Sunday, September 18, 2016

Rainy rain rain

I think my potato barrel is singing a hymn of praise this afternoon. We have been without rain for a good while and those taters are thirsty! G was supposed to have a soccer game this afternoon. Thankfully the other team didn't have enough players and it got cancelled. I think there was a collective "YIPPEE" that rang out across the county when we all found out. I love to watch a good game, even sometimes when it is a little wet. Not when it is pouring and we risk watching someone get hurt. So for the first time since probably July, we all just sat together and got to be vegetables for a little bit. That was lovely. The serenity was broken when, somehow, a bottle of nail polish exploded all over a wall. So I spent a good while fixing that problem. Then the freezer kind of exploded, so I had to clean that out. Then one of the kids threw up, so serenity over. I have Lysoled the bathroom and am praying it was just a big burp gone rogue instead of stomach virus. Please, dear Lord, let it be a rogue burp.

Night all.

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