Monday, September 12, 2016

We survived!

The boy and I led his den meeting for the Webelos I group. This is part of the requirements they have to fulfill to achieve their rank. The boy had to teach his fellow Cubs about assembling a home first aid kit and "Hurry Cases" and how to treat victims. Great idea in theory. Trying to teach about rescue breathing and abdominal thrusts and the stroke symptoms is admirable, but virtually impossible. These boys, including my own, have been in school all day. A couple of them were no longer working with the benefits of the Ritalin they had received that morning. I think the things, or key words, they took away were: spurting blood(another adult nicely shared that term), vomit, "eating bug killer" and "Staying Alive". I played the Bee Gees so they could see how fast one should do chest compressions. They boogied down while I did fake chest compressions on my child. And, no, I mimed the compressions. I did not want to kill my child during a demonstration. It was quite exhausting, but I think the kids learned a bit. And the boy checked off some requirements.

Night all.

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