Monday, January 25, 2016

Creativity Fail

I am not going to say I am a gourmet at all. No way, but I think I'm a decent cook. I can ad lib a recipe when I need to and I have created a few originals that I am quite proud of and pretty tasty. Tonight I tried to ad lib with one of my old standards and it was a super flop. I did not enjoy the taste. My oldest like it and so did the boys. You can always tell when G is not a fan of something, because the time it takes her to finish her portion is longer than what it takes to make, eat and clean up the meal. She pushed her peppers around the plate and arranged them into exciting designs. Got it, kid, not a fan. I wasn't either...and I made a crock pot full enough for two days worth of meals. Guess I'll be having some cereal tomorrow.

I don't know much of anything else. I got to work childcare tonight and had a good time with a little three year old. We built and built and built all evening. I miss the preschool years. Mine are growing too fast. Time slow down.

Night all.

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