Monday, January 18, 2016

Ugh and hack and ugh and hack

I have dodged bullets for long enough and finally got hit with the itchy throat and cough and yuck one. The hub is on his way to the Kroger right now to try and prove or disprove the rumor that Blue Bell ice cream is back in town, so he is picking up some meds for me that will hopefully work. Until then, I am going to boil myself in the shower and hope to get unchilled before bedtime. I must share, however, before I start the bedtime process. I took the kids shopping today for a little bit to get out of the house. I needed to get a wedding gift and they had some Christma money burning holes in their pockets. At a popular store with a bullseye as its symbol, they decided to spend their own money on foofy blended beverages from a popular drink place based out of the Pacific Northwest that ruffled a bunch of people's feathers with their unholy holiday cups. Anyhoo, the girls made their purchases and I was helping the boy make his choice of a NO coffee beverage. One of the college aged employees came out of the bathroom chewing his nails, which already grossed me out a bit, and was headed straight towards making someone's order when he spit the nail piece out of his mouth onto the area with clean blenders and flavorings and open stuff. I let out an audible gasp and the lady next to me shot me a dirty look. Another employee handed the boy his drink and I struggled with the choice as to what to do if anything. I ended up calling the store in the parking lot and explaining in a very polite manner the situation. The manager or floor person or first poor soul they grabbed listened and "I'll take care of it. Thanks. Click.". I was a little annoyed by that. I would be horrified at the potential of serving a white mocha nail chunk-a-chino, but whatever. C'est la vie.

Enjoy that story as you sip a soothing beverage before bed or over your morning bagel. I'm kind of skeeved out.

Night all.

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