Monday, March 14, 2016


It has been a mostly lovely sunny day today and we have enjoyed time with my parents. The kids went swimming at the aquatic center and I went shopping with my mom for Easter clothes for the kids and helped her cook a little bit. Just a nice, leisurely day. A friend of mine is in Costa Rica with her husband and sent pictures of the monkeys that are frolicking around wherever they go. She said she held it together better than she thought she would. I would like to think I would embrace the fun and enjoy every second. But if a monkey got close enough to take food off my plate, I think they would be welcome to all the rest there. That might be a little much.

We went to the original of my favorite restaurant today and had a yummy lunch. As much as I would like to have a Pal's in our fair city, it is really a great thing that we don't. I don't need any help in the weight department. A little treat there now and then is great.

Have a great evening...night all.

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