Sunday, January 10, 2016

Night of dread

As I have said many times before, I love award show season. Even though I am not a girly girl, I love to see all fancy dresses and spiffed up gents on the red carpet. It is excessive and I feel guilty that one of those dresses could probably feed a small country for a year, but it makes for entertaining television for me. I have always wanted, not so secretly, to be involved in the entertainment industry...maybe as a quip writer for people during their speeches or their presentations. The hub, on the other hand, HATES award season. Hate doesn't even seem to be strong enough for what he feels. He is currently downstairs watching a football game and avoiding having to come and watch TV with me. The dog is enduring the process with me...after I pulled her off of my neck bone pillow and had a heart to heart about chewing things she isn't supposed to chew:

I am recording Downton Abbey and wil most likely have to watch it tomorrow or later. Golden Globes are my priority tonight. Let's hope Ricky Gervais can somewhat behave himself. Yeah, who am I kidding.

Night all.
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