Thursday, May 31, 2012

Big step tomorrow

I should be in bed right now preparing for an early wake up time, but I'm too nervous to sleep. My girl goes on a big adventure and we, as parents, send our oldest child a state and a district away in the care of people who are not family members. After seeing the itinerary and hearing how the whole operation is carried out, we have no reason to feel anything other than excitement for the experience that lies ahead. And yet....yet I feel scared to death. Not only because she is going several hours away without us, but she has reached another milestone in the ever quickly passing timeline of her fleeting childhood. The Washington DC trip for safety patrols signifies the official end of elementary school and the beginning of the next big chapter of their lives...middle school. She gets to experience so many things in the next few days and we can't wait to hear about every one! The hub is going to take her in the morning. I want to go, but we realize that brother and sister will not handle the goodbye or the early drop off in the best of ways. The tears from them at prayer time were just confirmation that we had made the correct decision. Those kids can scrap with the best, but while they fight hard they love hard, too.

So while some of you are stil slumbering, we will be up and ready to get the girl on her way to adventure. Let's hope I can get rid of the bleary eyes enough to give her a good French braid for the trip. Prayers for travel mercies appreciated.

The safeties take DC...sounds like a show on Bravo. I'd watch it.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I wish I had some guts...maybe

We are readying S for her big trek to DC with the safety patrols. It's a bit daunting. She's been away from us for extended periods of time, but never this far away and not without church camp or relatives to keep an eye out. It is a very regimented agenda and stringent packing policy, so we have been checking the list multiple times so as not to screw anything up. I noticed she could take a small cooler for the bus with drinks and snacks. So off to the "K-Roger" I went to get a few provisions to make the trip a bit more comfortable.

As my three readers know, I am a superfan of people watching....the weirder the better. I make observations not to mock, but simply to express my shock and awe at the guts and nerve some people have. My wardrobe is one of jeans and gray shirts, so anything apart from that is daring and flashy and so not up my alley. So imagine my delight when I came upon this lady who had to be probably early 70's:

Made my exhausted body smile a little. I've never worn pj's to Kroger, though it has been tempting. This is not an exaggeration of her wardrobe. How excellent is that? Good for her for going for comfort. I wish I could be more comfortable with myself. While her choices would not be mine, I have to admire her choice for comfort over what other people think.

I am now going to retire to the couch and prepare myself to fall asleep to Duck show on TV.
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Not much to report

It has been a long day but one that I can't really say exactly what happened. I kow we hit the grocery twice, went to check books out at the library, went to a birthday party for a brief time and went to work. The kids felt the extreme boredom at work, so much that they got creative in one of the nursery rooms:

Twister with one person gets pretty old, I hate to say. It did get a bit exciting this afternoon when the wind picked up quite a bit and took our patio umbrella for a ride:

Yes, it looks like ghettoville on the patio, but with a gimpy husband and me with zero math skills, the fence is on hold for a bit. The posts are in and that is a victory.

I am asking for prayer for the hub. His latest injection has done nothing and the pain is overwhelming. Praying for wisdom when it comes to surgery or not and the type of surgeon he needs. We know the Lord will provide...we just need some patience.

Nothing of humor to report, although I did spot an excellent mullet today. Top notch. It's the little things, you know?
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Monday, May 28, 2012

Listen to directions...especially from the zoo lady

Today was a scorcher. I know, get used to it. After doing the unfun, chore-y kind of things, the younger two and I ventured out into the heat. First stop, the cemetery. I know a lot of people get creeped out by going there, but I don't. My grandparents and great aunt are there and every year we put flowers on their graves. I love being able to tell the kids their Great Aunt Edrie was in the Navy during WWII, that she was a trailblazer. We said a prayer for all of them, shed a few tears, cleaned off some markers that needed a little help and talked about the different veterans we saw buried in our little area. After we lost a pound each due to sweat, we got back in the car and made our way to the park.

Every Memorial Day, our little area of town has a celebration complete with bands, food, exhibitors, games and reenactments. G and the boy wanted to do the jumpy thing where you get tied up and jump for about 3 minutes. After that, I took them on a horse and wagon ride. Sweetest horse ever...what a handsome guy:

After that, it was time to get something cold and go look at the exhibitors. Root beer floats with homemade ice cream seemed to hit the spot and relieve a bit of the heat stroke. The Zoo had a tent with some various reptiles and tiny mammals. When we arrived, the zoo employee had a little owl out and was readying herself for a presentation. The kids were of course entranced with the owl, but knew better than to get closer than was safe. From behind me, I heard someone approaching with great gusto. I believe, after seeing his mannerisms and hearing his voice, that he was in a special needs category of some sort. He was SO excited to see the owl, he powered in there and got behind the table. The zoo lady, in her most polite voice, asked him to get out from behind the table because "The owl is out!". He went to the end of the table, but that was it. You could tell this bothered zoo lady a bit, but she pressed eye on the owl and one on the guy. He kept saying under his breath, "Gotta see that owl...gotta see that owl. Owl. Owl. Gotta see the owl.". He moved a little closer and the owl's wings fluttered a little. I kept a hand on mine and kept pulling them back, little by little. Zoo lady says, "The owl is getting freaked out, everybody just restrict your movements, please.". The guy moves closer to his desired behind the table position saying to himself, "Gotta see the owl. I wanna touch that owl.". When the zoo lady said a sharp, "SIR!", I knew it was time to go. I did not want the kids to bear witness to an owl attack whilst sipping on root beer floats.

The kids were glad to leave and get out of the heat. I was glad to avoid a traumatic childhood memory associated with birds. Happy Memorial Day, everybody!
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Not another likeable reality show guy

The hub and I, as I mentioned earlier, love Duck Dynasty. Love, love, love it! I could watch those guys all day long...just want to fix them a meal and sit around the table visiting. Maybe because they remind me of some family, I don't know.

The children have a new favorite show, right after Duck Dynasty. They love "Call of the Wildman". A backwoods Kentucky boy who catches animals with his bare hands. The guy lost a large number of his top front teeth in a chainsaw accident. He bathes in a rain barrel and hangs around with his buddy Neal who serves as his secretary, fielding calls and accompanying him on various adventures. He seems like a down to earth, nice old boy.

Good clean fun with a good ole boy. Enjoy and let me know what you think...
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

No rhyme or reason

I know they are not an anomaly, but my children never cease to confuse me with their reasoning about when they want and don't want to clean. Does that make sense? Me: "Uh, your room needs to be cleaned. There are more dirty clothes in your closet than there are in the basket. Come on, guys.". This statement is immediately followed by intense groaning and general expressions of those people who have been waterboarded. Now on the other hand when my children have happened to be at a friend or relative's house and are told of a cleaning problem they have, they do this:

Super cleaning dynamoes come out and turn into Scrubbing Bubbles meet Mr. Clean. A thing of mysterious, inexplicable beauty. So you can imagine my surprise when I went to the super de duper car wash and this happened:

Okay not that, but it was fun. This happened:

Okay, I did it again. I just thought the action shots were kind of fun. This is what:

It was the last day of school. They could've been swimming or playing or watching a movie. You would've thought it was flippin' Christmas when I told them they could operate the vacuums. It was amazing!

So for any of you who know us need some cleaning done...a few odd jobs wiped out, call my kids. Ply them with juice boxes and popcorn and they will scrub your toilets. I'm serious.
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Friday, May 25, 2012

The spine needle strikes again

The hub went in for injection number two today. As discouraging as the first one was, the doc did make him feel better. Apparently only about 20% of people don't need additional injections. Knowing he was not a rare case that freakishly did not work made him feel better.

I sat watching bad daytime television and watching for my hospital beeper to light up and give me word of his progression through the process. I was nervous and bored and lonely and full of hope. Thank goodness for the iPad. It got awful lonely.

I took him through a drive thru to get a milkshake and then we made our way home. He still has pain going down his leg, so we aren't sure how effective this injection will be. Two days to one week will tell the tale.

He is sleeping now. I know that we both have such hope tied up in the power of a shot. I dread the morning, because I worry if he wakes up with zero change. How will I make it alright for him...make him know everything's going to be okay. I don't know. Just pray this one works. Please....

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Recital Time

The girls had their recital today. After weeks of practice, girls of all ages came together to echappe' and piqué turn, ball change and Charleston. My girls have been taking dance since the age of three, so this is not our first time. Even still, they are all very entertaining. It made it extra nice that our girls' teachers came to watch. That is so exciting for them.

Recital is over and Summer has begun. Let's hope the dancing continues...
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hello, Summer!

Today was the last day of school and I got through the goodbyes without crying. Both girls said farewell to their teachers, S to Ms. Garren:

And G to Mrs. Ripley:

The year has been challenging, but they have learned a lot. Summer is a welcome sight for all involved, I'm sure.

After a car washing which I will detail another day and a water fight, the family got cleaned up and went to the retirement celebration of our beloved senior pastor, Jim Whedbee. After 40+ years in the ministry, he and his lovely bride are going to learn how to survive life as retirees. In a little video, the boy got to play a young Pastor Jim which was fun to watch. Afterwards, the boy actor met his subject for a post production consult:

All in all, the day was a success. Summer break is here and we'll make the most of it. We'll start it off tomorrow by sleeping in. Ahhhh. Happy off to get ready for Duck Dynasty.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

All over but three hours and some tears

Tomorrow is the last day of school. I can't believe it, quite honestly. This has been a very challenging year, but it has flown by. I now have a rising 6th and 3rd grader. Good grief.

I will cry tomorrow, hopefully not an ugly cry, because my girls are growing up. It seems like yesterday S was toddling around, calling the dog "BaBa" and helping her Uncle Mike with his laundry by folding the bandannas. G had a big gummy, impish grin that made her eyes almost disappear and those big sloppy kisses she gave without reservation. It seems like, in the blink of an eye, they've turned into young ladies. Just mindblowing.

Tonight we had our dinner out to celebrate good report cards and the start of summer. We will be celebrating our beloved Pastor Jim at his retirement roast, I mean celebration. We went to Pizza Inn(blurg)without incident, although the boy was really over the whole experience after the girls had their 57th fight:

Maybe they'll get tired of that whole business...I know we are.

Well, I must retire for the evening. The boy has a post adenoidectomy check at 7:50 in the morning. Really? I mean, REALLY?!?! We'll get through it and then go get the sisters at school, say our goodbyes and "Woot woot" all the way home. Yay!!!
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Whoooo are you?

The school year is winding down. I am lacking for material that is very entertaining because, frankly, I do not have time to observe the goings on around me. This is a fact that saddens me, for I thrive on people watching. The most entertainment I have is the watching of my children as they beat the crud out of each other by day and then snuggle together sweetly at night while having a "slumber party". I ride around in the car going from venue to venue playing mix CD's with Yes and The Who and Tony Christie, making the children learn about real music. Rockin' in the Sequoia with the windows down singing "Is this the way to Amarillo?" while driving to Kroger...yeah we're gangsta. When I do have a few minutes to kill, like at recital rehearsal, I tend to draw weird things. Yes, Mrs. M, the girl in your art class who you said had no artistic talent, draws. Not well, but I do. So after a recent trip to Walgreens where I made the kids listen to "Behind Blue Eyes", I had Roger Daltry on my mind. So I drew him. Again, not well, but who cares?

I ran out of room for a windmilling Pete Townshend, but maybe next time.

I promise to contribute more humorous observations of people soon. With the start of summer and visits to pools and parks, there should more than ample material. Until then, stupid drawings will have to suffice. Thank you for your patience.
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another favorite...gone.

Two thirds of the trio and the second half of the twins of the Brothers Gibb has passed away. Robin Gibb succumbed to cancer and long time intestinal problems today. Although Barry was my favorite Bee Gee and Andy was my favorite of the brothers, Robin sang one of my favorites. My parents had the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, which we wore out. We also had this album:

Ernie played a mean Robin for sure. As a child born in the seventies, you either loved the Bee Gees or you hated them, kind of like Barry Manilow vs Neil Diamond. I have always been a lover of tight harmony, good hair and a well grown beard. They had it all. I mourn the passing of a legend, but I am glad he is no longer suffering. Be strong, brother Barry. We appreciate you and your brothers and your enormous contribution to music. I'll now go listen to "I started a joke" and shed a tear for Robin...
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

My new addiction

I watch lots of strange programming whilst completing chores around the ranch. It's a way to keep current and make the monotony of sorting socks and underwear more palatable. The show that has me the most enthralled and entertained these days is:

It is one of the best shows on TV. I like that I can let my children watch it without fear of them learning new words. They have family prayer at the end of every episode. Family is first with them....then duck calls. It is the most quotable show I've watched in a while. Wednesdays on A&E. I highly recommend it. In fact, I think I will go watch right now. It is veg time Saturday night....
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Friday, May 18, 2012

Beyond humbled...

Today was one of the days I have been dreading for a long time: S's fifth grade graduation and awards ceremony. I know that one doesn't need an award to demonstrate that they are indeed a good person...but it sure makes it seem easier. S is a great kid...I'm biased, I know. She has managed to come in second place to the same friend since the age of two. And she has cheered her friend on every year. There have been a few periods of disappointment and questioning, but she never discounted her friend's successes, not even once. As the final awards day of elementary school drew near, so did the dread of leaving that place with yet another second place finish. As a mother, it is maddening to have your child's teacher say, "She was so close, but _____ was a half point ahead of her"....every year. I know this makes me sound so selfish and needy. There are children there who get nothing, have no chance at a Word document certificate printed off ten minutes before the ceremony....nothing. Kids who would give anything to be recognized positively in ANY way.

So we walked into the gym, immediately approached by someone asking if we had brought our camera. We got a little excited, but quickly turned into our own dream crushers as we recalled ceremonies from the past. The children processed whith their white shirts and tan skirts and pants to "Landslide", which I was a bit hesitant about but still got teary. Two awards in, the Tim Fox Memorial Music Award winner was announced...our child. Shock and pride filled my chest and tears came quickly to my eyes. Her face was true shock, which was neat to see. She also received Good Citizen of the year in her particular class which is always wonderful to see. Several of her good friends received well-deserved awards, all shocked to hear their names called. What a great group of kids! She has been in such fine company. Finally the last award, the Sterchi School Award, was to be announced. It is the award that encompasses academics, citizenship, responsibility...and the staff votes for this one. We sat, starting to pack up our things, the boy ready to be done after and hur and a half. Luckily the hub was still recording. I lifted my head to hear the principal cut off the student led drum roll and they said my child's name. Cheers erupted from the gym. She got up, shocked again. I cried, luckily not the ugly cry. As a parent who has seen my child so enthusiastically and genuinely cheer for her friends, it was truly a holy moment to hear the cheering and enthusiasm finally be for her. I am still floating on a cloud, twelve hours later. Do I feel guilty for for bragging? Yes. But I will get over it for a bit. That child is something else...and I am glad she knows other people think that about her.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kept strong...until I got in the car

Well the boy is officially a preschool graduate. Sigh. I cannot believe it. I really can't. Before he left for school this morning, this was his final preschool picture:

He had a great last day, complete with their own Field Day. I am so grateful to that place for the love and learning they have given all our children. He has been unusually quiet and "unhungry" this afternoon. I think the reality of leaving preschool finally hit him. Really pitiful to watch.

My sweet G had her field day today. I was unable to attend due to work scheduling and it broke my heart. Luckily, the hub was able to go for the morning and my 'rents came for the afternoon. G is one of the most competitive kids I know. She turns everything into a race and works hard to win. Her favorite event on this day is Tug of War. No contest. She is hard out. My friend D snapped the best picture. Hard core:

That is the best face ever. While I was so sad to miss, I was so glad to have people watching and taking care of her when I couldn't.

Missing field day and having my son graduate preschool were both tough for me today. I managed to not fall apart in front of anyone in public. Just had a meltdown in the car. That's acceptable....right?
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Too many lasts...

Today was S's last field day of elementary school. Today was hot and loud and fun and chaotic and sweaty and very bittersweet. As I sat there in my orange chair watching these kids and remembering them in Kindergarten, the disbelief was overwhelming. My baby girl is about to graduate from the fifth grade...oh no. When did she go from a tiny little 6lb 5oz bundle to this:

It just takes my breath away. This creature who was given to us has grown into the nicest kid...and it breaks my heart. Time passes way too quickly.

After the field day excitement died down and the children went to bed, I sat down to write notes to the boy's teachers this year. I have tried to suppress the emotions that I knew would be coming during this process. Well, the breakdown came and it came like floodwaters. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I am absolutely exhausted, but I realized that we have had a child in that preschool since 2002. All three children have had the same pre-K teachers. We are more than emotionally tied to that place. Now my baby, my youngest, is having his very last day of preschool...ever....tomorrow. The thought of that sweet little guy going from the safe and sweet protection of preschool to the cold reality of full day public school kindergarten, well, I'm a mess. I need to remember, however, that he is stronger than I give him credit for and he will make his way in spite of me....

....even if I drag him to field day all day and bore him to tears.....
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Angels bearing cupcakes

Today has been a not so great day. I have been a bit grumpy and surrounded by grumpy people. It can always be worse, and I understand that, but it has been a blah day. I went to a staff luncheon today to surprise our retiring senior pastor. Laughs were had and a few tears were shed. I'm not going to cry too many tears. We'll be stalking him at Halloween for Cheetos. He expects us at this point.

After having the girls fight all afternoon and stressing about going to the middle school for 6th grade info night, I was about ready to crack. Then, like an angel sent straight from Heaven, came a sweet baker friend bearing cupcakes. But not just any cupcake. Peanut butter filled peanut butter cup cupcakes. Oh my lands. They were just the balm needed after being overwhelmed at middle school meetings(me) or insane Mr. Gattis soccer pizza parties(the hub). Thank you, Cupcake Angel, for making the day end on a tasty note.

One final note. After spending a torturous amount of time at Mr. Gatti's, for 200 tickets this is what my kids chose:

There you have it. Why kids love it and we hate it!
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Monday, May 14, 2012

It is never dull around here...

Today started out normal enough. Took the girls to school, came home and had a little snooze snuggled up with the boy while he watched The Avengers. We then met some of his buddies at the gymnastics place for open play which always leaves me a bit frazzled in the nerve department. For example:

He has little or no fear, so I try to embrace it as much as possible...until I can't anymore.

I had to leave directly from the gym and go get G from school. Her poor cheeks are covered with a rash, some allergic thing they think, and so she went home for a nap and then doc appointment. After all of that, it was time to pick up S and go to dance. Stressful, but nothing unreasonable.

Today a family lost their dad to cancer. They had visited our church some, but I knew their story mostly from their blog that chronicled his battle with cancerous brain tumors. They had all handled this very long struggle with such patience and grace. My heart breaks for their loss, but rejoices in his freedom from the shackles of pain and sickness. I find these times important, selfishly or introspectively I'm not sure, to help me gain much needed perspective in my own life. Sure I'm stressed and my husband has a bad back and my child has an awful rash on her face, but I have them with me. I am not planning a funeral or wondering how to face life without a spouse or father for my child. There are hiccups in my current timeline, but nothing I can't handle. These times make me think of the Joyce Lovelet Crawford poem "The World is Mine" that my mom used to recite to me. "Oh God forgive me when I whine, I'm blessed, indeed, the world is mine.". I need to remember this always.
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

This mom gig is pretty amazing....

First off, let me give a big "Happy Mother's Day" shout out to my mother and all my sister moms out there. Even though I am not a fan of rain, this has been a lovely, lazy day and the rain has been the perfect excuse to be a little slothy. The kids made me breakfast in bed and made so many cute cards and pictures. I am grateful to them for their love and forgiveness everyday. I am grateful for my husband for being such a wonderful parenting partner. Just a grateful, rainy day.

After so much sloth, we started to develop cabin fever and went out for a drive. Just sightseeing and finding punch buggies, you know, the usual stuff. We always manage to see something strange on our car trips. The most epic was a man on the corner of two very busy roads. He was sitting in a chair with a ventriloquist dummy, making it dance while having it lip synch to recorded scripture with music playing in the background. Today we found out that even the sun doesn't want to have a bad hair day...although I wonder where he finds heat resistant accessories:

The sun does some pretty decent dancing. Just an FYI. Upon our return, the grilling of dinner began. We had a guest chef cooking for us tonight. Amazing skills:

Have a great evening everyone. A new Sherlock is on and I cannot wait!

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

"And now the end is near..."

Today was the final "Soccer Saturday" of the 2011-2012 season. While I will enjoy sleeping in a bit on Saturday mornings, I will miss the competition and excitement. My children enjoy the exercise and fun involved and I enjoy the community feeling found at the fields. A few weeks of a break will be nice.

After this busy day, I am relaxing and watching the documentary "Trekkies". If you have never had the pleasure of viewing this movie, for goodness sake, run out and find it.

Even if you have never seen the first episode of Star Trek, you will not be able to tear yourself away. Such enthusiastic fans, such odd people. One of my personal favorites. Just call it "Jenny's Saturday Movie Pick". It will not disappoint.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Lawn tools of torture

I worked for many hours in the yard today. It needs many more, but I made a good dent. I finally got my lovely diagonals back and cut away most of the clover. Since our battery powered week eater is on the fritz, we pulled out the hard core Stihl. I will admit to my readers two things: one, nothing makes me feel better than to have a nice looking lawn and two, I hate weed eaters. This sums up my day:

Bedtime for me. Night all!

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gotta blood pressure cuff?

Busy day, so was everyone's. Had my son's last open house at preschool tonight. I don't want to talk about it. Makes me want to cry. We had a make up soccer game during our regular practice. This I want to talk about.

I am not going to take up a lot of time. This is a road we have gone down before. What I do wonder is, um, why would you coach a team of K-2nd graders if you want to pace like a caged jungle cat and scream like Bobby Knight? Does it make you feel like a big man to tell your players to elbow and jeer at the other team? Well, your behavior was noted. The way you spoke to your players was noted. The way you spoke to the youth ref was noted. When I see you, coach, in the mutual pace we see each other every week, I will take the high road and treat you respectfully. I will show my children how adults act appropriately. The I will go home and beat the feathers out of my pillow down in the basement.

I am now going to eat some ice cream and try to lower my blood pressure.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Proud mama

Today was super busy. No other way to say it. Our end of the year choir program was tonight and I had lots of things to do in preparation. Also, S was trying out for the middle school soccer team. Luckily her dad went with her to do that and she didn't have a stressed out mom there to bug her. The singing was superb. Every age group was so entertaining and well rehearsed. What a great way to end such a harried day.

As we walked to the parking lot, we saw this to end our day:

There you go, people. I am now going to collapse.
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

And the rush begins...

My posts will be short and lacking substance for the next few days. The end of school rush is in full swing lots of crud to do today, the kids have their church music program tomorrow and my oldest tries out for the middle school soccer team....which makes me want to vomit. These are the things that build character,but they are also the things that turn mom's hair gray.

One of my favorites, Maurice Sendak, died today. Even though I enjoyed the "Wild Things", one of my favorite childhood books was "Little Bear" which he illustrated. As a huge fan of children's literature, a little part of my childhood died today. Godspeed, Mr. Sendak.

Because I am spending a lot of time in the car or at rehearsals waiting, I have been playing with my paint program. Here is my latest stupid rock star doodle. Enjoy and have a great evening.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Her legs are longer than my child!

Today was the track meet for our school. There are several going on throughout the week. I am very confused as to how they chose to divvy up the schools, but we ended up being in the "East" track meet today. We are a North school, but we're placed in a different category this year. Anyhoo, my friend, the boy and I traveled to Austin East High School to watch our children compete...her son in the long jump and my S in the 400m. I had no illusions going into this whole process. Do I have faith in my daughter? Absolutely! Without question. Is my child a sprinter? No. She does little sprints in soccer, sure, but never a 100m or 200m and surely not a 400m. When I saw the line up, I knew the outcome:

There was someone closer to her size, but come on. Even if she was a sprinter, she would have had to run three times faster to keep up. Nothing's impossible and she gave it her absolute best. She ran the whole time and never gave up. That is all her dad and I can ever ask. She was a bit upset, but her friends cheered as she returned, patting her on the back and telling her it was okay. That's the biggest prize she could ever receive in my opinion.

Will she ever be a world class sprinter? Doubtful. Will she do her absolute best in everything she attempts? You know it! That makes me the proudest parent of all...
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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Treasures to be found

I am always excited to find a treasure in the midst of ordinary things. Our church had a Rummage Sale on Saturday. Every other year, church members clean out their attics, closets and basements so other people can fill theirs up. Usually we are at the soccer fields and can't attend, but the rained out Soccer Saturday gave us a rare opportunity. I usually go two places in particular: books and household items. I like looking for cookbooks and cutter quilts for potential sewing projects. When I went in the book section this year, I found a Ball Blue Book, which I always enjoy, and a bread maker recipes book. But I found a real treasure. Some of you know that I am "on the Twitter" as some people say. I have enjoyed following and chatting with a local newscaster for the ABC affiliate's morning show. She's a mom, has a wicked sense of humor and loves to sew. Now she, unlike myself, can sew beautiful clothes. She enjoys looking at the pattern books and making clothes for herself. I found a notebook that had a retro looking woman on the front with some fancy French name on it. When I opened it up, after being hit with the smell of musty basement, I found gorgeous pictures that looked like outfits on Mad Men. I took a picture of one of them:

The patterns were from 1969. They had clothes for kids and adults. Really cool find for a dollar. Realizing it was lost on me, a stuffed animal sewer, I sent it to my newscaster friend through our local investigative reporter friend who works with her and goes to our church. I know this is all very boring, but I was excited to find something like that for so cheap. My six degrees, you know?

Tomorrow my girl runs in a track meet. She is excited and I am nervous! Get used to it, Jenny. Hopefully tomorrow will provide exciting material to's hoping!
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lame musings

I am feeling rather blue that I cannot seem to write an exciting post recently. So many things have happened in our family recently, but nothing to really rival pizza restaurant drama or weird shopping experiences. I seem to exist in more of a potential state of worry and anxiety, wondering what else is going to come on the radar...but still thankful that we are as blessed as we are.

We went to see, with reservations, the new Avengers movie today. Our son has wanted to see this movie more than anything else in life for over a year now. I know as a parent I must use discretion when deciding what he sees when, but I could not bear to deny him this. We read every possible review we could find, discussed it with the children and agonized over the decision. In the end, I still don't know if we made the right decision. Bedtime has not happened yet. He was thrilled for 98% of the time, the other 2% of straight dialogue were lost on him. Watching him see his cartoon heroes come alive was as exciting to me as the movie was to him. He knew every single character, both straight name and alter ego. He whooped and hollered at all the right times. He was in Heaven. The Hulk, who is one of his favorites, was a bit scary for him, but nothing that hiding a head in Mommy's neck couldn't fix. Joss Whedon delivered 250% on this film. We came out exhausted from such a thrill ride, but had two and a half excited children. Action movies aren't for everyone and bullet sounds and some blood did not please our oldest...which is fine. She thought Hawkeye was super did I.

Because we went to the movies, poor B's back is in horrible shape. While we know that the injection may take up to two weeks to be at maximum effectiveness, the hopes that were placed on this injection being an immediate and significant relief have yet to be realized. Discouragement is coming as quickly as hope came the day of the injection. As a spouse, it is absolutely excruciating to watch your loved one lose hope after results are not what they had so desperately sought. I just pray and ask for prayer that one morning, soon, he will wake up a brand new man. Until that time, he will ice his back, take his meds and deal with it like the trooper he has been for so long...and the boy will entertain him with his knowledge of all the Avengers and their exploits.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Yawwwwwnnn....and cough.

Wild day again. Subbed at preschool for their Cinco de Mayo celebration. Wild kids, but it was Friday. I felt a little wild, too. Tried really hard not to cough up a lung or fall asleep. After the fun trip to Safety City last week, I have been so full of goo in my nose, throat and lungs that I sound like one of Marge Simpson's sisters. It got better for a while but is now back with a vengeance. Anyhoo, after subbing I came home to clean up a bit and get the boy for a super secret project. When the time comes, I will let you know what it is. Let me just say one thing: hilarious! After finishing up and picking people up from school, I ran to Victor Ashe Park to help decorate and set up for S's Fifth Grade Party. They had a wonderful time, complete with games, water balloon fight, many dodgeball battles and lots of food. It is hard to believe my little girl will be in middle school next year. It has gone so fast. Pictures will come at some point. I need to do some work in my cloud to make them available.

So if I look and sound like death at the soccer fields tomorrow, please forgive me. There has been no rest for the weary this week. I need to get over it and I will...just as soon as I can fall asleep.....zzzzzzzzzz......

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

I am tuckered!

It has been a BIG day in our family. I could probably write 17 pages and not describe it enough, so I'll boil it down to pictures and captions.

The boy had his Mother's Tea at school today. He decorated a teapot for me, served me snacks and tea and wanted it all to be perfect...and it was. Heis growing too fast and it breaks my heart.

I love that kid. He is just too much.

After leaving the tea, the hub and I went to KOC's surgery center for his epidural injection for his herniated disc. Our beeper told us everything that was going on:

When I went in to get him, he was sitting up, not very groggy from his Propofol Michael Jackson meds and getting some orders from the nurse. She wheeled him out as I fetched the car. Here he was, post op and ready for a cheeseburger:

Mooyah's, here he comes!

The afternoon and evening have been filled with the following activities:
1. Pick up children
2. Phone call from hell
3. Tiny snooze
4. Pick up oldest after trip to Chattanooga
5. Take youngest 2 to soccer
6. Fill up 100 water balloons
7. Scrub water balloon stench off hands
8. Catch up on Draw Something
9. Blog entry

Thanks for all the prayers for the hub during these last several months. He is feeling better already and we just hope and pray that the procedure results will last for a long time. Now I am going to take the patient up and put him to bed. Then I will collapse.
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Roid rage Roid rage!

I really believe our family has stepped into the Twilight Zone. I expect to hear not only Rod Serling and his trademark music, but also Golden Earring singing their 80's classic. We have had the Winter/Spring of weird maladies. The hub and his horrible back problems, the boy and his ears and adenoid surgery, S and her cracked nose and concussion episode of last week. Today was no exception. I got a call from school at 8:50am, which is never a really great sign. "Your daughter has a rash on her cheek and neck and it is itchy. I thought you might want to look at it." "I'll be right there.". I loaded up the boy and a tube of Benadryl cream and went to school. When I got there, this is what I found:

The white stuff is the cream. I applied it, checked that she had no fever and sent her back to class with the idea that she would check in at lunchtime. Apparently during the waiting period, it became angrier looking so I got her. Because our pediatrician's office is a puzzling place with inexplicable motives, they refused to see her when I said I didn't feel it was Fifth's Disease or Impetigo. The school wanted a little more explanation about what it might be, so refusal from the ped's office led us to the Walgreen's Take Care Clinic. Sigh. We have seen some very nice NP's there and a couple duds. We got one of the duds today. When she looked at G's cheek for a little bit, then under a light, then with some sort of magnifying glass, she made a noise and then started looking in a book. "Do it look like anything familiar to you.". Next followed a snigger and a very sarcastic, "How would I know?". She then decided to prescribe a steroid pack for "contact dermatitis" which took FOR-EVER! G and the boy were on the verge of such severe boredom, that I was worried it would get ugly in that little exam room. The NP asked if they wanted to color and this is the crayon container she gave them:

Glad to know they spared no expense...I just hope it wasn't recycled from a former patient. As my friend Vic said, "Just tell the kids to avoid the 'maize' color.". Ewww!

So, if you hear any reports of a 7 year old with 'roid rage, it is a possibility she could be mine. Hopefully she'll wake up tomorrow smooth cheeked and peppy. Fingers crossed.
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Well, that's a new one...

We live in an interesting neighborhood. It is comprised of mostly older homes, as in 50+ years old...with the exception of the one that burned down, but that's another story for another day. All the houses are unique, full of character and stories. We are not like newer neighborhoods. There is no HOA, no real covenants, no major restrictions, no active neighborhood watch. Strange things happen quite often, which means it is never boring. We had someone taking our trash. Listen, I have no problem with this because it means fewer messes left by creatures of the night. What we would leave out would disappear by bedtime and in mysterious ways. And I mean 15 bags of trash and not one treasure to be found, other than maybe a half eaten doughnut. We came to find out later that the trash was being taken by someone associated with the aforementioned burn house. Another day, friends, another day.

Tonight we put our retired Charmglow gas grill out for the garbage men to pick up tomorrow. It has been one of the crappiest grills ever, so there was much celebrating as we rolled it down the driveway to its place near the trashcan. We went about our evening activities, had some dinner, cleaned up and headed towards baths and bed. So imagine our excitement when the kids came running, yelling that people were doing something to our trash. Like weirdos, we perched ourselves at the window to watch the latest neighborhood show. Let's just say two people, a sizeable grill and a Taurus make for one exciting show. During the process of loading, you can understand why we were biting our nails with a finger ready to dial 911:

I'm glad she was strong. Bless his heart, he about lost his pants three times. Of course we were poised and ready to cover eyes if need be. We could tell that this was not their first time treasure hunting on trash night. And, just for the record, I am not above trash treasure hunting and dumpster diving. You can find some good stuff. I am so sad for these people...this grill is not good stuff. As soon as they got in the car, my seven year old said, "This is not going to end well.". She's watched a lot of these with us. This is how it all looked as they were pulling off:

The kids were cheering as the car drove off, hoping the best for their treacherous journey. The hub decided to check if they made it as far as the eye can see. They did, but I am not going to be the least bit shocked if I run over "grill kill" on the way to school tomorrow. Our oldest, ever the worrier, is afraid we will get sued when the people find out the grill doesn't work. Our youngest feels they should have given us some financial compensation for their new appliance. Our middle is just fascinated that the grill didn't fall out five feet after acceleration. We are just glad that piece of junk is gone. God bless the trash treasure hunters. They take broken stuff off our hands and provide us with gripping entertainment. Wonderful!
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