Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Jeepers, heat!

Well, the heat turned on today. Someone forgot to be reasonable with the temperature. The kids just about burst into flame at soccer tonight. They may all wet the bed tonight since I made them drink so much water. Better than dehydration for sure.

We took a trip to the Target today to buy items for the kids for their various mission trips and camps. The kids were liked crazed maniacs in the travel sized accessory section. The cashier asked if there was anything left. Hahaha. We made a big dent in the packing monster today, thank goodness.

My brain is fried form the heat. I'd better stop typing while I'm ahead.

Night all.

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Grateful for service

Today is Memorial Day and it is always a meaningful day for our family. We are one of those families who go to the cemetery for a visit and put flowers out for those people who we have lost. Today, we put flowers out for my Granny, Papaw and Aunt Edrie. My aunt was also a Y2 in the Navy...a fact that I think is super cool. WWII times were tough and she was in there serving like a boss. I love it. We also put flowers on the grave of my aunt's father. He was a Lt Col in the Air Force. Since she is in the hospital with my uncle, she wasn't going to make her usual Memorial Day visit to the cemetery, so we went in her place. We also visited our friend's son, Baby Drew. Yes, I know they aren't there, but we want to pay our respects. After, we went to Fountain CIty Day in the park. It is a little community fest that we love to visit every year. The kids saw some animals, ate some homemade ice cream and saw about half the church.

We had dinner and football and soccer fun with my brother and sister in law and nieces and nephews. The boy is sufficiently worn out and we were all stuffed. It has been a lovely and exhausting day.

Thank you, all vets, for your service to our country. We are so very thankful for you.

Night all.

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

My son writes my blog

I did a science experiment from a book.We made some ice cream!We put ice in a boul.Then we put the mixture in it.The mixture contains Cocoa,milk,sugar and condensed milk.

My sister S and I did a bet. Which one could win.Whoever gets to ten points first wins a prize.

For dinner we had bbq.It was really good.After that we took a car drive.We looked at a lot of really big houses.

We had a couple women of Faith talk to us in Sunday School.We also had a really good snack.

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Search success

The fan and I took a trip downtown to the Farmer's Market. The boy came armed with cash and snacked his way through the wonderful delights to be found. It is a good thing the boy is skinny and never stops. Snickerdoodles and a root beer float filled his tummy...and maybe a couple of slice of purple Kohlrabi. Yum. After we saw all we could see, we went to Mast General Store to find a hat. My dear friend and hairdresser(if that is the correct word any more)and I have had to cancel on each other several times and my hair looks like a wig. I have short hair, so when it grows out to a certain degree, it looks awful, as it did today. I went it to buy a hat and came out with a six pack of fancy diet ginger ale...the kind we have been searching for to take to my uncle. We got it out of the cooler and rushed it right over to the hospital. I met my aunt after getting off the elevator and she took me to see him. No hugs, but waves and blown kisses. It was great to see him and he looked good. Continue the prayers and thanks for the ones already offered.

Night all.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Pintesting today

So the boy had one of his buddies over today and I felt the need to try a new recipe out that I had pinned on Pinterest. Lunch was pretty run of the mill: grilled ham and cheese sammiches, sliced apples, Doritos for a special treat and lemonade. I wanted to make a kid friendly cookie or bar or something like that, so I went to Pinterest for ideas. Thank goodness his friend does not have a nut allergy, because I picked "Nutter Butter Rice Krispie Treats". Holy crud were they a success. I have had many Pinterest fails, but this was not one of them:

I'm proud of myself and the kids enjoyed them, too. They almost made up for later on in the afternoon when I thought he and his friend were kidnapped on their scooters from the park. But it all turned out okay after I took the Lord's name in vain about 75 times and had my finger poised on 911. It's all good now...Xanax may be on tap for tonight...not really...I don't have any.

I may have a beverage.

Night all.
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

A quick one

Tonight we went to my cousin's house to celebrate the birthdays of his 3, 5 and 6 year olds. The place was loud and crazy and sugared up with My Little Pony cupcakes and Krispy Kremes for the superhero fans. We had a nice time visiting with family and meeting a few new people also. THe best part of the night was when my uncle face timed in from the hospital. He is starting another chemo treatment tonight, so he needed a boost. We all got a little teary that he had to be where he was, but we are praying for these meds to get him to remission. Keep praying with us!

Thank God for technology!

Night all.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Green thumbing it

I've been pretending to have a green thumb today. I mowed the lawn...or the clover. At least the clover flowers gave me a clear path to mow. After that, I really needed to get on the veggie plants that have been sitting on our patio. Forever. So with the help of the boy, we planted 18 more plants in the garden. Thank goodness he is youthful, because I am going to be sore tomorrow from all of the wallering I did. Hopefully we, along with friends and family, will reap the benefits of what grows.

We also took the dog to the dog park again today. No one to play with, but a Bassett hound and a white scruffy dog stared at her through the fence. I don't know what comes over the animal, but she squeaks and yelps like some sort of insane creature when we go there. I often wonder what other dogs must say as they leave:

Bassett: Did you hear that "Copper" dog? My gosh she was loud.

Scruffy dog: My gosh, she sounds like that chihuahua who was in here the other day...remember her? She peed on her owner's shoe for no reason?

Bassett: Oh good grief, yes. Embarrassing. I learned not to do that like, uh, week one away from mom. But then again, I had to learn a lot. Haven't seen her since I went to live with Bob over there.

Scruffy dog: Cry me a river. We all have abandonment issues...just shut it. At least you get 2 cups of dinner. Wait, what were we talking about.

Bassett: I don't know. Here comes a Pomeranian...guess we better move out of the way for "Miss Nails Clipped by a Professional".

Scruffy dog: Wasn't there a dog on the other side of the fence? Heck, I don't know any more...oh look! A Kong!

Dog dialogue. It has come to that today.

Night all.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Heart warmed

Today, my oldest got to see one of her best friends who has moved away from our part of town and out to the western part of our town. It has been a long time since they've seen each other. You wouldn't think moving from one side of town to the other would be that big of a deal, but it has been. Starting high school and all of the activities that go with it has been hard for both of them. Traffic and all that business make friend dates hard. So today, the duo was reunited and it was beautiful to see. They hugged each other for so long and there may have been a few tears...some from me. Thank you, Summer, for putting a smile back on my girl's face.

Night all.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

First of the Summer

Well after some puppy dog eyes and begging, I caved and took the kids to their first movie of the vacation season. I had to get a little bit of laundry done first, so the kids did some work and readied themselves for their cinematic adventure. The boy got some cash to buy his own concessions and insisted on paying for it himself. After several previews, we sat for 2hrs and 26 minutes and watched Cap and friends fight evil and each other. We laughed and screamed and cried a little bit. Captain America was a very entertaining show for sure. The next year is going to be full of lots of superhero movies...I'm excited and the boy is too.

Tomorrow is a work day and I would be lying if I said I was excited. I just want to be with the children. Oh well. Gotta help make the doughnuts I guess.

Night all.

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Potato people

Another Sunday has come and gone and we explored new territory. Living in the house with limited full sun and a whole lotta shade, we have had to learn to garden in containers and raised beds. I have often been fascinated by potatoes and how they are grown. When the hub and I were first married, we lived next to a mother-son duo out in the country. The son was confined to a wheelchair due to the effects of polio, but he never let that hold him back. He planted half an acre of their backyard with just potatoes. He would get out and dig those potatoes up himself. Every once in a while when he was mowing, he'd run over a potato or two and bring it to show us. Today the hub and I constructed our own potato barrel in the backyard. We have four different types of potatoes planted and ready to start doing their thing. I really hope it works out, so we can share with our friends and have plenty to use. I pray it wasn't a learning exercise that teaches us a lesson we don't want to know...just give us the taters.

Night all.
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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Burst into flame

I am very grateful for air conditioning. In the summer, we often keep our house the temp of a meat locker. Not going to lie, it feels good to sleep in at night. Today we were in Sevierville for an all day soccer tournament for the boy and I cannot get cooled off...and I wasn't even playing. I may be a slight bit deaf also seeing as the parent beside me was determined their their child was the second coming of Pele' and screamed that the whole game. THe boy's team got 2nd place, so that was a plus. After returning and then going to a surprise 40th birthday party, we returned home worn out and funky. I boiled myself in the bathtub which was stupid, because now I have discovered our house is about 7 degrees hotter than normal. The freezer may be calling my name in a bit as I go and stick my head right in there to try and drop a few degrees of body heat. Jeepers.

I managed to snap a picture of the boy with his coach after the game. They are a silly duo:

Night all.
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Friday, May 20, 2016

Not much to aay

We have had a busy, but unproductive day.  The boy has a wad of cash burning a hole in his pocket and really wanted to buy a new iPad.  The Apple Storw employee was very nice.  I think she saw that we were not super fans of his idea, so she told him he might want to sleep on his decision.  We were grateful, but he was not.  The rainy weather reflected his mood for the rest of the day perfectly.  I get it.  He worked hard for that money.  As parents, we want to make sure he is educated on the best decision possible.  We have ruined his life....he hates technology now.

We can live with that.

Nigh all.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

School's Out

Once the clock chimed 12pm, school was officially out for summer vacation here in our fair Knoxvegas. And what do we do for fun around here? Get my oldest's sinuses scoped. Luckily, she will do just about anything for our dear, sweet Dr. Little. He is the tops for sure. And, just like another doctor told us, he looks just like he should be president of the United States. If he ran right now, I'd vote for him in a heartbeat. But alas, he will remain in the role of ENT, saving kids from a plethora of maladies as well as restoring hearing to those impaired...generally being super awesome and humble all at the same time. After hanging out at Children's Hospital, we went home and I picked the boy up and took him with me to the Farmer's Market. He got several delights and helped me get items for dinner. BLT's taste so much better on VG's English Muffin Toasting bread. Wonderful.

A smoothie challenge has just concluded here with some insane girls. Luckily no one barfed, thank goodness, or I would have been done for sure. Now that the challenge is over, it is bedtime.

Night all.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nice surprise

I had a few hours of time with just my girls today and we had a nice time. Earlier in the day, the hub and I had attended the boy's awards ceremony which was nice and fairly short...which was even nicer. His teacher had a little ceremony after the main one and presented them each with a certificate of her creation. The boy's was so sweet and so is his teacher:

After I left school, I had enough time to work on cleaning the house a bit before I got the girls from school. We dined at a local restaurant, Twisters. It was a tasty meal. What was fun was that several of S's friends from band came in and sat next to us. Sometimes in the teenagery years, it is really uncool to talk to parents or be talked to by parents. One of her friends in particular was so very friendly and talked to us quite a bit. He asked me questions and was very engaging. He is one of her big brothers on the drumline. I must say, the drumline gets a bad rap sometimes. These boys(and a few girls)have been so good to her. I am so thankful for them.

She is currently on her way home from playing at graduation. I would imagine she knows "Pomp and Circumstance" in her sleep by now. It'll be a good experience for her.

Tomorrow is a half day and the two youngers are going and then...SUMMER.

Night all.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Almost there...

Tomorrow is the boy's awards day. Third grade has flown by for sure. His class party was today and those kids were crazed. Most of them left that school soaked from head to toe and covered in grass. Lots of water games and shenanigans were afoot on the upper play area at his school today. That and soccer practice have rendered him an exhausted somebody for sure.

Uncle D update. We found out that his chemo did not do the job that we hoped it would do, so about 3:30pm today he started on a new induction chemotherapy treatment, a bit different and a bit stronger. His regular doctor had been out of the country for a couple of weeks, so we were all glad that she is back and giving them more information about test results. He is so very humble and gracious in the midst of this storm. I can only hope to be half as gracious as he is.

Night all.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

One down, one to go

It was middle school awards day and, I'm glad to say, we all survived it. Every year I say it and every year I mean it, I hate awards day. Even if my children get something, I hate them. The same 5 kids get everything and it gets to the point that one wonders if there are really any other kids in the school. I am happy to say that my girl got two band awards and I couldn't be prouder. Music has been her saving grace, no pun intended, in school in general.. If we put something to song, it activates a part of her brain where it will never be forgotten. It soothes her soul and makes the world make sense to her. The kid is whip smart, but unless they teach to her strengths... Oh well. Her good friend CR got several awards. Very proud of her also.

Tomorrow will be the boy's class party and we are praying that the rain holds off. Please for the love of everything holy let the rain hold off or it will get crazy up in that school.

Night all.

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Garden preppers

Today was a work day and all of that business, so the morning is shot once I get home. The girls had to sing with the youth choir for Baccalaureate, so I went along with them to church to hear them sing and see some of our students participate. My sainted husband and son went to Home Depot and Mayos to get certain supplies and some vegetable plants to get started. We will have garden boxes and planters all over the place. I cannot wait to start having dinner from the garden. The boy is so excited, he worked like a dog all afternoon: turning soil and weeding and replacing the landscape cloth. He is working hard to feed his tomato habit. It's a real problem...not really. Unless excess stomach acid from all the tomatoes is a problem.

We did have an interesting incident. Several years ago, we purchased some fake snakes to scare the bunnies and creatures away that like to pick at our veggies. In the cleaning out of the beds, the snakes were thrown in with the the weeds and dry leaves. As I was cleaning up the piles of leaves, I grabbed that snake not realizing I grabbed the snake. I screamed a little, threw it and may have had a little bit of pee come out...maybe. TMI, but look:

Sure, there aren't many Cobras around our areas, but you never know.

I'm going to go clean dirt out of my nails with an old toothbrush.

Night all.
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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Webelo boy in da house

After a day of soccer where G took a licking and stopped ticking after a bit, we went home to rest a while before the boy's Blue and Gold banquet. It was a nice affair, I must say. My boss decorated up the table with cute little campsite centerpieces and campfire cupcakes. The kids feasted on salad and relish and pizza. They received their remaining badges and got their new ranks. Even our own local celebrity, Don Dare, spoke to the boys. Even though he is our friend, it still never ceases to be cool to see him when we see him on TV all the time:

My boy is now an official Webelo I and is ready to get started on all the stuff involved. I am so glad he loves scout and is learning to be a responsible guy with manners and good values...and he can use a knife responsibly. He's the total package.

Night all.
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Friday, May 13, 2016

Trip to the 8th floor

My brother and I took a little field trip this evening and went to take some treats to my uncle, aunt and the nurses.  They have been so very pleased with their care and wanted to make sure to have little treats for the medical staff who come in to care for my uncle.  The contents of their other basket disappeared all in one swoop and in a rather sudden and puzzling way, so we made sure to replenish their supply.  Uncle D had a rough night last night and gave everyone quite a scare, so I think my aunt was anxious to have someone to vent to and share newly gained information.  I can't imagine how maddening the boredom must be for them...two people who are always on the go and in search of an adventure.  I think they'll all be sugared up by this evening.  

This evening also allowed the hub and G to have a Daddy-Daughter date night as S has gone to the drive in with the youth and the boy is at a sleepover with his buddies.  She needed that special time for sure.  The end of school is brutal and sometimes you just need your dad.

I'm going to get a shower and wash the rest of this day off...

Night all.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Waxing poetic

Tonight, we went to the boy's school for a "Night of the Living Museum". I had a really great time, I must say. The boy, as I have discussed before I think, was a scientist who was explaining all about Antarctica. In his room, he and his other cohorts had a power point presentation, posters, chocolate samples, Sledging biscuits(look them up) with orange marmalade not pemmican and a glacier in a Pyrex dish. They did a great job and I was proud of all of them. My friend A and I visited several other countries and had a tasting tour of the world. We had samples of tamales and sopapillas in Mexico, coffee in Peru, avocados in South Africa...and we missed the vegemite in Australia and the Egyptian cookies. The fifth graders were wax figures. Step on their button on the floor and they gave you information on their life. One of my very favorite museum figures was a young woman portraying Rosa Parks. I thought about how proud Ms. Parks would be to have a beautiful young woman representing her so well. Got a little teary, I must say. Albert Einstein, the child labor chile with the black eye and the Elvises with the huge sideburns attached to their sunglasses were great too. I was so impressed with all of the hard work all the children did. They should be so proud of themselves.

Night all.
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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Today, the hub and I celebrate 20 years of wedded bliss. We, of course, commemorated the occasion with the exchanging of cards, the transporting of children to and from school and the hub attended a middle school soccer coach meeting. We dined on General Tso flavored chicken sliders and sliced up pickling cucumbers. He broke the rules and sent me a dozen beautiful roses with the sweetest card. Sure, we would have liked to have a nice dinner or an evening out, but this is what twenty years in gets you...and I couldn't be more glad if I tried. Twenty years ago, I was in a beautiful dress that really didn't look like my tomboy self standing up in front of a full church promising a lot of things to a fresh faced engineer I met in school. We were both in love and scared and excited and every other emotion you can imagine. We honeymooned at Disney and enjoyed ourselves immensely. We returned to my parents' house, packed up our essentials and went to Virginia just in time to close on our first home...a tiny little cottage out in the country. Here we are 20 years later with three great children, a lovely home and a busy schedule. I loved him then and I love him even more today as I have seen the husband and father he is. I am truly a blessed woman and am so grateful for the life we have together. Happy Anniversary to the hub...let's make it many, many more.

Night all.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Parenting is hard

It is hard, as a parent, to be up and "So proud of you!" for one child when another child is hurting. It is stressful for sure. I'm just kind of sick about everything and wish so many auditions and awards ceremonies and crap happened to end the school year on such a crappy note.

My G had her band concert tonight and it was great! I was very impressed at their sound. I love to see how much they progressed this year. It is really neat.

I finished my book last night, so I'm searching for a new one. I need to read and feed my brain. It needs some help.

Night all.

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Monday, May 9, 2016

The Crazy. Begins

The crazy begins this week and doesn't end until next Thursday. Every possible activity that one could think of is stuffed into the last two weeks of school in order to make parents lose their ever loving minds. Today was field day and the first year in a while where we only have one day of it. Most of the time, we have had two children participating. The boy's class managed to win their grade and there was much rejoicing. The parents were discussing that, although there are like 15 events comprising field day, if the class wins the tug 'o war championship, no one remembers that they may have lost everything else. Those kids and parents re serious about that stuff. Tomorrow is G's band concert and the multiplication table ice cream party. Then the excitement continues.

I'm going to go finish my book and go to bed.

Night all.

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day 2016!

It has, as always, been a funny and unpredictable Mother's Day. I got home from work as soon as I could and set to helping the boy make a poster for his Antarctica project. That took longer than expected, but it got done and we had time to play some Four Square. I really should have put on a mask, because little pollen granules were falling down from the trees like deathly rain trying to kill my respiratory system. Once the competition got too intense, we left to go watch the middle school boys' team, with several of G's friends on it, play for the championship in their division. They were outsized and, because of that fact, outmatched because of the size difference since they were 6/7th graders and the other team was mostly 8th graders. It got rough and, in a moment of greatness for mothers everywhere, a dirty play happened which resulted in a yellow card and an injury which led to the aggressor's and the victim's moms to begin a war of words and fist fight on the sideline. Luckily another mom broke it up as our coach yelled at the parents to "Show some class". No TV show could have provided that. We feasted on burgers and got the kids some ice cream. They gave me some sweet and thoughtful gifts and beautiful homemade cards that I will cherish forever.

I am one blessed mom and am so grateful.

Night all.

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sun, Soccer and Sound

ANother Soccer Sauturday in the books. G and S both had wins and the boy worked hard, but came up with a loss. His coach apparently had someone pee in his cornflakes today, so he was not very encouraging. They all survived unscathed, so it's a good day in my book. After flying madly from the game home to clean up, we arrived just in time for the band banquet. We had good food and S got an award for her musicianship...proud mom of course. I managed to survive the day without sunburn, so that is a miracle for sure.

I am a grateful mom of three wonderful children.

Pray for my uncle...numbers are going up that shouldn't, but still he remains strong. What a great guy!

Night all.

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Feral children and funny carts

We made our biannual trip to the Pizza Inn for dinner tonight and it never fails to entertain us. We were kind of struggling as to where to go to eat since we have a vegetarian and sometimes she would like something other than just salad. So we loaded up on Zantac and took our chances. We ate and watched people and ate a little bit more. They have a tiny little arcade there with two real video games, two blasted claw rip off games and several traditional "bubble gum" machines with tattoos and plastic crap. The boy enjoys playing the video game that has probably 20 original video games from my youth: Donkey Kong, all the Pac Man versions, Dig Dug, Centipede, Space Invaders...all the good ones. While he was being devoured by Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde, feral children from the adjacent table decided to come into the 5'x10' arcade area and climb on top of the bubble gum machines while hacking to the point that I had to grab the children for fear of a TB risk. At one point, the little sister was licking the claw machine. That is when we decided to head for the door. After we got home, I needed to make a trip to Kroger to pick up, uh, some personal items since we do have three girls living in this house. It never fails that, the time I am walking around Kroger with a cart full of these products, I run into what seems like every man who goes to our church. They start to talk to you until they see the words on the packaging. They basically back off with hands in the air and say, "Best of luck." Tonight was no different. I tried to cover them up with Mother's Day cards, but no luck. Ah well. They'll know not to mess with me...HA.

On that note...I'm off to bed.

Night all.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

No more coughing

I just want to stop coughing. For the love of Pete. I am ready to keel over from a day of coughing and running, but I will say these things first. My 6th grader is the 10th best discus thrower in the county...out of 27. I'm awfully proud of her. My oldest had a lovely band concert tonight and can whack a gong like nobody's business. My son is a talkative and crazy mess and I love it.

I have to go to bed now. I'm so sorry.

Night all.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

They're home!

The hub and the boy went on a day field trip to Hunstville, AL to the space center. They left on a big bus at 7:05 this morning and arrived back in the school parking lot at 9:30. They are tired and starving, but they had a good time. I am glad they are home safe and sound. Only about 4 kids threw up on the bus...4 more than I would have been able to take, but bus sickness was a thing today. They all recovered quite nicely.

I got to talk to my uncle today. It was wonderful to hear his voice, just wonderful. He sounded great and said if he didn't already know he was sick, he wouldn't know he was sick. I had sent him some Ginger Beer to hopefully calm his tummy and he was calling to thank me for it. Always with the manners and the sense of humor. My cousin's priest had come to anoint him with oil the other day. Being a Baptist, this was fascinating to him. I told him that the whole situation sounded like the start of a silly joke..."A priest was anointing a Baptist with oil while he was drinking ginger beer in the hospital..." He said he'd take all the lifting up and prayers he could get.

I'll keep mine coming.

Night all.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Poised for a problem

Okay, readers. Tonight's offering certainly falls into the TMI category, so read on at your own risk. With my state of being way over pollinated in the sinus region, I have sneezed and coughed a lot. A. LOT. When a mom who has delivered three children naturally sneezes or coughs hard enough, well, sometimes we have to go home and change some clothing. This evening was an interesting wrinkle involving the same problem. The boy and I were walking to the car from his soccer practice when I had a coughing fit to end all coughing fits. One particularly hard cough came as I stepped up into the car and I realized, "Oh crap...is this going to prevent me from going to the grocery store?". I looked in the console and saw some napkins, but there was no way to address any potential problem in a crowded parking lot, so I just started the car and we were on our way. So how do you bring this up in conversation with your 9 year old son? "Well, son, when a mom has babies her bladder and body go through changes...." Hello, therapy. I told him I might have something on my sweatpants and he might need to check and see. "If we do, buddy, I'll just pop by the house and change and go back to the store." We pulled into our parking spot and I timidly got out of the car. "What am I looking for again?" "Just look like on the back of my pants and see if there is a spot on my pants...no big deal." I stood there for a second and asked if he had seen anything. "I'm still trying to figure out what I'm looking for." I turned around to find the boy squatting down and looking up as though looking at a crime scene for clues. Well, not far from the truth I guess. My poor son. He's a keeper. I'll be paying for his therapy for the foreseeable future.

TMI over. I'm brushing my teeth, taking some cough syrup and going to bed.

Night all.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Bring on the rain

I am not necessarily a super fan of thunder storms, and G certainly isn't, but if the thunder brings with it rain that is strong enough to knock the pollen away, more power to it. I can't tell you how many cars I saw today with "WASH ME" written in pollen. The little bit of rain in the past few days has really greened everything up for sure. The kids got out to play a little bit of heated Four Square before the rain started. They needed the tension breaker for sure.

Uncle D has had a better day today, so that is good to hear. They told me that they would rubber glove and mask and gown me up to be able to see him, because in a couple of days he will have zero immunity and cannot have any visitors. As much as I want to see him, I cannot take the chance of giving him this crud I have and it turning into a major mess. I think we will be recording messages for him and telling some jokes and other things to entertain him.

This Thursday, G will travel to a county high school to compete in the county track and field meet. She qualified to throw the discus...the only 6th grader with two eight graders at their school. She is quite pumped up as are we. We keep thinking that if she throws this well now, what might she be doing by 8th grade? I think her goalkeeper training has helped her learn to throw effectively. We will have to divide and conquer that day since S has her final band concert of the year. We will all have to record the different events for each other to see. It will be an exciting day for sure.

Time to wrap this up. The boy and his Cub Scout friends are trying to blow a tennis ball across the table and beat another team. There is lots of blowing and spitting. I am praying no one has stomach virus potential. They will all be sick tomorrow. Yuck.

Night all.

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Focus trouble

Today was another day of work with the little ones who always have funny things to say. They were able to take my focus off of the reality of being a grown up and hone in on playing with Legos and fake food and water colors. The afternoon brought with it soccer games and missions meetings. Those were all fine, but my mind was not there. My sweet blog readers are going to tire quickly of the same worries over and over, but I can't help myself right now. The chemo's side effects are making my uncle sick and he has a fever and a cough. I can only ask and beg for prayer for him and for my aunt. She has yet to leave him and I know she must be absolutely exhausted. We all have to stay out so we won't bring anything in to get him sicker. It is just an awful mess. I think they could do with any encouragement and humor they could get. If you would like to send a card, you don't even have to put your real name, you can send it in care of the blog PO Box:

Uncle D c/o
Please Don't Kiss the Dog Blog
P.O. Box 18347
Knoxville, TN 37928

I am compiling a notebook and envelope to get to him in a little bit. The kids are working on some things so he has lots to look at while he's in the hospital.

The boy is needing a back scratch, so mom duty calls. Have a great evening!

Night all.

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