Friday, September 2, 2016

First home game

We sat through the first home game of the season and boy did we get our rear ends handed to us. Was it shocking that we lost? No. That team has a reputation of being a powerhouse right now. Nothing we could do but just take it. Our oldest played in the band tonight. They sounded good, I thought. I wish they would put a microphone on the front ensemble where she plays. When people are yapping and milling around for nachos and a pretzel, it is hard to hear a vibraphone or marimba being played. Those kids work so hard...they should be heard.

Tomorrow we got to church for Erin's funeral. I cannot imagine the pain her parents are in, but pray they can find peace and reassurance in this horrible situation. Send a few extra prayers their way. It is going to be a rough day tomorrow and won't be easier for a long time.

Night all.

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