What more can a mom ask for really? The afternoon was a lazy one, but that was alright since I had to fill out enough paperwork that I think a small forest died because of it. The amount left me quite cranky and I was happy that they were enjoying their last weekday of television for a while. School's in session, so the school TV rules apply. Then came soccer practice and the day went downhill from there. One person who has nothing constructive to say took the whole day day from a hero to a zero. We have a lot to teach on tonight. Pray that we say the right things and end this night on a positive.

Night all.
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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Kept my cash safe

Our oldest had additional school supply lists thrown her way on Friday. She went to a sleepover/movie/last hurrah get together with friends on Friday and didn't return until Saturday evening. That left today, the last day of the tax free extravaganza, to buy her additional supplies. We were not out for the tax freeness of it all; we just needed the binders and pencils and glue and paper. The school supply section was a madhouse and looked as though it had been hit by a tornado. This is certainly not a commentary on the store's cleanliness, They were in survival mode, looking shell shocked every time they brought a fresh case of something out. They almost walked with their box cutter out, slicing the box open and dropping it while they ran away from the rabid shoppers thirsty for lefty scissors or protractor/compass sets. I kept the cart on the periphery, sending my child in which may sound like leading a lamb to slaughter. She is smaller and quicker than I am, so she could make it in and out a lot more effectively. I did have the hub on standby in case a brawl erupted and we were in need of bail money over colored pencils. I jest, friends. I would not start a fight over school supplies...and he only had $40 in cash, so I would spend a long, hard night in the pokey thinking about crayons and composition books and how I would explain myself to the local news station when they came to interview the "Crazy Crayon Lady".

We survived it and managed to even visit with some friends and make our exhausted cashier smile. It was a good day. Night all.

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Cleaning again

I am determined to be organized this school year. I have to be. With three kids in three different schools, the choice has been made for me. SO, today I have been cleaning and clearing and rearranging our room to make space for a desk when I find one that we can afford. We looked for a bit today which was kind of a less than bright idea. Here in the state of Tennessee it is Tax Free Weekend. Anything that falls in the school supply realm(and is on the list) is tax free. Of course, desks don't apply...but we didn't think they did. It was just a stupid move on our part to go out with the crazies who are looking to score a tax free laptop or 64 count crayons. All I wanted was a decently priced and reasonably light desk. Fortunately, I found a desk I really loved. It was made from reclaimed wood and in my most favorite furniture store. Unfortunately, it was $559.00. The store guys were so very nice and were even embracing the tax free fever and were paying the sales tax this weekend. Still not quite the price I had in mind for my "Let's Get Organized" project. So the search continues. I made great headway on our room and have a lot of stuff to put out on garbage day.

Tomorrow starts early for me, so I must bid you farewell.

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Friday, August 7, 2015

They survived it...I wanted to barf

The 6th grader and the 9th grader had their orientation days today. The hub accompanied G to middle school. We wanted to make sure the teachers she had were going to be the right ones to deal with her learning differences. More on that later. S wanted ot go without a parent like lots of her friends, so we let her. I saw the friendly faces directing traffic towards the drop off area and I felt a little better. Then I wasn't sure quite where to stop and drop her since there were a couple different faculty waiting with umbrellas. "Just let me off here...Mom, let me off here...please just stop the car and let me off here." So I did. I chuckled a little and had a few tears also. No boohooing, just melancholy. She was quite excited when I picked her up. Pleased with teachers and with the amount of friends in class. G seemed to be pleased enough. She was reunited with a good friend who changed schools their last year of elementary school. For the most part, all of her friends are on other teams. It is hard for her and hard for me although I have to fake excitement and enthusiasm.

Now is the part of the post where I step on my soapbox for a minute. I have to clear my chest about something before I hit the red and explode like an a-bomb. I have an acquaintance in my life who has it in their head that dyslexia=dumb...dumb as a box of rocks and someone to be pitied. They know about as much about dyslexia as I do about nuclear engineering, which is nada. The sad thing is that the majority of the educators in our schools only have the basic knowledge of what it is in terms of stereotypes: poor spelling and letter reversal. It is not their fault. Until recently, our state has not even recognized it as a problem even though it effects 15-20% of students. That is not a small number. It is so much more complicated than that. What it also can be categorized as is a gift. A unique way of learning that most regular brains are not completely capable of. Now ask G right now if she thinks it is a gift and I imagine you'll get a big sigh and a "Who told you I have it?". We are not ashamed of it. At this time in her life, she has yet to embrace the fact that there are good parts to it. That part will come soon enough. We have made it our job to educate ourselves on the subject and be as knowledgeable as we can to get her the best education possible. This first year in middle school is going to be a struggle. Not because she isn't intelligent...couldn't be farther from the truth. She is as sharp as a tack and so very gifted. She just has to learn in a completely different way. So, if you hear someone speaking out of ignorance on this subject, tell them to educate themsleves. My daughter doesn't deserve special treatment. She just wants an educational system that understands her. That isn't too much to ask.

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

One school down...

The boy met his teacher this evening. I mean, he knew who she was and all, but he super duper officially met her today. She is a lovely woman and I think will be a great match for him. He was even more excited to see his buddies there and reunite with some of his favorite specialty teachers. I must admit that I did rest in the comfort of the familiar surroundings...especially now that we have a child entering high school. I can't even. Or another child entering middle school. I really can't even. Tomorrow they go to walk through their schools and investigate their classes. They are nervous, we are nervous. It's all going to be alright and I imagine that in two weeks we'll be more concerned about who is going to get picked up where than how to navigate a school building.

On a terribly sad note, please be in prayer for some friends of ours from college. The husband, Brian, collapsed Sunday during a triathalon and passed away yesterday. He leaves behind a wife and two children. Such a terrible tragedy. We are deeply saddened.

Hug your loved ones close tonight. You just never know, friends. Night.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Countdown is on

The last child has gotten their school supplies purchased and his new shoes tried on and readied. He had his eyes checked this morning and found that he doesn't have to do drops anymore...or at least we hope so. We'll find out in October. The hub is currently with our oldest at the high school getting her picture made, her locker picked out and all that good stuff. I am here with the youngers queasy at the thought that my oldest is going to high school. She has been fairly quiet today. Nerves are getting to her a bit, but I think she is ready for her new adventure. They all are having new adventures this year as are their parents.

On a completely different subject, I am sitting with the youngers watching American Ninja Warrior. My children are obsessed with this show. I can take it or leave it, I hate to say. It makes me crazy. These people kill themselves to avoid falling in water whilst hanging on to swinging suspended ladders and tires...all while their wives and babies watch them fall and destroy their dreams of ninjahood. My son and I admired our friends and their Lego version of the NW set. He has built one himself. Maybe I'm just envious of their ninja abilities. Mine only extend to sneaking downstairs and making breakfast in bed for the kids on their birthdays without waking them up.

Time to go help label all the school supplies and make sure they all go to the right child. Oh, Summer. Where did you go?

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Goodbyes are tough

We said goodbye to some very dear friends tonight who are moving soon.  I had hoped that I would be better at seeing people go, like that was a skill that developed with age.  Yeah, I was wrong.  I know that with Skype and FaceTime and all that stuff that we will have no problem visiting with them and seeing them, but it won't be the same.  I am grateful for their kindness and love.  I am grateful for my husband's friendship with my friend's husband.  They were certainly two funny peas in a pod.  I have cried off and on since we left their house as have a couple of the children.  We all grieve these kinds of transitions in different ways.  We just want them to be happy and safe and comfortable in their new surroundings.  That is our prayer.  

Have a good evening.  I need to go cry some more.  

Night all.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Podcast Addiction

Guest post by Dear Hub - the Podcast Addict

In the fall, I was introduced to the Serial Podcast. It was narrated by Srah Koenig detailing a tragic murder of a young high school senior in Baltimore, MD in the late 1990s. It was fascinating to listen to the well written podcast. It included details of the trial, facts, evidence, where the evidence supports or does not support the case against the accused, and now convicted, Adnan Syed. The journalistic style brings the listener right into the case. I vascillated between "Guilty", "Innocence", "Poor Guy in the wrong place" as I empathized with the suspect. The podcast Serial created a surge in Podcast popularity. By the end of the series, I still had unanswered questions.

A few months passed, and I read about "Undisclosed" podcast and wondered if my unanswered questions would be answered. This is a unofficial continuation of the Serial podcast. While Serial has strong journalistic traits, Undisclosed is narrated by three legal experts. I am not a lawyer, but I do like mystery, the unexplained, and figuring out puzzles.

So, if you haven't listened to Serial and Undisclosed, you can stop reading now and go find thee podcasts. Listen to Serial first, then listen to Undisclosed.

Undisclosed, from a legal standpoint, brings to light several "holes" in the prosecution's case, asserts inconsistencies in legal proceedings, and really places doubt into criminal investigation and police processes. It has a whole episode failure of medical examiner and gruesome details about autopsies and methods/stages of death. Another episode describes the technology around cell phone towers, cell phone records, along with RF engineering.Most of this technology, medical information, and legal information is translated into layman terminology that is detailed enough but not difficult for the average listener.

Here are the possible conclusions
-Adnan is guilty regardless of the "Undisclosed" facts
-Adnan is innocent, but guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
-Adnan is innocent in reality, but the police/legal case was a "solution looking for a problem" for the detectives.

My plausible conclusion is he is likely innocent, and a victum of a miscarriage of justice. I await more episodes... In he meantime, I have the following questions/observations:
-The police methods are called into question by Undisclosed. The question remains regardless of whether Adnan is guilty or innocent: Does the "Means ever justify the ends"?
-If Adnan is completely innocent, then "who committed the crime and why"?
-Will we ever know the truth?
-I am sure there are other wrongfully convicted people in the criminaal jusice system... How many people are wrongfully convicted? How do we, as a society, correct this problem?

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Final Countdown....

Tomorrow marks a week until school officially starts. Just saying. So we are going to pack as much fun as we can into this week as possible. Who am I kidding? We will probably be scrambling for last minute school supplies and clothes and attending orientations and all that business. But we are going to do our best to fit some fun in there too. I have decided that I must stop worrying about all that is going on with the kids and just trust that God will take care of them all. We are church people and that is what I believe...even though some days it is harder than others when I am extra nervous.

I covet your prayers once again. I'm going to ask for a lot of them this year. I appreciate you all.

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

I gotta go snooze...

It has been a busy day. I can't believe summer break is almost over and school will be starting very soon. Makes me a little sick. Oh well. It is coming whether we want it to or not.

S got another chance to spend time with some of her high school cronies by participating in a band car wash. She does a pretty good job on tires, I must say. As a reward for four hours of washing cars, she got to swim with some of her buddies and relax for the afternoon. We took the dog to the dog park for a run and a visit with a new 6 month old Doberman friend. All was well until two pugs decided to get "fresh" with her and get on her back. A little forward if you ask me since they were, at best, a thrid of her size. Her sharp growl/bark at them didn't stop their advances. A final deep growl from her finally alerted the owner he needed to get his amorous dogs off of her after about 10 minutes of getting on her back. I mean, dude, come on. Control your dogs.

Time for bed. It's an early work day tomorrow. I need some sleep. Night all.

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