Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The great battle of Ramen

Whether or not you have been to college or in a period away from home, I think most people have tried those sodium packed curls of easy goodness known as Ramen noodles.  I did not discover them until my junior year at college, but discover them I did.  My water intake also increased that year.  Now that I am a mother and live in a home with a full kitchen, I can make better choices for meals.  On rare occasions, when people are sick, the food that feels good in their tummies is some version of .37 cent crunchy sodium bombs.  When the girls were planning for their youth trip this past weekend, they both were given the list items of ramen and easy mac.  When they ended up not going and staying in a hotel suite/condo thing, the ramen returned to our house and has now become the source of violent arguments in our home.  The hub just texted me at work that the girls are about to come to blows over those #$%& noodles.  I think there must be an underlying issue, but I have not arrived home yet to flesh out that theory.  I know G is stressed about her sports physical from track because she heard through the grapevine that you have to get at least one shot.  S?  I don't know what her problem is yet.  She did get to witness a pretty disturbing fight at school today.  Maybe that wrecked her mood.  Either way, I dread my arrival at the ranch.  Things maybe ugly and covered in creamy chicken powder...or pork...or chicken...or beef...or shrimp.  no, not shrimp.  They haven't gotten that flavor yet. 

Save yourselves.  Don't give your loved ones their first taste of this cheap meal.  They are a gateway food that leads to nothing but violence.

Night all.

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