Friday, January 1, 2016

Marathoning...not the healthy kind

I have not been a total sloth today, let me say that first. We took the kids geocaching. They did it a little with their aunt, uncle and cousin last week, but had no luck finding anything. Today we were able to find one that had been found yesterday. G was the final finder of it hanging in a tree good and camoflaged:

The boy also had a chance to practice throwing the boomerang Santa gave him. It is actually pretty fun to play with I must say. We finally gave up on the other two we were looking for since it was finally seasonally cold today. The hub decided to make his first batch of home brew and the kids and I watched several episodes of the Twilight Zone. The New Year's marathon is always my favorite and watching Billy Mumy wish people into the cornfield, William Shatner see a fuzzy demented looking teddy bear on the wing of a plane or Telly Savalas lose a battle to Talky Tina brings me great pleasure.

I have a sweet boy who wants to snuggle with his mother and I will take that all day every day.

Night all.
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