Thursday, September 1, 2016

Care package mode

My friend WE's son broke his leg in a big way on Saturday...I think I mentioned it. After getting checked yesterday, it was determined that a surgery was needed today to put screws in so it would heal properly. Having had a kid who had surgery, I know it is a big deal for everybody from the patient to the parents to the siblings. So I was in the mood for a distraction and made a care package to send him. I did it not because I'm a great person; I did it to get to look at silly get well cards. Okay, I'm somewhat of a nice person and I know my kids always love a care package. Who doesn't like a treat in the mail when they are post surgery? Hopefully he'll enjoy it when it arrives sometime on Saturday.

I also mailed a envelope of cards to the parents of our friend who passed away yesterday. The children in one of the church groups made sweet cards for them. This was one of my favorites:

So sweet. The children really get it...I can learn a lot from them.

Night all.
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