Saturday, January 16, 2016

May the force be with you...and also with you

Just came home from my 7 year old cousin's Star Wars birthday party. It was a wild and fun time. The themed snacks and drinks and decorations were great. The pool noodle light sabers were the hit of the party and the kids beat the crap out of each other all evening. The kids were cracking me up as they were showing the church rituals they couldn't quite break out of for the party. "May the force be with you!" said one of the kids. Mine and one other shouted, "And also with you!". Leave it to the Catholics and Methodists to bring some responsive reading in there. It was funny. We are now home and trying to get warm as the building was a bit drafty. I think I could boil myself in a pot on the stove and it wouldn't be warm enough at this point. What I wouldn't give for the electric blanket and Granny-made flannel pajamas of my youth. Bliss.

Going to snuggle up with a child and hope for the best.

Night all.

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