Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Will it or won't it

Right now, children all over the county are in various states of superstitious snow prep in response to the recent weather reports. My son buzzed right into the house with a long to do list. Our Wisconsin relatives have discussed this with us before that they were not aware of the different things children and snow loving parents need to do to "tempt" snow into these parts. I get it. When they don't have to wonder whether or not they will have a snow-less season, these important steps are not required. So, for those of you who live in snow country and are unfamiliar with the "proper steps", I will give you the checklist.

1. Ice cubes go in the toilets. It is up for debate as to how many cubes go in but, as evidenced by how many the boy kept carrying out of the kitchen, I would say quantity is a bonus.

2. Spoons under pillows, well, the pillows in your bed. Our picnic stash of plastic ware is significantly depleted now. Apparently more is better in that department, too. We could probably have an ice cream party just in the G and the boy's room from their stash alone. Not sure the significance, but whatever.

3. White crayons in the freezer. Yeah, they just get weirder for sure. Snow=white and in the freezer=cold. But the blasted crayons are in there...right between the ice cream and boo boo bunny cubes.

4. Lastly, at least in our house, is your bedtime wardrobe. Pajamas must be inside out and backwards. This is not nearly as fun as it might sound. Especially if buttons are involved...not good. I won't go into the time that one of the children decided to wear the fleece footed onesie pajamas inside out and backward. Just that it involved a middle of the night wake up call for assistance in the bathroom. Yeah.

I hope we get some snow days this year. Last year's snow days brought with them some of the best memories that we will keep forever...even if I did almost break my leg going entirely too fast down the hill on an old school sled. Good times.

Night all.

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