Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Can the snow come back?

I know the children need to go to school, but I really want another couple of snow days...and I think that the kids would not argue. We have 10 snow days, why not use them? Waste not want not. Just my opinion.

I am mourning the death of the fabulous Abe Vigoda. He has always been one of my favorites, from The Godfather to Barney Miller to Good Burger(the kids loved him in that). And he is also one of the few actors who really has looked the same his whole career. I will miss him terribly.

I have good news. My friend got her results back from her breast biopsy and they were clear! I am so very happy for her and know she must be beyond relieved.

I may go turn on The Godfather in honor and memory of Abe.

Night all.

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