Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Middle school is no better the second or third time around. It is a time of life that you just have to survive and it is really unfortunate. Mix in with interpersonal crap the shake up of a schedule and a teacher who is leaving and blaming a class for her have a powder keg of a kid ready to explode on somebody....or everybody. Kids these days have so much more crap on their plates than I did. I thought I had a lot, but with smart phones and texting and Snapchat and all that junk, well, it just becomes almost suffocating. These kids need to have a mental break in the worst way. Poor things. Now they have unloaded their brains and emotions on me and can fall quickly to sleep, unburdened for the night. I will not sleep, but will gladly bear that load to make their load lighter.

Night all.

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