Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The passing of a good one....

When I was in middle school, MTV decided to rebroadcast all the original episodes of the "Pre-Fab Four"....the Monkees. My brother and I became addicted to the opening tease, the jolly theme song, the witty repartee' and the song/video montage at the end of every episode. We were not allowed to watch TV during the week, so one of us snuck down at odd hours of the night to press "Record" on the VCR. Yes, we risked life, limb and certain grounding to not miss any episodes with these guys:

Sure, they were a joke when they first arrived. Only a couple actually played instruments and the Beatles comparisons were rampant. But after a while, and collaborations with songwriters like Neil Diamond, they became a force no one expected. Just like the Beatles, everyone had their favorite Monkee. I liked them could I not? Peter who was goofy and always wore his belt buckle to the side. Mike, with his signature wool cap, was the "responsiblish" leader of the group. Mickey always had the perfect expression, accent or silliness for every occasion...and one of the heart throbs. And then there was Davy. The cute British one, always being kidnapped by gangsters or chased by lovesick girls...quick to make a funny remark, made all the better by his lovely accent. I was twenty years too late in my obsession, using all of my babysitting earnings for records, tapes, books, posters and tshirts. Even in college, I went to see them in concert, though Mike was sadly absent. Their version of "Papa Gene's Blues" is still one of my all time favorite songs. A joke to me they were not.

It was a sad alert I received today announcing Davy's death. I find that with every year I gain, people older than I don't seem so ancient anymore. Sixty-six seems so young these days, especially with one who was so active, fit and full of life. I mourn, with countless others, the loss of a precious piece of youth, whether it was going on in real time or twenty years later. Godspeed, Davy Jones. My life is a little more rich, a little more happy and a little more musical since I've known you. Thank you, Reuben the Tadpole....

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is it Friday yet?

I don't have a whole lot to say tonight. My back and feet are throbbing and my attitude is less than exciting. I will say these things: Three hours at the allergist, trip to ENT scheduled, substitute scout leader, hour and a half in the grocery store with three children and three and a half hours putting goody bags together and moving heavy objects around. My son is my hero. He took his doc appointment like a trooper. He whimpered but didn't cry when this happened to him:

And this:

He was such a trooper and I am so blessed to have him. Prayers that the ENT can give us some answers. The shamrock shake made everything better!

I hope everyone has a good evening. I am going to fall into a 6 hour sleep of great depth.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Start of hell week

It is the start of a busy week. My primary job is one of a stay at home mom, but I also am on the church staff as an ECM assistant and also a sub for our preschool. These jobs are fun but log not too many hours. All of the money goes directly into the remodel account at the credit union. I also make and sell bears and different bunnies. Again, sparse. Twice a year I participate in the Picky Chick children's consignment sale. I have found that, if you take the time and do it right, you can turn a fairly nice profit. This week is one of those times. I successfully dropped off my wares, except for possibly taking some bunnies. We'll see if I can get enough done. Here is the latest friend:

As part of my volunteer shifts to get the largest percentage of earning I can, I am making three meals. Plus I have scouts and soccer and church and homework and pitiful dogs and church job and sleep sometime. So I found this extra funny and appropriate for me this week:

If you find me wandering around somewhere or in the fetal position, you'll know why. Have a great evening....

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

My eyes are tired!

I never really know how much I neglect my eyes until I really need them to be at their best. I should know by now that staring at a computer screen or an iPad for prolonged periods soon makes everything else blurry. I honestly do not know how the hub stares at computer screens all day. I would be blind for sure. This morning, before I even started staring at screen, my eyes got a workout. Our beloved dog, Cosby who is almost 14, was in quite a state when we found her this morning. She has suffered, almost labs do, from hip and knee arthritis issues. At her advanced age, we know in our minds that every day is a gift. But in our hearts, we still remember that little puppy with the sweet skunky breath that we picked out of the ten squirming little bodies tucked up under their mother. So when we found her struggling to stand up and walk without falling, we were heartbroken. The children, understandably, we're devastated to their their dog faltering and showing her age. Tears began flowing from S first. Once she came into the family, Cosby treated her as her little charge and immediately went from being my dog to be S's dog. The bond is so strong. Grace was next, with Fin not far behind. I called my friend Amy to ask what we should do. Of course, I was crying my eyes out which is never a good thing to do on a Sunday morning at 9:20. B and the kids had a prayer over her and then started sobbing even more. There wasn't a dry eye in the house...except for Cos who looked at us like we were all crazy. Amy brought over a sling like device to allow us to help support Cosby when she walked. With the hard wood floors, she hits them like Bambi on the ice. Cute for Bambi, alarming for your pet. As the has gone on, she seems to have rallied a bit. Her appetite never left which is a plus, so we just have to hope she will work her legs out. I just pray we will know when it is her time...or our time to let go. I don't want my selfishness to lead to her suffering.

So, cried out eyes make for tired eyes on a Sunday. Cosby is slumbering away and the kids are readying for bed. My Super Bowl is tonight and I cannot wait to watch some Oscars. I will leave you with this picture. If it doesn't bring a little catch to your throat, then you have no soul....okay that might be a little harsh.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012


What a day! I took my girls to an event I've had the pleasure of being on the planning committee for at our church. It was all about celebrating and honoring the beauty that God has given all women and His design for all of us. There were some awkward parts when discussing physical issues, but these were important things to hear and it was much easier for my girls to hear surrounded by friends. We sang, we danced a little, we laughed, we blushed and we cried and we worshiped. I am blessed to have such beautiful girls and such a great event to bring us closer. It was a great day, but I am exhausted.

Poor B has visited the dinosaurs with the boy and gone to several soccer meetings, so he is exhausted as well. So what did we did to unwind this evening? We priced items for the consignment sale. His eyes are bleary from data entry and my fingers are raw from pinning tags on clothes. Tomorrow will bring the tagging of the toys. It is all good. The culling of the crap.

Just a funny to leave you with. The boy came down looking like this:

That is a comb stuck in his hair. Not sure why, but he's awful cute. And I will tell him over and over....just like I will tell my girls how beautiful and special they are. I never want them to doubt....

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Friday, February 24, 2012

My new favorite

Not a whole lot going on here at the ranch. Just sewing and doing my absolute best to avoid entering items in for the Picky Chick Consignment Sale. I have no motivation. So because of this lack of motivation, I have discovered at other BBC show that I feel robbed not to have known about sooner:

The IT Crowd. It is one of the funnier shows I have seen in a while. If you haven't seen it, check it out on Netflix. My new way to waste time. I am sewing bunnies, at least. Here are all the ones I have up to this point:

Hope you have a good night and I hope to have a good story tomorrow...

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The chains are off...briefly

I have been locked in the basement pricing clothes for consignment. Every time the sale comes around, the hub and I ask ourselves why we put ourselves through this. It seems as though it is more trouble than it is worth. I guess it is the thrill of the hunt. The idea that I might find that one exciting item for a third of its price. As I have previously stated, I am NOT a shopper. But lucky for me, consignment shoppers are rabid people and I have in demand items: boy's clothes in nice condition. The girls' clothing is in nice condition as well, but there are 10 pieces of girl clothing for every one boy item. The money I make goes into the rainy day fund, the remodel fund, the movie get the picture. So, if my posts are short and snippy, forgive me. I'm tagging and pricing and all that jazz.

I did have a nice lunch with my brother today. He is determined to expand my horizons in the food realm. Last time I had Ethiopian food at Gosh Ethiopian restaurant. Today I had Indian food at Sitar. Here was my favorite:

I don't know what it was, but it was excellent. Chicken of some sort. I appreciate his efforts for making me a little more worldly, but mostly I just appreciate the time we get to spend together. He was my very first friend and has been as loyal as they come. I am blessed to have been given such a good man for a brother.

To end on a cute note, the boy has obviously been playing with my iPad. I found this:

Love that little face! Back to the grindstone...

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm spent

Today has been the most emotionally draining day I have experienced in a long time. Highs and lows...but mostly lows. I will say with great pride, my girls have graduated from the speech and language program at school. They have endured a lot: teasing from others because they couldn't be understood, being pulled from class for extra work, homework and drills in the summer. They have handled it all with finesse and strength and have been guided by the kindest speech therapist we could ask for them. Tears were shed at our last meeting, but we knew it was time for them to be released. I am so terribly proud of both of them and their beautiful speaking voices.

I am also proud of the integrity they possess. The bravery they show in the face of adversity or tough situations. I don't know how the husband I were so blessed, but we are blessed indeed. We do not deserve these children.

I ask for prayers in the coming days and months for situations involving the children. They are being exposed to such difficult situations involving friends and classmates. I can only pray that they can be a port in the storm for some of these broken friends. The things these poor kids deal with....I thank God every day for a wonderful husband, healthy children and a stable home. I can't ever take those things for granted.

After sitting through our Ash Wednesday service at church, I started thinking about the Lenten season as I always do. I just have to believe this: during all this crap and worry and upset when I feel so alone and ready to shake my fists at the sky and throw my Bible in the trash and wonder why on earth God would let these things happen, my children show me such an act of pure grace and forgiveness and love that it literally brings me to my knees. That is when I know He has it all worked out. That it was worked out for me a long time ago. I can't speak for anyone else....just for me. Thank you S and G and F for bringing me to my knees. God, as always, your timing is perfect. I am thankful beyond words....

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Regrets, I've had a few....

I am trying to improve my writing skills and several of these little websites give you topics that make one think and flesh out a couple of paragraphs. One I saw was "Your biggest regret". Here we go.

I can still hear Mr. Elliott yell, "Hit on the heel and roll off of the ball of the foot and glide...glide...". Here we were burning up, lugging our stupid instruments and working on marching execution in the August heat. We were exhausted and burnt and frustrated and done. So, as often happens in the mixture of exhaustion and hysteria, we got punchy. As a sophomore, I was no longer the tortured freshman at band camp. I had respect, and respite, from the upper classmen. The torture was no longer mine to bear. But as with all titles, when one outgrows theirs, it passes on to another. I was a saxophone player and one of the few girls in the midst of some pretty off color and fairly cruel guys. Not all of them, but quite a few. One freshman, an awkward, pudgy, geeky kind of guy, won the unlucky slot of tortured freshman in our section. A heat exhaustion discussion began with the topic of toe jam. Why? I don't know. Maybe 10 hours of marching a day with sock and shoes produced a lot. That then turned toe cheese and then "butt jam". Here I was, the lone girl sax player on my side and also the only one who had parents who hated the word "butt". So, why I said the term, I don't know, but I did. "Butt Cheese". Hysterical laughter exploded from the guys. Then the cruelest one of them all turned and, with an evil glint in his eye, looked straight at the poor freshman. "That's what your new name is....'Butt Cheese'". His face fell and my chest and head burned with the horrible feeling of conscience kicking. The rest of the week he was greeted in the dining hall, on the field and in sectional by his new name. The new name was placed into different well known television theme songs and popular music. They made him do a special dance, all under the blanket of "Acceptable Band Freshman Torture". The last night, before initiation-Hell Night activities, the parents were invited to come and see our progress. Being in the band I was in was a big deal. At that time, we were the best high school marching band in south east...probably the east. Now they are one of the best in the country. Even in the beginning stages of our program for the fall, we drew a big band camp audience. For some reason at this practice, our band director decided to recognize each of our freshman individually. When the poor freshman was mentioned, the one guy in our section yelled "BUTT CHEESE" at the top of his lungs for all to hear. A loud chuckle erupted and my head dropped. The boy's pale skin turned bright pink and then crimson. I wanted to be sick. The performance ended and then we dispersed for the evening's activities. Ignorance is bliss and I forgot about the shame of earlier and messed around with my friends. The next morning we had our last practice before going home. We were all at attention when our director, Mr. Fleming, said, "Hey missing anybody?". We all glanced around and noticed an absence. We were then notified that the humiliation of the parent performance AND the torture of the week was too much to bear and he had gone home. The sickness I felt then is one I still feel today when someone mentions band camp. He then took the next ten minutes to ream and cuss us out in epic style. Rightfully so. While I did not participate in the teasing, I did not stop it either. I, though not intentionally, had given him his name. I felt then, and still do today, the sickness of what went on...especially when, my child is the subject of cruelty. He did come back to band, well concert band, which I thought was pretty darn gutsy of him.

One of my biggest regrets? You damn well better believe it. I will never forget his name or will I ever be able to rid my chest of the burning heaviness I feel from the guilt of nonaction. I can only pray he is doing well and that he forgives the whole of us someday. Night all....

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Monday, February 20, 2012

I've got skills...just not shopping skills

Thanks to the Presidents, we get a short week. But the real miracle in all of this is that the hub got the day off. I'm a simple person. If the majority of people get the holiday off, I naturally assume that he will as well. Oh how wrong I am most of the time. He tends to get the more obscure "Red headed stay at home moms with a scar" days off and things like that, but providence intervened and we were blessed to have him home today. What did we choose to do with this gift of time? Go to a movie? Have Rockwell-esque meal and play board games all day? Ride bikes while all looking fresh out of a Gap ad? No. We go with our ever growing children to the outlets to shop for, I don't know, clothes that fit like they should rather than like those on someone who is told to "Work it...own it..." on Hollywood Blvd. This will date me, but the last time I enjoyed shopping The Limited sold Outback Red brand clothes with the gorgeous red headed model straight from Out of Africa and Banana Republic had actual Safari clothes and a drawn catalog. So it's been a while...a long while. G tried on 2 pairs of jeans and I knew we were not going to be successful. It went from frustration to goofiness to dancing her signature "The Sprinkler" move in the dressing room. I was done in about ten minutes. Not good. Not good at all. We continued on this track for the next three hours. The boy found some new rompers that he claimed felt like he was "walking on pillows". Whatever gets it for you, son. The hub got some work clothes, the girls got some clothes for next fall/winter. We did find a Lego Star Wars shirt for next fall as well.

After a less than stellar meal(warm mayonnaise chicken salad is not my all), the kids had some putt-putt time. The boy was full throttle, G was all about stance and muscle and S was about mathematics and wind speed. The hub tried to get the boy to improve his form and I tried to keep said form out of the water features. What a load of exciting stress and craziness this day held. Still didn't find the elusive jeans, but a trip to Penney's will take care of that soon enough.

Hopefully next time the hub has a day off, clothes shopping will not be the highest priority. Maybe we can have a Rockwell day after all...with a little "Sprinkler" thrown in for good measure.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Not much to say...shocker

I am watching Downton Abbey and since it is a holiday tomorrow the kids are off school. They are watching this with me. It is virtually impossible to explain all the relationships to them. It is nice, however, to see them enjoy Masterpiece Classic. Gotta start them early.

After three hours of meetings this evening, I am putting off tagging clothes for consignment items another day. As a family, we have needed a vegging day. We got one for the most part today. Tomorrow the noses go back to the grindstone.

Well, back to the show. I have no life.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Just another day...Doo Doo Doo Doo

We got to sleep in until almost 7:45 this morning...that is unheard of at this address. S had to work a cookie booth, so we all kind of dawdled around the house for a while. The hub was kind enough to take us to Panera to break the fast. While he took the boy to the restroom, I snapped a quick picture:

S and I were then dropped of to cookie booth it for the morning. Boy do I need to thank God more often that my children remember their manners, because if I had spoken to my grown ups the way some of these kids speak to theirs....woo hoo. There might not be this blog and how sad my three readers would be..cough cough. Thank you to my friend, A, who arrived with her children and gracefully endured having her ear talked off by some in our crowd and still bought cookies. You are a good woman!

The afternoon brought more fun with the Virginia cousins, with hours of Hide and Seek, Tag and Sardines. The kids were sufficiently worn out and are blissfully sawing logs in their little beds. I am subbing for the boss lady tomorrow at church, so I must saw my own logs here soon. Have a great evening....

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Big Day

Today was the school's Jump Rope for the Playground day. It used to be Jump Rope for Heart, which I really liked because it taught the giving to others. Our upper grade playground is really rocking the ghetto chic right now, so any money raised will help improve it...hopefully. Our Phys Ed teacher is wonderful, so the kids have a great time. The boy had fun hanging with his sisters:

Afterwards, homework was done, dinner was eaten and then fun with the Virginia cousins commenced. Another epic family scavenger hunt ensued, which turned into cousins helping cousins and sweet times. Then a few awkward games of wink where I had to be the "winker" and G picked the dog to be the "detective". Not being a strong winker, I had to wink at my cousin's wife with resulted in awkwardness and uncontrollable laughter between the two of us. I don't often wink at females other than my girls...heck, I don't wink at anybody.

On a completely different note, I think I can reveal the already turned in and graded diorama. I thought she did a great job, with help from the parents when using razor blades and hot, HOT glue. Ouch. Here it is:

Thank goodness it is over. Gotta get my GS cookies selling sleep before working a booth tomorrow. Night all.....

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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Today has been a decent day. Got the boy and his vegetable soup onions to school. I picked up ingredients for Sarah's 4H demonstration. I had a first in my life today. My brother took me for my first lunch of Ethiopian food. I had never had lamb and I was unsure, but my brother had eaten there several times. When they brought it out, it looked like this:

I honestly wasn't sure what to think. It resembled some things that I had picked up with paper towels after the dog was shoved outside. Since you eat it with your hands, Mike had to show me the process. I thought, what the hey, and got brave. Oh. My. Goodness. I will have dreams about the yumminess of that lunch. So simple, yet so filling. I am grateful to my brother for broadening my horizons, as always. Afterwards, we went to the cemetery to place flowers on our Granny's grave. She and my brother shared a birthday...and a very special bond. Each Valentine's Day since her death, he places flowers on her grave. Due to circumstances, he couldn't go on their VDay birthday, so we went together. It was precious, bittersweet time spent together but I am grateful for it.

After exchanging freezer meals with my meal group, we went home to allow the evening madness to begin. Poor B is still at work, even as I write this, so strange things always happen. Oh well, nothing new. I took a picture of the boy's eye two days post injury:

Not huge, but still painful looking. Awful cute! As much as I hate to think about it, I must go and start entering items for Picky Chick. Beat me now. I love the salebut hate the process. Oh well....the extra money is nice.

Have a good evening....

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Like weasels ripping my flesh

With the winter comes dry skin and with dry skin comes itchy times. My son, my precious son, decided to be kind and "scratch", and I use the term loosely, my back. He found a comb to use, because he always has to have a prop. I really question whether or not he had spent time with a file sharpening the thing in a corner somewhere. I can't say for sure until the hubby comes home, but I think there was a mini blood letting. I know, I know...beggars can't be choosers.

Day one of GS cookie delivery complete. None consumed by me, so that is a victory. This was all done at the boy's expense, who was neglected in the nap department....much to his delight. Had a discussion with someone about the ongoing situation with the girl and received less than helpful information. I have been called several terms..."helicopter parent" and "long suffering" and "martyr-esque". So, I will try not to mention this ordeal anymore. I just want people to understand that I can't go into the wild west, guns a-blazin', burning bridges in the name of my child. Unfortunately for this situation, I have two others who will be going through the public school system as well and cannot have their future be hell. I cannot throw my oldest under the bus in order to preserve the future of the siblings. It is a horrible conundrum that I have yet to figure out. But I will say that the suggestion given to me today of "You need to buy the book the Highly Sensitive Child and read it so maybe you can fix your child" was not the answer anyone should have given me. My child does not need fixing. She is a tender hearted, great kid.

With that being said, I am going to prepare for another NEW episode of Modern Family. I cannot wait. Night all....

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thank goodness it is almost over...

Been a crappy day. Snuffy. Poor hubby working late like a dog. House exploded with GS cookies. Boy hit his eye and looks purple. More bully BS.

But my original first and forever best friend on the anet, my brother, was born this day. I am forever grateful for the best brother and protector I could ever have hoped for in life.

This day sucked and as much as I want to wish it away, this makes it all worth it:

Night night....

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Can't wait to taste again

Today started off with a blanket of guilt being unjustly laid on me by someone close to me. I do know that I need to steel myself and realize that I have thin skin. I accept that without reserve. Not that I want to be upset every morning, but boy was I productive! Anger got me hoppin and boppin this am for sure. The hubby is having to burn the midnight oil every night this week, so I am trying to scramble when I have some energy. Going through life as a mouth breather right now is limiting some activity...well, the meds for the mouth breathing ailment limit my activity for they make me loopy and possibly embarrassing in public. But I caught up on laundry, got all teacher gifts done, sewed three creatures, got breakfast prepped for tomorrow, got Valentine's Day goodies prepared...not too shabby.

My question for the night is one that I have discussed on here a lot, but I really hope people will respond whether you know me or not: What do you think makes a bully? Is it a lack of confidence and happiness in life? Is it overconfidence and lack of understanding of those lacking? Is it a lack of empathy? I am so curious as to what people think. My heart breaks for my child, but mine also breaks for the bully. The child seems so sad...all the time. I just want to ask them if they need a hug. Of course I wouldn't because you can't do that randomly these days. Any comments would be welcome. I know my three readers get sick of me talking about this, but it is a struggle every day. I need this situation covered in prayer and positivity, because I am about tapped out on ideas.

Night all...

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Someday, friends. Someday.

After a horrible night's sleep and an extremely busy day, I am exhausted. My girls sang in church today and it was a pleasure. My boy went to a birthday party and had the time of his life. I went to Love and Logic class to fulfill some CEU requirements. I listened and made two new creatures as well.

The pink one does not have a growth, but instead a baby. Maybe this picture looks better:

Poor baby with just a nose and a hat, but a baby nonetheless. I can add two more creatures to the fold.

Now I am off to bed at almost 8pm. The excitement never ends here. Night all...

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Highs and lows

Tonight was the Father Daughter dance at church...Sarah and Brian's eighth dance together...Grace and Brian's fifth. I got some flack for not attending our school's Winter Wonderland dance. Besides already having plans and having sick children, this particular dance is more important to the whole family. For the record, my husband is not a dancer or a fan of crowds or loud music with crowds. But, God bless him, he realizes that it isn't about the dance or all that stuff. It is about the time spent, the memories made. The fact that he took time out of a very stressful and busy weekend to dress up and take his daughters to an event that is not anywhere near his comfort zone, well, that means the world to all of his girls. My phone camera was acting up, but I did get a picture of the girls together. They posed themselves this way for some odd reason:

They look so pretty and strangely posed. Oh well. They had a good time. The boy and I went bowling with some of the other moms and sons who had daddys and daughters at the dance. The boy was hyped up, to say the least. He did get into his bowling:

Darn...a split! He had a great time with his buddies and was sufficiently worn out.

On our way home, I received two texts with the news of Whitney Houston's passing. What a sad end to such a gifted woman. I'll admit it, "I wanna dance with somebody" and "I get so emotional" are my go to songs when mowing the lawn. They set a good walking pace. I hope she has found peace from the demons that drugs gave her. Her rendition of "Do you hear what I hear" has rarely seen an equal. Godspeed, Whitney. I prefer to remember you like this:

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Thank God for good friends

I am still looped out on medication, which renders me useless in the "diorama assistant" position. I was nervous about today. S had to go to school and be around the creepy girls. She even did something above and beyond for one of them today. She is a bigger person than I could ever be. What an example for me to follow!

I stopped in to the Health Shoppe today to get some things for my sinus/allergy issues. Whilst there, I indulged in one of my favorite treats:

I never thought Iwould say this, but that is one heck of a vegan cookie. Yuu-uumm! That was awfully tasty. After a hellish two weeks of mean girls, S got to go spend time with her best friend. They knew she needed some extra love from a buddy and made sure she got it. I am so grateful for the gift of their friendship.

Now off to make another hot toddy and put myself to bed. Night all...

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Soup head day

Well, the sinus/allergy crud has hit me. I was supposed to sub and hold the little babies today, but scratchy throat prevented that from happening. So after picking up black tights for the girls for the father daughter dance, I went home to conk out. I received a call from G's teacher saying she had accidentally stabbed herself with a pencil and could I please bring some Neosporin to put on it. That girl is me made over in so many ways. I performed my nurse duties and was on my way...still a bit on the foggy side. Luckily, my favorite movie was on for me to snooze away the morning. Nothing says "snooze" like watching Jimmy Stewart watching his neighbors.

I did make two new bunnies. One has already been wrapped up and prepared for a birthday gift. The other is not my favorite, but:

The Dino spikes on his back didn't turn out well in the picture, so...sorry.

The funny story today involves a little conversation that G and the boy had in the back of the car this afternoon. It is Personal Safety time at preschool, and the boy has been hearing about stranger danger and good touches/bad touches and different body parts. It was also pajama day today. He said to G, "It was a great day...and we talked about strangers and what to do and gave baby dolls with parts baths!". G said, "Was that stuff the great part of your day? The stranger danger and all that stuff? That made your day great?!?!". He said, "No, sissy, we had cereal for snack.". G, "Oh thank goodness. I was thinking you were really off.". I don't know. I just thought that was funny. They are silly little people.

Time to go make a hot toddy. Not really looking forward to it, but if it helps...let's go. Sorry if I snore....

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Today has been a roller coaster of emotions. I had to beg my child to get out of the car. Same crap, different day. My boy needed to have a sedate day at home, sipping green tea and eating chicken noodle soup(doc's orders). I am getting the beginnings of a scratchy throat on a low grade fever...yay. I picked up the girls from school and was given the news that S's best school friend, after falling at the roller skate fundraiser last night, had in fact spent most of the evening in the ER after sustaining a nasty broken leg. They got to talk tonight, so sweet to have a good friend.

So thankful for children with tender hearts...and silly ones. Now I just hope I can sleep the whole night through. The neighbor dog went wacko in the night and barked forever. Good times.
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another day, another drama

Well, we hit another milestone today. Today was the first day in the boy's history at preschool(4.5 years)that he has ever had to go home sick. For the record, the teacher didn't say he had to go home, she just said he acted like he needed to take about a three hour nap. He was absolutely devastated. But he went home, ate his lunch and took a 2.5 hour nap. He went back to the allergist where I was told that his new snot rockets and fever were due to all of the infection breaking loose up in his head. Poor guy. I pray he is right. We'll find out in 10 days when we go back for the recheck.

I am extremely grateful to my friend who took the girls, along with her girl and boy, to choir practice and then skating for the school skate night. With the amount of people who were there when I went to pick them up, I hope we raised big money. The kids came home smelling deep fried, were shuffled quickly into the shower and then tucked into bed. My poor hubby is still not home from work, trying to fight major wildfires of which he can't tell me...or then he has to kill me.

I am currently cutting out a picture of Harry Houdini to be mounted a diorama wall at a later time. I know. You envy me. Night all.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday, Monday...

Today I have been kind of flat. Okay, flatter than usual. Did a little laundry. Went for my Monday morn grocery trip. Watched my recording of Downton Abbey and loved it, of course. Mean girl and math speediness drama came home in the car with me. After a healthy dinner of tomatoe, cuke, chicken and beef wrapped in flat outs, we settled the kids down for an early bedtime. Now I sit, procrastinating and watching The Voice until Mike and Molly starts. I know you are the jealous of the unbelievable amounts of excitement at our home. It is understandable.

Here's hoping for a funny story for tomorrow. My readers will fall to 2. I'll try to come up with something good....

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl...yay...

I approach this day with the excitement of the night before, oh I don't know, a dental cleaning. I do enjoy the commercials, but not the game really. I did enjoy the Bud Bowl back in the day. I must say that the commercials were quite a letdown. We were very fortunate to get a fun opportunity for viewing the Bowl this year....thankful for that.

The kids are conked out and we are about to settle down for a short Sunday's nap, because Monday always comes too soon. Prayers come for a mother who has fallen victim to a stroke, a friend battling liver disease, a friend's niece who is very sick with an unknown illness while they are on vacation in a foreign country, a friend struggling with issues and a high school friend battling suicidal thoughts. I don't know why these bad things happen. I question things all the time. I just pray that each situation will have the best outcome possible...and I ask for prayers and positive thoughts and energy for them all.

Bed time. Have a good one. Night all...

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

What I learned, or relearned, this week...

Rainy Saturdays make for odd times here at the ranch. After Friday brought us new school projects to consider, today began the research process. My child, God love her, decided to do a diorama on one of four major influences during the roaring 20's. Well, diorama is my middle name. Okay, that just makes me look sad, but they are a lot of fun. This is one of my favorites that I wish I had created:

But alas, I only hope that I can be hit with inspiration during Easter when Peeps are prevalent throughout the Walgreens, Target and Kroger stores of the area. Until then, I will live vicariously through my 10 year old and ponder the things I learned this week:

1. I again understand what my parents meant when they told me, "I wish I could take the hurt for you so you wouldn't have to feel this pain."

2. Although we live in East Tennessee and lots of people think we are a bunch of hicks(thanks, Stacey Campfield), we are blessed to have a wonderful children's hospital and top notch specialists.

3. Piggybacking on #3, I am extremely grateful for health insurance.

4. As much as I try to deny it, I have the sense of humor of a 13 year old boy.

5. Try as we might, Friday family nights are just not going to be the same without CHUCK on television.

6. Seeing my 7 year old daughter dance "The Sprinkler" makes me happy for so many reasons.

7. I will never be able to eat Brazillian food or go into a bridal shop without flashing back to the movie "Bridesmaids".

8. When your 10 year old is doing research on Prohibition, you will get looks of every kind when you go to the liquor store and ask them if they "have any memorabilia on bootlegging....for your 10 year old.". Yeah.

9. I am officially addicted to making sock animals and here is my dirty little secret:

10. While I cannot tolerate people who bully my children, I cannot help but be broken hearted for the sadness I know is their life. I can only pray that witnessing the grace in which my daughter handles their abuse will change their hearts.

Night all....

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Run of the mill...

We have had a semi-busy day. The boy had to see the pediatric ophthalmologist today. Thank goodness no surgery, but we will be upping the patching time from 2 hours to 5 hours. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful doctor with such specialized skills. So if you see our little pirate running around, just know he's making that weak eye stronger everyday. After being so patient at the doctor, he got a treat...a haircut. I know, that's weird, but he was ecstatic. Our beloved barber was flattered but did say that the boy needs to get a life, which is true. He also got a sammich at Panera, so that helped out. While we were waiting for the hub to get his hair chopped, the boy wanted to give me directions on how to draw a "portrait" of him and "put it on the blog". So here you go:

Again, not an artist but this is the best I could do in the 30 seconds he gave me. And, yes, that is a Gymboree shirt for those moms who know that stuff....I'm not an expert. It was on clearance for $1.88. And no he did not have white pants on. He did take the iPad and walk over to another customer waiting on his cut and show him how to play Paper Toss. Never met a stranger.

Tonight we had what we should have called "Polar Opposite Movies" night. G's class finished reading the book, so we watched "Mr. Popper's Penguins", which was terribly cute. Jim Carrey can be annoying, but he was good in this one. After the kids were safely tucked in bed and sound insulated upstairs, we watched "Bridesmaids". Melissa McCarthy deserves every bit of that Oscar nomination. A bit on the wrong side, but oh so hilarious. I recommend it, but don't judge me...any more than you already do.

Have a good evening. Going to bed so we can be ready to help with a diorama project. We assist with implements of sharpness and high temperature. I know. We're crazy exciting.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The trouble with tribbles, er, my creepy creatures

I'll admit it, I'm a geek. I was raised on Star Trek. My brother and I used to have the McDonald's happy meal toys from when Star Trek: The Motion Picture came out...and we went to see the first showing in the theatre at midnight. I was young enough to not make it all the way through, but I woke up to see a bald Rachel Ward. The things I remember....honestly. We watched all the original episodes on VHS. I will say I am not so crazy that I would organize episodes by stardate rather that air date like an acquaintance did. We just set our phasers to stun because we werecool like that. I just like that era of television. One of my personal favorites was "The Trouble With Tribbles".

They brought a couple of these little tribbles onto the cute they were. And then they started multiplying...and multiplying...and multiplying. Open a door? Tribbles. Open a storage hatch...tribbles. These sock creatures have become my tribbles. Socks multiply while simultaneously losing their mates in our house. I have a drawer full of single socks just looking for a purpose. These weird creatures have become their purpose, but they are taking over our house. That being said, I must introduce you to "DinoBunny". Here is the front view:

Here is the side view of Mr. DB:

Notice the side view of his spikes. And here is Mr. DB's spikey back:

Why make "DinoBunny"? Because I could. And I love him. Have a good night...

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Whew, that boy!

I wish I had more funny stories to share with you all, but I am having a block at this point. Coming from craziness, there is an unlimited supply. I subbed again and spent time with the little nippers...funny little people. The boy and I then went to Target to find new "boyish" socks with which to make new little creatures. Be warned, the newly formed "DinoBunny" is coming soon. And I love him. Wednesday night supper and "psychosis" followed. The boy can get crazy, but to hear him sing "I am a promise" will turn you into a pile of goo. Bedtime is always a frenzy of activity and craziness. I thought he was good to go to sleep and was ready to tuck him I when I found this:

I said, "You cannot sleep with all of those. You have to make room!"...."But they are my family. I can't turn them away!". Not sure what that makes us, but the guy is loyal to his stuffed family.

I must go watch the rest of Idol and finish forming "DinoBunny". Have a good one everybody!

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