Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ice cream tummy

So once again I have purchased ice cream that may or may not be on the the recall list for Listeria contamination. And, of course, we purchased two half gallons and have consumed one already. Now I have psychological listeria tummy today. Actually, I ate out at a restaurant for staff lunch on Tuesday and my tummy has not been happy since. I think my burger may have been made in the ice cream factory. Gurgle gurgle. It may be a while before I try their delicacies again.

I have gotten addicted to a podcast discussing criminal cases, both known and unknown. It reexamines evidence and botched detective and forensic work. Fascinating. Jim Clemente has always been someone I have enjoyed hearing speak. Now he and Laura Richards, of New Scotland Yard and the FBI, have reworked the JonBenet case, the Making a Murderer case and some of the OJ case. So very interesting. I have always been so fascinated by crime scene investigation, FBI profilers and everything that comes with that. A childhood friend of mine is a chief of a section at the FBI and I envy her scientific mind and abilities. She has worked hard to get to where she is and has helped many people. Exciting work.

Time to get my boy and go to another soccer game.

Night all.

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