Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Funny ear worm for a third grader

Tuesday has come and gone and I am living for Wednesday. Going to get this shock of hair of mine chopped off just in time for Easter. It has to be done. If I ever decide to grow my hair out, I'll have to constantly have a hat on. The growing it out look is not good on me...at all. So my sainted friend, C, will do her best to forage with machete scissors through this mess.

Tonight after dinner and soccer practice, the boy was laying in the floor working on one of his new Lego sets. He noticed that the instruction manual's steps were misnumbered. "I'll figure it out." So he continued working until he hit a roadblock. I could hear him sputtering in the other room and humming in the midst of his frustration. All of a sudden I heard him start to sing, "That's life(that's life). That's what all the people say..." My boy, in his frustration, was singing Frank Sinatra. How many third graders sing Sinatra in their frustration? I don't know, but I was and am one proud mom. What a funny guy he is.

Night all.

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