Friday, September 16, 2016

What is next?

G had soccer practice tonight and you never know what you are going to find when you get there. A year ago or less, less I guess, our soccer club head made a big leap and leased a sport field complex that has been owned by a family for quite a while. Their coach is a dreamer and wants so many things and you have to admire him, on one hand, for his dreams to make the place return to its former glory. From a parent's standpoint, he tends to make us crazy 90% of the time. While he is a soccer savant and know how to coach these kids, he is fairly scattered and disorganized and a yeller and frustrating to plan your calendar by and so many other things. BUT, he can teach the beautiful game like no one else. Teaching and coaching are two different things and people in any sport know what that means. During his time leasing this sports complex, he has really done a great job getting it back in has a long way to go. He has gotten the baseball fields looking much better, build a sand soccer/volleyball court, cleaned up and amped up the concession stand into a gourmet grill, hosted several tournaments, given disadvantaged kids a safe place to hang out and still managed to have soccer go on. There is a lot of dysfunction there and we are constantly shaking our heads at what we find sometimes, but his heart is in the right place. I have to give him that. If any child wants to play soccer, regardless of financial abilities, he will take them on.

All that being said, we honestly never know what we are going to run up on when we arrive: softball, baseball, adult softball, adult kickball...take a guess. Today when we were parked, a man drove by and said, "Is this where the wedding rehearsal is?" After a rather strange conversation, we steered him to the only place we thought it could be and then kind of forgot about the conversation. The hub, the boy and I walked up the hill to check on the girls and monitor their water intake and then....we saw it. This white mass on the horizon that we are not used to seeing. We walked towards it, the boy running in front of us in hope that the grill would be open. A huge tent was constructed, like a tent big enough to house a good amount of people. This tent was adjacent to one of the baseball diamonds. The diamond had white chairs set up on it with an aisle running from second base al the way to home plate. That is where the vows will be exchanged. I heard a noise and see D, our coach, riding up the hill on a mower with a trailer behind it. "So can we add wedding planner to your resume' now?" He laughed and nodded. The hub and I were watching the set up when I heard my name. I turned around to see the coach showering fully clothed under the new outdoor shower head he had installed. He chose this time to explain that the wedding was for a girl whose grandfather ran the complex for 30+ years before he took it over. It was a sweet gesture to honor her dearly departed grandfather and weird for us to watch. There will also be a dance floor somewhere and a larger reception under the tent. Not what I expected to see as my daughter was body slamming high school boys in a rough pick up game less than a football field away.

Never dull at that field.

Night all.

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