Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It's dead, Jim...well, almost.

I am a very fortunate woman. I have luxuries that many people do not and I am grateful for what I have. One of the items I have that I have owned for many years, have taken good care of and have gotten way more than I paid out it is my iPad. I have an iPad 2, I think, which I got when my oldest(a high school sophomore) was in 4th grade I believe. It has been my right hand in many ways as it has helped me pass the hundreds of hours in school pick up lines and waiting rooms and lessons and sick kid nights. Well, friends, I think we are in the last days of this iPad. It dies 10 times an evening...only to resurrect itself 10 more times. I think I heard it cough a minute ago. Last time I took birthday and consignment sale money and bought a new one. I feel like I am going to test its longevity like Kramer did with the gas in the car her test drove. Let's see how far it goes. But then again, more lessons are starting, more soccer practices and games that make me too nervous to watch, more concerts and performances are starting...can it survive the busy season? We'll see. Either way, it sure has been a trooper all these years. An antique in the technology world. It will get pampered until the day it displays its last black screen of death with the white Apple on it.

Night all.

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  1. I hear ya. I have a flip phone. And a Smart phone, but a flip for work stuff. It actually looks like that thing that Captain Kirk flips open to communicate to Starship. Adrienne