Friday, January 8, 2016

An 80's primer

My oldest and I have been binge watching clips of Lip Sync Battle(well, the clean ones). As often happens with us, one clip leads to a question about something which leads to another clip. For example, John Krasinski lip sync'ed to Tina Turner singing "Proud Mary". At one point, he rips off his suit to reveal a Turner-esque dress to dance. S found it funny, but didn't get why he did what he did, so I had to show her the Tina and Ike video...and I'm rather ashamed(and a little surprised)that I hadn't showed it to her before now. That led to another lip sync battle on Jimmy Fallon with Tom Cruise...which led to showing her Top Gun(Righteous Brothers) and Risky Business(Bob Seger) clips. Which led to me showing her the condensed catalog of Kenny Loggins, which led to Stevie Nicks and then to Kevin Bacon and Footloose...which ended with Kevin Bacon on "Will and Grace" doing "Footloose". She got more than she bargained for, but it needed to be done. These kids need a little education on '80's culture every now and then.

Time to go watch another throwback to the 80's: The Goldbergs.

Night all.

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