Friday, January 22, 2016

Sad and Snowy State

Well, Snowmageddon part two is currently in the beginning stages of hitting us again. Normally I am celebrating the arrival of the white fluffy stuff, but since this area is less than properly equipped for lots of white stuff, panic sets in quickly. The girls and the hub were set to leave with the church youth group for Resurrection at 5:30. Before our poor youth director finally put down the defibrillator paddles and called it, several chaperones had backed out in concern of the weather and the bus company delivered the finally death nail and cancelled their drivers. I feel so bad for him, because he was in a lose lose situation. So now, we have two very disappointed and upset girls. I get it, but the chips kept stacking up against the whole situation working out. So now, as far as I'm concerned, let it snow and snow and snow. At least the kids can go out and pelt each other to relieve some frustration.

I'm going to go put my feet up and snuggle with my family.

Night all.

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