Friday, September 30, 2016

Watch the nachos

The boys are off at a father son camp out with church and S had to play at homecoming, so G and I had plans to make.  There was a painting party for moms and daughters at church, but she decided she wanted to be outside and watch ball and the band with her friends.  So we dropped sister off and parker our rear ends in the stadium way earlier than we needed to be there.  But we got our pick of seats.  G sat with me for a good while until a friend asked her to come over to the student section with her.  I couldn't deny her the opportunity,   Before she left with her friends, she kindly went to concessions and got me a treat.  I am not a cheese eater as most of my people know, but she got me some nachos.  It doesn't really taste like cheese to me, so I accepted said nachos.  I was also quite hungry, so a shoe would have tasted alright.  The last chip I ate, there was a different kind of crunch.  Not a chip crunch, but more like a sweet tart or gravel crunch.  Once I discreetly cleared what I thought was the sharp chip out of my tooth, I realized that the sharpness was my tooth, now broken.  Molar, missing about 1/4 of its mass.  I have never had such a thing happen before.  It is not a happy feeling.  My oldest and her friend both inspected it and said it was putting me in the stereotypical hillbilly category.  Ugh.  I plan to raid the orthodontic wax supply in this house and try to cover this mess so I won't cut my tongue open.

There's a visual to leave you with as you go to bed.

Night all.

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