Saturday, October 22, 2016

Wellll...that was neat

Middle school soccer tournament started today and it got interesting. While G was playing her first game, I was on the other side of the county watching the boy play in his game where the opposing coach was told he'd be sent to his car if he didn't shut up. The boy score a beautiful goal in the upper 90 from the half line. One other boy scored and then other team did as well, so we came away with a win. The hub and G were on the other side of the county. First game ended in a tie with an unfortunate goal scored in the last 30 seconds. Later on in the day, they played another team that really should have been beatable. A spectator on the sideline argued, civilly, that the ref had made a very poor call against my daughter. The ref was at an angle where he couldn't really see clearly, but he called her using hands out of the box. The man stated his opinion and the ref kicked him out of the game. No reason for that. No profanity, threats or violence were used. At halftime, he came back to talk about the first half and what had happened. He planned to leave as soon as the second half started. The refs contacted the tournament head who walked over to my husband, flanked by the two refs, and told him he needed to remove the guy or forfeit the game. They said that all the parents had signed an agreement to basically not hassle the refs. My husband told them that the man was not a parent of a team member, but it fell on deaf ears. After all was resolved the ref chose to give every call to the other team who threw elbows like confetti on New Years. Nice. Take it out on the kids...that seems appropriate.

Ugh. The oldest and I just finished rolling cake balls and have them in the freezer to get ready to dip. Her best friends since age 4 are having her over to their birthday party tomorrow. She already gave them their gifts and felt like she needed to do something to take to the party. What 16 year old boys don't like to eat, so we are attempting to make creepy cake pops. I'll post a picture tomorrow if they turn out.

I'm wiped.

Night all.

Middle school soccer season is over tomorrow and only club season remains. I'll stop talking about it soon. Or at least I will tone it down a bit. I hope.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Holy crudoly

This is short because I need to take about a bottle's worth of ibuprofen and head to bed. I worked the concession stand for the football game tonight. Apparently the cheese hater is the go to girl for chili cheese dogs and nachos. Take that, whoever. It is always a grand time of people watching and trying to avoid those in the stand who think they are the innovators of all things stadium food. I got yelled at for putting chili and cheese in the wrong order on the nachos. I got called out for not distributing the cheese in the appropriate pattern. I got asked if I needed directions on how to use a ladle for hot chocolate. "Have you ever used one before, honey?". Really? All by the same person. After I spoke to our band boosters president about the amount of bail money he had on hand if I needed help, I spoke up for myself a bit. Things got apocalyptic when the 5th or 6th batch of hot chocolate ran out. A guy called me a damn fool for not wanting to microwave a styrofoam cup of chocolate for him. Carcinogens be damned. He wanted his chocolate. By the end, I could have sold that last cup for at least $10. They were begging for it.

Good times.

I'm going to bed.

Night all.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Day is done

This was a crazy day and I am glad it has concluded peacefully. G's last middle school game of the regular season ended with a 4-1 win. She and the hub raced back at breakneck speed to get to school in time for her band concert. I love band concert days. They are super fun and remind me so much of my youth band experiences. Her band director, Mr. Jordan, is just top notch and they are so fortunate to have him...and he's as cute as a button to boot. We stayed and talked to all of the high school band directors in attendance and then went for dinner. This afternoon is a blur, but it was successful.

I'm ready for bed.

Night all.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Prepping for the 'morrow

If ever a day was designed to completely drive me insane, tomorrow is that day. Two meetings, three immediately after school activities, a soccer game, a band concert and multiple pickup lines...all of this happening after 2:45. It is going to be an interesting juggling act. I may be curled up in a ball in the floor boards of the car by the time the day is over. Until that time, I am sitting here trying to map out tomorrow's schedule and steeling myself to watch this blasted debate. I may have to get a trashcan with several grocery bags in it in case I get sick...and it may happen. Jeepers.

Night all...I'll try to sleep.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ima Boosterin'

I'm currently in the band room at school waiting for the band booster meeting to begin. Hoop-Dee-doo. The hub got saddled with helping the kids with math homework. Let's be clear...they don't want my help in that subject area. At all. So I am sitting here waiting to hear what exciting things are afoot in the band program for the rest of the semester. Hopefully not much. I'm worn out from all the fun this semester.

I conduct my very first interview tomorrow and I am nervous. Say a prayer that I don't scare this very qualified candidate away with my idiot self. We need her.

Meeting is starting.

Night all.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Won't sleep tonight

I have a child who is in a rut. Friend issues. Teachers who call her by the wrong name constantly and then get upset when she corrects them. The only one of her instrument chosen for an ensemble. And she is almost a teenager. Too much to to handle on a Monday night. She's now in bed and ready to sleep off the rest of the day. I will be laying in bed worrying about what tomorrow will hold for her and how to advise her on grumpy, bossy friends and how to let her understand how she has musical talent that she needs to nurture and how she'll make a name for herself and people will remember her name soon enough. It is one of those "let's just live on a big farm away from other humans" kind of night. Ugh. Tomorrow is another day.

Night all.

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

What a difference

It's been a pretty good day overall. Con't complain except to say that it is the official last day of Fall Break and that stinks. The alarm clock is going to sound horrible tomorrow for sure. We have had a nice time though, I will say. Work was fine and there were no issues. One little baby was upset and off their schedule from traveling, but otherwise the kids were fine. We had one get a haircut and, good grief, what a difference a haircut makes. They go from baby to grown up little person in the matter of a few snips. Can't get over it. G had a late afternoon game that ended in a win. She played a hard team, but the girls fought hard and won2-0. Poor S is still fighting her sinus infection, so coughing and facial pain are still her nemesis at this point. It's sinus time in East Tennessee.

I'm going to go do a backpack check for the boy and make sure everyone has what they need for tomorrow before I settle in for the evening. I'm ready for some snoozing.

Night all.

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