Tuesday, January 5, 2016

We survived!

The children had their first day of school today and were even in fairly good moods when I picked them up. It was difficult trying to get up this morning and I had to hear my alarm a few seconds and stare at it a while before I turned it off and got up. The boy popped up quickly and the others got up faster than I expected. I probably had the worst time with it. After I got home from work, the house was so empty and quiet. I didn't deal well with it. Pick up was a happy time for me...I missed their faces all day long. We had family dinner together and then S and I went back out to Target to buy her the proper clothes for her Wellness class. If I had known there was a particular wardrobe required, she would have gotten it for Christmas. I did get tickled when, after I asked her what they will do in the class, she answered, "We are going to walk a lot, run a lot and learn about sex. That's all the teacher said." HAHAHAHA!!! Should be interesting.

Night all. That laugh and our early wake up time have made me sleepy.

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