Monday, September 5, 2016

Basement dweller

Labor Day has been a rather ho hum day around here, but that is really okay with me. I made a trip to return shoes, pick up supplies at the Office Depot and got dinner makings at Kroger. After putting all of that stuff away, I descended into the basement to become a troll for the afternoon. I am in bear making mode for a friend. I haven't made a whole lot of them since my grandmother passed away. It kind of just took the wind out of my sails...but she wouldn't want that to happen. I learned so I could pass on the tradition to my children. I set the iPad up with Netflix on and got to sewing. There's something about the whir of the machine that lulls me into a trance. I hope that the end result of my efforts will be received well and pleasing. I've got to say that whenever I start to cut up someone's beloved quilt, I tend to break into a cold sweat and make one last call to the quilt owner to make sure they really want me to put scissors to cloth. I can cut them up and make something new out of them, but I'm not much of one to put them back together nicely. Luckily, no one has come after my hide yet. Thank goodness.

Back to whirring that machine.

Night all.

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