Sunday, March 6, 2016

Poor little ear

It has been a busy day, super duper busy day, and I have just arrived home from a meeting at church. This day is the same ole same ole. Work, work, work, repeat. It is fine. I got to see two sweet little babies be baptized this morning and got to play and read and teach some two's and three's about God's love for them. And then I got watch them go tell their parents about it. Pretty excellent I must say.

Now that I am home, I have found a pitiful boy with a swollen ear. I don't know if it has been bitten by something while he was outside or what, but he feels his heartbeat in there and I'm trying to assess the ouch. I may be scavenging for some Benadryl and Motrin here soon. He's a pitiful somebody.

There is my life...exciting it is not, but that is okay. I love it just the way it is.

Night all.

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