Monday, September 26, 2016

Soccer and debates

The A team at the middle school had their Monday game tonight and it was a rough one. The girls fought hard and are going to be sore tomorrow, but the pulled out a W. G was a beast in the goal and is now feeling awfully crippled with a hip injury. Poor thing. I hate it, but she intimidated the heck out of those girls coming at her. Her teammates were beasts as well and I sure wouldn't have messed with them one bit. Proud of those girls...they played hard and clean.

I am currently typing this as I watch the debate. I don't know what to say, friends. It has already turned into a circus, both of them. God help our country. My head hurts already and, as much as I enjoy Lester Holt, he needs to gain control. He is a referee who has let the game get out of control already. Cheap shots and the world is sitting back with a bowl of popcorn laughing. Both of them need to, oh I don't know anymore....

Night all.

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