Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sad but rejoicing

Tonight we sit with heavy hearts. Our dear friend, Erin, passed away late this morning. It all happened so one really had a chance to process what exactly was happening. As a mother, I cannot begin to imagine losing one of my children. It is a concept too painful for me to process on any level. Her parents have been so devoted to her and she to them. Church tonight was very sullen. Erin had devoted half her life at least to the children of our church and was a fixture there several days a week. She has cared for my three and have always considered her a member of our family. She loved her babies. While I am so devastated and mourning her loss, I am so grateful for a few things. I am so grateful I was able to see her yesterday, even though it was hard to see her in such pain. She still managed a wave when her mom told her I was there. I am so grateful that my children, heck and me too, were able to know Erin and learn by her example. She carried herself with grace and self confidence even though she faced cruelty every day from insensitive people. What a lesson we all learned from her. I am most grateful, even though the quickness of it all has us reeling, I'm most grateful that she did not have to suffer. Her pain didn't have to drag out for ages. She has a new heaven made body that is perfect. I find peace in that even though the pain of her loss is so great.

Please pray for her parents and her family. She was their only child and their world. I hurt so for them.

Night all.

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