Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Eve discussions

It has been a very active day for the children here at the ranch. I have actively spectated four soccer games. The hub drove the oldest a few counties over to a game and then watched G's two this afternoon. We escaped without grave injury, but had a few injuries. S was plowed over by a dirty player, bruising her hip. She powered through like a champ. G took a power shot to the gut and then missed a header and the ball bounced up and hit her in the snoot. She took it like a champ too. Between the three children, there were two losses, two ties and a win. Not bad. Afterwards, since I did not think ahead and plan a dinner, we went to Firehouse to get subs. S's friend works there, so we like to give him some business. As I was walking to our table, I saw a couple with an infant car seat holding the tiniest little baby with what appeared to be a cleft lip. She was so tiny and beautiful and I complimented the couple on their good looking family. Their faces lit up and they explained they had just been released from Children's Hospital and we're headed home to Kentucky. Their home hospital sounded less than accommodating and they expressed their anger that they had not been educated at all about how to properly feed an infant with a cleft lip, therefore she was dehydrated and exhausted from working so hard. The father was upset that their pediatrician at home had talked down to them and made his wife cry, but then beamed when he spoke of his daughter's beauty. Honestly, I think the poor people just wanted someone to talk to them and show them a little kindness. They had a hard edge to them that drew attention from the other diners, but ever the hardest appearance cracks easily when staring into the face of their smiling baby. He brought the carrier over to us as they left..."Did you see her? Isn't she beautiful?". The hub and the kids all made over her and her father grinned from ear to ear. "The doctor said that when he does surgery on her, you won't even see a scar," her mother said. The father talked to us all the way out the door. We resumed our meal, all realizing that we need to be better about listening to others who need to be heard.

Update for all of those who don't live here and read yesterday's prayer request for the missing children. They were found this morning. So many stories are floating around, but it sounds as though it had been a planned runaway. I know there must be some hard conversations going on in those homes this evening. As the miracle of Easter arrives tomorrow, I hope that a miracle will take place in those families and that healing can begin to take place. As another friend and I said, if God forbid we were ever in the same terrifying situation, we would hug them upon being reunited and then the smack down would begin. Please pray for discernment for these families. They have a lot of work ahead of them both.

I am currently waiting in line to get the last shower. I managed to avoid major sunburn today EXCEPT on my Chaco'ed feet. I have probably 12 layers of sunscreen to get off of my extremities. In the words of Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters, "I feel so funky."

Night all. Sunday's comin'.

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