Friday, March 4, 2016

Sittin' with da "yutes"

Happy Friday to everyone reading this tonight. I am currently seated in one of the rooms at church for High School Night. They just inhaled copious amounts of pizza and are now a divided group. Some are watching the movie "Woodlawn" and the others are having a pow wow out in the hall. Lots of Snapchatting and flirting between awkward boys and girls. To be fair, that is not all they have done this evening. Lots of bubble ball and soccer and dodgeball. You could see that people who had beefs with each other were taking it out in the bubble balls and slamming the crap at each other. Being wrapped in a giant ball is certainly a great equalizer. I will say, I am glad to be in the "Woodlawn" room. There is nothing I enjoy more than a good true story sports underdog movie. Let's hope I don't cry and embarrass my child.

The boy was in Suessical today with his third grade compadres. It was awfully funny and cute. He had a little blurb he got to say. His friend D sang beautifully. His friend S's sister sang beautifully as well. I was glad the hub got to come as well.

Got to get back to being a chaperone. They are playing Bob Dylan. I must check that out.

Night all.

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