Saturday, January 9, 2016

Here kitty kitty

I have a new niece as of this morning...a niece of the feline variety. I'm not going to lie; cats scare me quite a bit. We never grew up with cats and the ones we had contact with were not the nicest. A schoolmate had one and it was super mean. Whenever I had dinner over at their house, I was advised to always wear shoes and to sit Chris cross applesauce in my chair at the dinner table. I never understood why until the day the cat attacked my feet, biting and scratching them. Terrifying. We also had relatives who always had strange animals roaming around their house. To their credit, they tried to rescue animals that had been in abusive homes, but the animals they got were almost too far gone to be around, well, any humans. You basically had to sit like a statue while their feral animals circled you. They had a cat that, while the calmest of all their animals(except for the piranha the glared at you from the fish tank), was another animal you were warned not to touch. Another friend I had growing up had a cat who always chose my FACE to lay on when I spent the night at her house...right after it got off of its bed...their kitchen table. It jumped up on the table right before dinner, stood in the pan with the cooked ham in it and ate from the ham. The mom just cut off the part the cat ate and then served it to us for dinner. So, yeah, I have cat issues and I am sorry.

We went to visit the new addition today and I have to say, she was very calm. Two of our three were with me and, I'm ashamed to say, were a little freaked out because of their mother's issues with felines. She was lovely and jumped right up between them and settled in for a nice nap and scratch. For having only been in their house 4 hours, she was quite well adjusted and patient. She is a talker, which I always find entertaining. I am excited my my brother and sister in law. They have endured such loss from their furry children over the past year and need to have a new companion to bring some animal excitement into their house. It will be a learning curve for all of us in our house, but one we are glad to take on. I need to conquer my cat phobia so I will not pass it on to my children. I will always and forever be a dog devotee, but I'm ready to get to know this new furry friend.

I'm going to go have my Saturday night bowl of ice cream and get to bed soon. Work comes early tomorrow.

Night all.

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