Friday, January 29, 2016

Tired mama

I had one of those at home parties at the house tonight and had a pretty good turnout. I am not the best entertainer and worry a lot about what people will think of the house and the food and the smells and the decor. I need to just be glad that people are nice enough to show up. I had a good turn out and people bought several items. Everything has been cleaned up and put away and I am ready to get in the bathtub and go to bed. And so I think I will.

One thing. Please pray for those who suffer with addiction...any type. We have two situations going on right now with people we know or know through others. Pray for peace from the demons and peace for their families. My heart breaks for them. Devastating.

One more thing. Please pray for the hub's aunt as she is in the hospital after a surgery that did not go as expected. His dad has flown out to help his brother in law and to be with his sister. Travel mercies and healing.

Thanks so much. Night all.

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